Another Day, Another Kill at Finger Lakes

For the second consecutive day, Finger Lakes has recorded a kill. Eddie’s Gift, six, “sustained a fracture to the right shoulder” while training this morning and, says the Gaming Commission, “was euthanized.” He had been raced 36 times, most recently at that same track in August. New York now stands at 68 dead racehorses on the year.

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      • Most equine fatalities are the result of the direct or indirect actions or inaction of an incompetent “TRAINER”.

      • IGNORANCE! KILLS! The majority of equine fatalities in one way or another is directly or indirectly caused by TRAINERS. Most outsiders do not realize what percentage of trainers are allowed licenses to train but have either very little idea how to train a horse or don’t process enough common sense to keep them alive as in ( DO NO HARM). When you enter, speed into the equation,of the death defying action of asking an unprepared horse to go 30-40 Miles Per Hour,with the inability to say NO! Horse says”I should not be forced to run as fast as I can under whip.”“The result is often a poor result.” A non competitive performance ( Thereby “CHEATING” the betting public, risking further injury or as MISS JILL suffered “(DEATH)”. “DEATH BY IGNORANCE” of her trainer. This is clearly misleading the betting public, one assumes,if the trainer has a horse entered to race at a major or any state sanctioned racing facility he or she is in good standing and is deemed qualified to care properly and to fairly and diligently train a horse.As we see in Miss Jills case this is not always so.

    • Marie, I do agree with you in regards to MUD. Now, having said that, this carnage of majestic horses is morally repugnant, they are dying for not even ONE good reason. Animals are precious,innocent,sensitive LIVES.

    • At the risk of repeating myself, the jockey, Mike Smith, is against the new whipping rules in CA. He said not being able to whip a “TIRING HORSE” can make a difference in the MONEY – A WIN or PLACE or SHOW!!!
      I wonder how much whipping contributes to breakdowns?!!

      In the human world it is accepted that “tired athletes” are more prone to injury…
      For instance, a study said when a teen athlete is tired their risk of a common knee injury rises…

  1. Rest in peace EDDIE’S GIFT. How sad and tragic that you were raced to the point of a catastrophic injury and killed. Another day, another dollar/ another horse or two or three or four or more killed.
    #Endhorseracing on any surface!

  2. Holy hell: Santa Anita finally admitted to a single horse kill. Guess they figured they’d have to bite the bullet and report one out of every, oh, dozen deaths or so. Got to “keep it real” for the public and the press these days.

  3. Poor horse. And this is what he was bred for.

    And besides the awful killing, what is just as repugnant is these people are not horsemen at all! They have no appreciation or an ounce of respect for the amazing and versatile horse.

    Many are totally ignorant about proper horse care. Those with some knowledge don’t put into practice because they wont take the time or spend the money and still others are on a shoe string. But they all have one thing in common, they have the time and money to pursue any and all the drugs and devises that are considered “performance enhancers” regardless of their “legality” or how dangerous to the horse!

    Their sole interest is to get the horse in those starting gates, even if they have to be prodded and shoved, not to mention the needles and drugs, then having them bolt and run at unnatural speeds, while being whipped over and over. And whipping “when tiring” is even more important according to Mike Smith, the revered jockey of the business. Yes, he actually said that!!!

    The corruption, the animal abuse and awful cruelty plus the downright sleaziness of this business is vast and unending.

    • It defies common sense to keep making demands on a horse when the horse is tired. It goes against true horsemanship to do most of the things that the people do to horses in the horseracing industry.
      In the racing industry, horsemanship and common sense are thrown out the window in the pursuit of the money. The horses are victims of greed!

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