Every Day: “Fell, Euthanized” at Louisiana Downs

The 4th at Louisiana Downs yesterday: All About Clara “fell mid turn and was euthanized” (Equibase). She was four years old; ’twas her 25th time under the whip.

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  1. This innocent baby girl died for what???????????? I will tell you she died for some old men smoking cigars, and a two dollar bet. VILE. This is from a bygone era,aren’t we better than this?

  2. Out of all the states I trained in, they are all bad, but Louisiana had to be the worse gutter pit ever.
    It was not uncommon to go into the stable area in the morning and see dead racehorses in their stalls.
    Morning training hours was like a killing show.
    The stable area was below deplorable, most are, and the conditions for racehorses were horrendous.
    From baby racehorses to multiple stake winning horses sent to the claiming gallows it was a nightmare.
    Incidentally, the Fairgrounds in New Orleons received billions in tax breaks, property tax deferrments and casino profits in exchange for improving the stable area, grounds, and track conditions for racehorses – this was all pre-Covid for years before.
    To this day, little to nothing has been done and anytime a politician tried to hold them accountable or collect back taxes for failing to do their fuciciary duty – it would be “tabled.”
    Lots of articles on it if you care to verify my comment.
    This business is a hell pit for racehorses and Louisiana has got to be the worse.

    • I believe you. The only state I’ve found with as many daily van-offs as Louisiana is Arizona. Big difference though, Arizona had a racing commission that USED TO PRETEND to care about all the dead racehorses generated at their three shitty tracks. Louisiana doesn’t even bother to try and fake it that horse safety is a thing.
      *Looks like they’re about to start an emergency meeting right now. Wonder if they’ll even touch on the safety and welfare of horses?

      • Arizona is CREEPY…Full Stop. For a lot of reasons,not just how pathetic their tracks are. You find a lot of cults in Arizona…I know because some cousins on my paternal side got caught up in that. And yeah…you could fry an egg on their pavements 🤣. No thank you!

  3. I agree that there is no excuse for horseracing! I have no tolerance for people who risk the lives of their horses.

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