First Race, Last Race – 2-Year-Old Killed at Presque Isle

According to the (Equibase) chartwriter, Thisonesfordougie “fell and was vanned off” in the 1st at Presque Isle Thursday. In fact, I have confirmed, he is dead. He was two years old; this was his very first race.

This is horseracing.


  1. Vile and disgusting! Horse racing is barbaric and cruel….civilized nations need to ban all horse racing! Uncivilized need to informed of the brutality! Humans must be humane, or what we?

  2. If it were up to me, these horses would not be used and abused to their deaths.
    THISONESFORDOUGIE is dead because too many people including politicians don’t care. This is outrageous and totally unacceptable!!!!

  3. Dougie’s owner/trainer ought to do commercials for a horse-killing addiction treatment program. Old Glenn Wismer has been breaking down babies since way back in 1976, and he can’t seem to stop. You’d think with $13 million in lifetime earnings, he’d have had his bloodlust satisfied by now. But, no such luck. Guess he needs to keep “active” in his golden years by maiming and mangling more young horses and riders. You’ve still got it, Glenn!

  4. My friends and family members say to me…”In my next life I’m coming back as one of your pets”. Why can’t all people spoil and love their creatures? It’s actually very easy,animals don’t get on your nerves the way people do…too often!

  5. 2 years old…..DEAD before he had even lived, utterly disgusting and sickening that day after day innocent, defenseless horses are literally raced to death. But we mustn’t forget that the money-grabbing, profiteering POS owners, trainers and jockeys absolutely love the horses, just like family!!!!

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