Saratoga, Again

Dead, 1st race at Saratoga today: Samborella, “vanned off” after “winning” – euthanized. She was two years old; this was her second time under the whip. Saratoga has now lost eight horses just since last Friday. What more can I say?

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  1. Unfortunately the owners chose the worst horse killer at NYRA Jeremiah Englehart as the trainer. They paid $500K for this cream of the crop Outwork filly. They got paid $86K when she won. I hope that really hurt. I sent Anna Seitz, who is part of that “girls syndicate” who owned this horse a nasty message. Basically if you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas. And I would not even classify Englehart as good as a dog or any animal for that matter. He is a psychopath. This filly should have had an MRI or standing Pet Scan of her front legs before the race. But the owners must be novices and did not think to second guess Englehart. You are not out of line to insist upon x-rays or scans before a race. Even a vet exam before a race may not detect tiny microfracture in lower legs unless the veterinarian has Super Man vision. People have to learn to be careful when choosing who will care for their animals. There are plenty of responsible men at Saratoga and Belmont. You NEVER WANT a cheap claiming race trainer. Ever.

    • You’re right to talk about the money involved, because when it comes down to it, it is really all about the money. Which leads to my question– how much did these owners get in insurance? Do they recoup their investment?

  2. Poor baby…Simply unbelievable yet unfortunately true! Cannot believe this damn killing machine aka Saratoga is still allowed to operate!
    Will Cuomo & co. ever get off their damn asses and DO SOMETHING about despicable Saratoga?? This is beyond appalling.
    Disgusting criminals ALL OF THEM! I hope they get to pay for their sins one day soon.

  3. Hey, but let’s not lose sight of the big picture, here, Gambling Junkies: I mean, yeah, another racehorse lost her life in a sickening breakdown at one of your favorite “elite” horse-killing tracks.
    But, far more importantly, some of you humanitarians managed to MAKE MONEY off of her death-performance. And THAT’S what this game is all about. So, hold your heads high, go forth proudly and cash those tickets, then spend your “earnings” on an equally worthwhile activity; I hear there’s a good snuff film festival going on this weekend. And, thanks to poor Samborella, y’all can afford to attend it. Hooray for you!

    • No, don’t wish for them (or anyone else) to come to harm. Hopefully this gut-punch will help show them what an abhorrent game they’re involved in, and they’ll all get far away from it.

    • Just for the record, and to add to your excellent comment, any racehorse who leaves the gate (even if it’s one step) and then subsequently dies during the race is a valid gambling wager.
      So if $10,000 collectively was gambled on this poor sweetheart, SAMBORELLA, they still get their money and that’s precisely why this business facilitates widespread dope to mask issues.
      They don’t care because they get their money anyways.
      Furthermore, if SAMBORELLA was included in any exotic bet that would render that bet non-payable, but the track and wagering firms still got their money.
      Which brings me to my next point, the starting gate crew is instructed to do whatever it takes to get a racehorse into the gate whether that’s a nose twitch, a beating, or however long just get it in because once that gate opens all gambling bets are valid.
      This is another reason why I often use the phrase “sent them out to die” because it’s a way to manipulate the outcome of the race when a Trainer knows that a racehorse is about to breakdown.
      Most know that the racehorse is done has serious pre-existing issues and is on the verge of snapping off that leg which is often used to affect the race and the outcome of wagering income.
      Which is another reason why they keep their vet/treatment records secret so that neither horse lovers/advocates or the gambling public has no clue as to what’s going on.
      Horse racing is running their own private killing show until HRW came along.

  4. I almost forgot…isn’t that special-Churchill downs ran their “Eight Belles” race today. That dumb place,after snapping off both her front legs,runs a race named after her…you can’t make this shit up. VOMIT Inducing

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