Three More Dead at Saratoga – That’s Seven in Six Days, 13 on the Summer

The NYS Gaming Commission has just updated its database and yes, I have three more deaths to report, all at Saratoga: Highly Uncertain, Monday, colic. She was two and had yet to be raced. Zunith Moon, also Monday, fractured leg while training. He, too, was two; he had been raced once. Siena’s Ticket, Wednesday, “severe” laminitis. She was three and coming off a last, 25 lengths back at Saratoga in July.

With this recent barrage (seven in six days), Saratoga now counts 13 dead horses on the summer. For those who may think that high, I remind that this much-celebrated track, considered one of U.S. Racing’s crown jewels, averages 14 deaths a summer (going back to 2009 when the state began making these things public). Imagine that.

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.
Governor Cuomo
Senator Schumer
Senator Gillibrand
Assembly Speaker Heastie
Majority Leader Cousins
“Domestic Animal Welfare” Committee
NYS State Senators

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  1. I think thirteen horses killed is a lot of horses killed regardless of any comparison to any number of horses killed in past years.
    It is not okay to exploit horses to death.
    Stop. Killing. Horses.
    Stop. Corporate. Welfare. To. Horse. Racing.

  2. Think I’ll hold off on commenting until Patrick posts his next MULTIPLE KILL REPORT about Saratoga.
    After all, they’ve already outdone themselves just this morning, vanning off both winners in today’s first two races.
    Again, stay classy, horse killers.

  3. Who are the trainers of these poor horses. It’s not the track, but the trainers responsibility for the horse. Why have you not put each trainers name? Colic and laminitis both point to trainer more than track.

    • It’s systemic racehorse cruelty, abuse and killing.
      Racehorses are mere disposable gambling chips for not only Trainers, but Owners, gamblers, racing commissions, track owners, sales and wagering companies.
      They all have their manure-filled fingers in the pie.
      Their all abusers, enablers of the abuse or both.
      Another thing, you can’t shame people who have no feelings to begin with because they have a piece of their brain and heart missing.
      They are sub-human parasites and the racehorses are merely their host until they can’t give anymore.

    • “Bo”, it’s called pure fucking evil. They will be judged by a HIGHER power. You can’t abuse animals like this and think you’ll get away with it. Stop the money pipeline. Who always has money 🤔

  4. Penn. National race. 3 just now
    Horse 7
    Rider fell
    Do not know what happened to horsre named happyandiknowit.

    • Thanks, Nancy. Chart says she fell, was euthanized on track.
      Oaks Day — or, for those in Kentucky, Kill a Filly Day — is turning out to be quite the bloodbath.

      • Thanks Kelly
        The horses behind her had to do a fast spin out of the way. Jockey really went down hard. Poor horse.

      • That’s another of the ugliest parts of horse racing: horse AND jockey can be down on the track, severely injured, paralyzed, or even DEAD, and the other mounted zombies-with-whips just keep on riding at (literal) breakneck speeds.
        No time to take a knee for a fallen comrade, or even stop to try to render assistance. No sir; all those degenerates are relying on them to FINISH THAT RACE at all costs. Sport of Kings, don’t you know.

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