“Euthanized on the Track” at Laurel

The 2nd at Laurel yesterday, as relayed by the chartwriter: “One Fat Kat…was pulled up after sustaining an injury nearing the five sixteenths then was euthanized on the track.” She was four years old; ’twas her ninth time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. So they called her ‘One Fat Kat’ says it all about the owners who used her purely for their own satisfaction.
    This four year old filly suffered an ‘injury’ folks.
    Mmm… yes an injury.
    Now that could have been anything from but not limited to –
    a broken smashed leg
    a collapsed suspensory apparatus
    a smashed fetlock
    a smashed and broken pastern
    a smashed sesamoid or two
    a smashed and broken knee
    two smashed and broken legs (yes, they can break two legs, usually their fores, which I’ve witnessed at my local track)
    a broken and smashed shoulder
    a broken and smashed pelvis
    a broken and smashed spine
    a broken and smashed neck
    a broken and smashed skull
    a massive lethal haemorrhage
    a sudden death (cause often not disclosed by the global horseracing industry)
    a cardiac arrest (cause often not disclosed by the horseracing industry)

    Nice, eh ?

  2. This killing of horses by racing reminds me of how some people kill spiders in some ways.

  3. Join the protest today at Laurel Park 12 pm to 2 pm! Here is a link to the Facebook event page. If you need more information email nicole@horseracingwrongs.com. Our Maryland organizer holds protests each week at Laurel Park (and she is picking up the protests at Delaware Park, too). Jennifer is organizing a protest for the Preakness on October 3rd as well. Thank you all for being a voice for the horses! https://www.facebook.com/events/670612260223550/

    • Thank you to all of you who will be there! I appreciate your efforts and wish I could be there with you as well!

  4. Thank you, Nicole Arciello. I am not able to attend physically in person, but I posted to Facebook and am there in spirit by supporting the #Endhorseracing concept.

  5. I would like to see an end to horseracing because it causes the horses to become injured and die. It is time to stop this cruelty!

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