A Pair of 4-Year-Olds Dead at Belmont

Dead at Belmont Park:

Tatterazzi, multiple fractures while training Monday. She was four years old.

Sea Sparkle, “found dead in stall” Wednesday. She, too, was four.

These are dead horses 36 and 37 at Belmont this year. For, I remind, $2 bets.


  1. This heinous abuse of horses must be stopped!!!!!! Horseracing is cruel!!!!!!! #Endhorseracing

  2. Sounds like the NYRA needs to take a page from the CHRB playbook, and just hide most of their horse fatalities. Hey, if we the public can’t find out about their deaths, then how can we continue to be alarmed about them? This strategy has worked wonders for Santa Anita’s image lately. The infamous SADT (Santa Anita Death Track, for those who’ve forgotten, because they haven’t ADMITTED to killing a single horse in the last THREE MONTHS! Amazing, right?) Anyway, the SADT got tired of making national headlines for their horse killings. So they simply stopped reporting them. Voila! No more news stories. Hooray for the SADT! And, the highly-trustworthy CHRB is more than happy not to record the kills. Because all they ever get from this duty is grief, the poor things. So, less dead-horse-headaches for them, too. Hooray!

    Clearly, Belmont, Saratoga, Aqueduct, et al. need to adopt this method as well, and stat. They’ll experience the immediate surge in credibility, integrity, and safety now enjoyed by the SADT. Everybody wins!
    Oh, except for…

      • Except she was killed in West Virginia, which has zero in the way of racehorse death reporting requirements. So, hey, let’s just dump her corpse in the local public landfill, because nobody is paying attention to our non-stop killingfest anyway.
        We Are Horse Racing, and we’re all about integrity and transparency and making sure horse safety and welfare is our number one priority, don’t you know.

        *Wow, Nancy. Almost one year since Bridget’s famous betrayal. Still makes me so sick. What a bunch of soulless monsters in the “Sport of Kings.”

    • I know, Kelly. I vividly remember reading about BM and seeing the horrific picture. If I remember correctly, PETA got “involved” and achieved s**t all! Clearly, the killing continues unabated.

      • So, PETA has finally taken a stance on shutting down ONE track: Los Alamitos. Hey, good for them for getting on board with the world’s biggest DUH Decision at long last. Otherwise, though, they’ve been entirely ineffectual on addressing the mass abuse that is horse racing. Oh, and Los Al isn’t even racing tonight, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief for those horses;)

      • Unfortunately, the horses can still die or be killed in numerous other ways in addition to racing deaths. I hope there are people who can be there to keep tabs on the unscrupulous activities of racing industry connections that make horses disappear whether it is a mysterious death or disappearance or not. One of the things that is so disturbing, of which there are many, about horse racing is the slaughter issue and the person or persons who falsify the paperwork for horses that have been drugged/doped up with drugs that are labeled something to the effect of “This drug not for use on animals intended for slaughter.” Also, in addition to the falsified paperwork to make drugged horses pass as “clean” for slaughter, to make horses disappear from racetracks that allegedly have a policy that horses racing at “said racetrack” may not be sold for slaughter. I hope PETA can keep tabs on all of these heinous cruelties to horses and the illegal activities regarding horse racing whether racing or not.

  3. I never pretended to know much about horse racing but thanks to this wonderful blog/site, I have learned so much. Some of these horrific deaths still leave me looking for answers. HOW ON EARTH does a 4 year old baby equine just drop dead in their stall?? I mean, horses are resilient beings, they carried humanity on their backs through wars and other calamities. I don’t believe they were just dying then, out of “the blue”, were they? What are these disgusting excrements pretending to be human doing to them? They kill them off the track, on the track and in their stalls. They just simply cannot catch a break. Tatterazzi, Sea Sparkle… so sorry your journey on this planet was so damn short! Your abusers will pay a very hefty price one day.

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