Two More Dead in NY, Including 10th Kill at Saratoga This Summer

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Obsidian Flow was killed (multiple fractures) while training at Saratoga Monday. He was two years old and being prepped for his debut. The day before at Belmont, Ready to Escape was euthanized for colic. He was five and was last put to the whip August 20 at Saratoga.

To date, 53 horses have died at NY tracks this year. Since Jan 1, 2018, 173 of these beautiful, sensitive, intelligent beings have been sacrificed at the three NYRA tracks (Aqueduct, Belmont, Saratoga). Reform is a lie. End horseracing. Now.


  1. Horse races have no compassion for the animals It is only to make money and then most are murdered by kill buyers

  2. Suspension and reforms are a lot alike. They mean nothing. The jockeys can ride during a “suspension” of his license or whatever choice of words the industry chooses, and reforms to make racing allegedly safer have not made racing safe. So, it’s time to shut the industry down. Stop. Killing. Horses!!!!!!!!!!

    • Also, suspending a Trainer means nothing.
      In steps the Assistant Trainer who speaks over the phone with the “suspended” Trainer, and the racing stable continues without skipping a beat.
      Everything, I mean everything, about this vile business is a scam.
      It’s a joke, but what’s not funny is their voiceless victims getting crippled and killed every single day.

      • Yes, saying that a trainer is suspended for whatever length of time and allowing him/her to continue to train race horses by proxy “over the phone” to his/her assistant trainer is a very, very CRUEL JOKE to the horses!!!! The “suspension” could be for doping horses or anything considered against the rules, but their rules of enforcement ARE A VERY CRUEL JOKE that doesn’t take the life of a racehorse seriously enough!!!!

      • Many harness jurisdictions suspend all horses of record along with the trainer. Used to be you never knew who the trainer was.

  3. Speaking of the Saratoga shitshow, I swear I think Rudy Rodriguez is determined to kill off Mr. ShortandSimple. Ran dead last today. Ran dead last TEN DAYS ago(!), and got VANNED OFF from Belmont in his race prior to that one.
    Stay classy, Saratoga.

  4. I’m sure Janet Irwin who bred this really nice 2 year old by Flat Out would be horrified to see that he is dead after only 10 months belonging to d.p. Jeremia Rudan. Where do these people come from? Anybody with a little money can purchase a yearling and ruin it within a year. What education did this piece of garbage have to train a young horse? I’m going to send a message to NYRA. It seems like some of the messages have been making a small difference.

      • Noble indeed..instead of raking up fame and fortune to becoming a man of few words with a powerful punch and commitment.

    • Why don’t you send a message to Janet Irwin and all breeders telling them to stop breeding racehorses?
      That would make a much bigger difference than sending it to the NYRA.

    • Marymbaggley you must know breeders breed horses for money, period. Once they sell them they are off the books and out of mind. That’s the business.

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