Filly Scratched at Thistledown – Here’s Why

The 4-year-old filly Persevering Honor was a “scratch” (removed from race prior to) in the 7th yesterday at Thistledown. Here, in pictures, is why:

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  1. Hello racing apologists! They love to run, right? So why would this filly throw herself around inside the gate instead of running, like she supposedly so much loves to do? Why is this a common, everyday occurrence? How often we read “resistant to load”, “fractious in the gate”, and needing to be gate scratched after they thrash around? Or in zippit Yankees case, to die horribly in a gate accident? He had an extensive history of throwing himself around in the gates, and yet was forced into it again, to his death. Why is that? Like poor Elfie, after an extensive history of flipping herself in the post parades, who flipped herself in the gate at Finger Lakes, never to be mentioned by NYRA as to whether she was even ok or not, only to disappear in anonymity? Where and how is she now? Is she even still alive??
    And yet this is all just fine with all of you. Just a part of the “game”! How wrong it is.

  2. It could be these horses are bred to run and they love it , But just maybe they don’t like to be whipped over and over again when they are running and giving it there best and these jockeys keep beating them, and some sue shock things they hid in there hand , So maybe it’s not the gate its what comes with the gate and the Rider in there back that they feel the pain , these animals are not stupid . Just the Jockeys that want to climb to the top and be in that winner circle.

    • They don’t “love to run”. They are prey, they run so they don’t get eaten. If you turn horses out they graze.

  3. Again, a sincere thanks to COVID-19 from everyone in the horse racing industry. No, really. You, a virus, made it possible for them to shield the animal-loving public from much of the day-to-day racetrack horrors (like what’s occurring in these few, accidental stills.) You’ve spared them the grotesque shame of conceding what their blood sport REALLY does to its “beloved athletes.” You’ve made it possible for them to pretend these little “hiccups” almost never happen, when they’re in fact a daily part of the so-called excitement. Because anyone who witnesses accidents like this — and shares the gory details of the catastrophe — had better not tattle, or they won’t get to participate in their “exclusive” Horse-Killing Club of Degenerate, Abusive Gamblers any longer.

    So, all hail COVID, and long may it reign over the closeted butchers in the Sport of Kings!

  4. #Endhorseracing
    Will there be any more information on PERSEVERING HONOR, the 4-year-old filly, or will she disappear without any evidence as to whether she is dead or alive?
    This filly is certainly in need of being rescued from her connections if she is still alive. One (of many) of the sad things about this incident and the traumatic experience for PERSEVERING HONOR is that I think the owner/s, the trainer/s, and everyone in the racing industry most likely do not see a need for this horse to be rescued from this frightful torture.

  5. Says alot about a “sport” like horseracing when the “athletes” get injured before they get on the track!

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