Horrific Breakdown in the Obscenely Named “More Than Ready Juvenile Stakes” at Kentucky Downs

The 10th at Kentucky Downs Sunday was dubbed the “More Than Ready Juvenile Stakes for Two-Year-Olds.” If there is a more obscene, more disgusting name for a horserace, I’ve yet to see it. “More than ready”? A 2-year-old horse is a child, on the maturation chart the rough equivalent of a first-grader. His bones will not be done growing, his plates will not be done fusing, for years. Hell, he still has his baby teeth. So is it any surprise, then, that one of those “juveniles” did not survive the day?

Snake Doctor, already under the whip for the third time, “went wrong and fell,” says Equibase, and, I have confirmed, is dead. The breakdown is horrific (aren’t they all?). Equally, are the beatings administered to the other babes down the stretch. And even as one of their “athletes” lay dying out on the “field,” these morally-stunted people continued with their “Winner’s Circle” celebration.

The video begins with the breakdown, then the stretch-run whipping, then slow-motion of that whipping, and finally the celebratory pose…


  1. Obviously these young horse’s age doesn’t matter, as far as I’m concerned it is animal abuse pure and simple! It was heart breaking to see that young horse fall after being whipped to go faster!

  2. That really nice 2 year old by Oxbow was 30-1. Which means alot of people did not think he had a chance of winning. Why was that? Because people that watch workouts in the morning did not think he was ready to win a race. Also, Jack Sisterson who trains for Calumet Farm was just given an “honor” not too long ago for his contribution to horseracing. The only contribution I can see is his destruction of valuable well bred horses. He killed the beautiful and talented Stella D’Oro and now this one. And I’m sure there are many others too. The owner of Calumet now is Brad Kelley. I think he should receive some mail regarding his so called trainer’s lack of veterinary diagnostic work during training and pre race. Jack Sisterson is another psychopath. A person who is callous to the suffering of animals.

  3. It seems to me there have been MORE 2 yr olds breaking down this year. So much for safety reforms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And it only tends to get worse because breeders keep going for speedier studs and broodmares instead of healthier ones. Back in the 1970’s breakdowns weren’t nearly as common. After what happened to Ruffian you’d think there would be more strict rules when it comes to approving stallions but as far as I know the only change in the breeding scenario is that the board now put a cap on how many mares a stallion can cover (120 or 140 per stallion but only applies to those born in 2020 and upward, so from the 2024 breeding season and up).

    • Jamie, I think you’re too dumb to pick up on what Patrick meant. We ALL know about that sire.

    • Yes, we’re aware MTR is (another exploited) breeding stallion AND the name of a race – and as Kelly mentioned, the irony of choosing his name for a race for equine babies who are certainly NOT physically and mentally (more than) “ready” for a race (or even to be backed) reminds me of another race named for a TB sire…and ironic, as well, if one stops to think about it – the Runhappy Stakes.

      I was just waiting for someone to enlighten us as Patrick didn’t include who the race was named for – but you can be assured, we know this industry…and it’s why we so fiercely oppose it.

    • Ok let’s name a race after an equally abused horse shuttled all over the world, forced to procreate as often as his connections need him to . Once that is done, his offspring being run into the ground.. literally. Or, if by industry standards he/she is not fast enough, abandoned or shipped to the slaughterhouse. Yep makes much more sense now!! This is how this corrupt industry knows to honour their athletes!

  4. I simply don’t know how much more barbarous, despicable, monstrous, reprehensible, odious, degenerate and atrocious the daily carnage can become. And I am not even done with adjectives as these are far too mild for this corrupt industry and these equine baby killers. These brutes and beasts belong behind bars repenting (or not) for their horrific crimes and sins. There was a time when humanity paid homage to the horse, to these magnificent, sensitive, loyal beings. They deserve that and much more…not to be abused, maimed and killed for some to fatten their wallets off their backs and/or to entertain the mob! Get a real damn job like the rest of the world! Stop the funding, shut them all down! The time to end horse racing is NOW.

  5. Racing a two-year-old Thoroughbred to his death is morally depraved. This industry needs to be shut down once and for all!!!! The government subsidies to this atrociously inhumane treatment of horses needs to be stopped. Terminate the corporate welfare to horse breeding, racing and killing!!!!

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