2-Year-Old Dead of Laminitis in All Four Feet

Three years ago, hallowed Saratoga Race Course garnered unwanted national media attention with a then-record 21 kills. At the time, I was busy reminding journalists and the public alike that this track averages 14 dead a summer, so 21 is really not that out of whack. Today, after the industry’s Santa Anita PR disaster of 2019, and after all those NYRA assurances of “safer racing” and the primacy of “equine welfare,” I give you death #20 at Saratoga this year. The NYS Gaming Commission reports that 2-year-old Fancy Twirl was euthanized yesterday “after developing laminitis in all four feet.” One of, if not the, most painful conditions a horse can experience, in all four feet – and all while still a baby. It’s vile. It’s horseracing.

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  1. Sickening. But they’re still at it, adding to the carnage by the hour. Both Belmont and Monmouth have already hosted their signature Breakdown Van-off Mangled Horse Horror Shows today. And it’s early yet. But not to worry: All hail COVID, as pandemic protocols keep the pics and videos of the suffering, mortally wounded animals in the hands of only those who cause the suffering.

  2. This baby named FANCY TWIRL (KY) was foaled on April 26, 2018. This filly was sired by TWIRLING CANDY. Her breeder was Tim Thornton & Quint Tatro and was consigned by Threave Main Stud. She is a “Keeneland Grad” and you may know that Keeneland makes their money by selling young horses for as much money as they can get out of them. What they do to “prep” the babies is what gets this type of horrible consequence. Keeneland makes their profit. Obviously, once the Thoroughbred leaves their premises and they have made their profit, do they care if the baby horses get laminitis? I don’t think so. The people that buy horses from Keeneland have to have “rocks in their heads” or they would not throw their money to the wolves this way. It’s all abuse.

    • We have seen horses from the Keeneland sale at our now defunct/ demolished 1 mile oval track that sold for just a few thousand standing in stalls with their auction hip #`s still attached! Crazy to buy a horse for $1,100 or $1,800 & then ship all the way to the NW!

  3. Laminitis primarily occurs in the front feet but can also occur simultaneously in all four. What is particularly troublesome is that there are multiple clinical signs including, but not limited to, hot hooves, a bounding pulse and an elevated temperature. Also, laminitis is PREVENTABLE. Where in the hell were this horse’s trainer/owner/groom? Just another example of irresponsible care of a horse who was subjected to incredible suffering by ignorant people.

  4. This poor filly FANCY TWIRL.
    They didn’t take away one, nor two or three of her feet/hooves – they took all four!
    How pathetic that this vile business still exists today.

  5. There’s no way that either the Trainer, Owner, attending private vet, and/or stable personnel DID NOT KNOW about her condition.
    It takes a long period of time and lots of signs/symptoms along the way to get to this point.
    This didn’t just happen over night.
    Of course the secret vet records always exonerates them through default.
    Another thing, they would have used strong dope/medications to keep her going in her 7 official workouts and this business doesn’t conduct OUT OF COMPETITION testing or very few do.
    So they can abuse the living crap out of these racehorses in-between races and nobody knows.
    This scenario, and plenty more documented, points to people who are nothing more than heartless, abusing parasites.

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