Filly Killed at Golden Gate

The California Horse Racing Board reports that She’s Got Heart was killed training at Golden Gate yesterday. She was three and had been put to the whip four times.

This is horseracing.

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  1. This horse won a race a few weeks ago and probably sustained an injury from that but the owners who were the breeders did not insist that the horse’s legs be x-rayed or scanned before another work. I hope they learned their lesson. Horses run much harder in a race than a workout and when they win they should only walk for a period of time then jog for a period of time before a slow canter for a period. If a young horse runs hard enough to win the trainer should be extremely wary for the next race. Minimum time 1 month. But the only way this can be taught is to prosecute owners and trainers for animal abuse. Laws have to be changed so that horse abusers can be prosecuted.

    • Abuse of horses in horseracing is a basic routine activity. The forced running of horses before they are mature is ABUSE and causes serious lameness issues, breakdowns and catastrophic injuries leading to the death of this filly and thousands of others. There does need to be laws against so many different things regarding racing.
      It needs to terminated from all government funding!!!

  2. When a three year old child dies, it is an extraordinary tragedy ! But in this Country
    a 3 year old horse dying means literally nothing.
    Just part of the collateral damage of the
    “Sport” of horse racing !! What a sick way of
    Living. As long as the States get their cut of the revenue, they turn a blind eye to any oversight
    Responsibilities !!!

  3. Speaking of California kills:

    Just a reminder for those who care to tune in, tomorrow’s CHRB meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:30 am, PST. It can be streamed live on the CHRB’s website, and will again be chock-full of public comments from ANTI-RACERS, like ourselves, who do an outstanding job of reminding this Board at each and every meeting what a horrific, inexcusable, horse-killing, jockey-mangling, unnecessary and archaic blood sport they’re charged with “regulating.”
    In my experience, this board will do everything in its power to discount, minimize and ignore our public comments, allowing only 30 minutes for ALL commentary about their only issue which really matters to the general public: THE KILLING Of RACEHORSES. Listening to them tiptoe so clumsily around this constant FACT being thrown in their faces is often infuriating, but occasionally even amusing. What else would one expect from the revolving door of corrupt, bureaucratic dinosaurs whose sole function is to enable their own livelihood in the
    animal disposal industry?

    • Remind them about Vinny Bednar and how much his family must think the sport is soooo safe and such a great pastime to watch.

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