Colt Killed at Golden Gate Today; 20th Death There This Year, 77th at all California Tracks

From the California Horse Racing Board: Dead, training at Golden Gate today, 2-year-old Streets. He is the 20th kill at Golden Gate this year, 77th at all California tracks.

Keep the pressure on:
Governor Newsom
Senator Feinstein
Senator Harris
Assembly Speaker Rendon
Majority Leader Hertzberg
California State Senators

If you haven’t already signed (over 115,000 and counting)… petition to end horseracing in California

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  1. I’m just trying to figure out why the CHRB says they had a TRAINING KILL, but also that no actual “training” went on at Golden Gate today. How’s that work?

  2. Well, so much for Del Mar’s Super-Safe, “fatality free” Summer. They just hosted a FALL/Van-off in race 8. Shocking, huh? Looks like the CHRB will have to add a THIRD horse death for the day.

  3. How pathetic and cruel OMG shut down these f*cking tracks. We need to get the politicians off their asses and their greedy hands cut off to stop looking the other way and do something and take a stand to save these horses and stop this bullshit “Sport of Kings” – they are the farthest from being any type kings – these f*ckers are all just losers and abusers. Anyone who agrees with their tactics are just the very same as they are.

  4. If these people loved their horses, they would not race them to their deaths.
    Stop. Killing. Horses.
    Stop. Horse. Racing.

  5. I just discovered that there is a petition on that is about “saving Turf Paradise” and I definitely clicked on the “skip” option as opposed to the “sign” option. I did not read the whole petition. I was a bit shocked. I am definitely against supporting anything or anyone that exploits horses in an appallingly inhumane way as the horse racing industry does and as Turf Paradise does kill horses.

    Stop killing horses. Stop racing horses to death. Stop betting on horses.

    Usually, the petitions advocate justice and/or HUMANE TREATMENT OF ANIMALS. Turf Paradise does not come under that category!

    • Turf Paradise = Arizona Who I ask would want to live there?, you can fry an egg on the pavement in a minute. What a bunch of yahoo losers. 🤣

    • All states and all tracks are about the same when it comes to horse abuse. However, some states are marginally worse than others. Arizona is one of those states.
      In the 1st ever Equine Safety Review Report (2017-2018) the mortality rate was twice the national average. There was supposed to be an annual safety report but I have not found any. However, the recent news is AZ will now join the few states with year round racing!!!

      • Thank you, Rose. It is horribly cruel to run horses in triple-digit heat as if racing itself isn’t cruel enough already. All of these horse racetracks need to be shutdown, closed, put out of business including Turf Paradise. Can you imagine what it’s like for the horses when it’s 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit? That is hot enough to cause heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke standing still, I think. Any dogs or children left in cars would die for sure in that kind of heat. What is wrong with the racing people that they can’t see the inhumanity of what they do to the horses?! It just needs to be stopped!!!! Close Turf Paradise and all racetracks!!!!

  6. Let’s keep it real people… most people suck-they are evil greedy assholes. Plus they get on your nerves (most),that is why,give me ANIMALS anytime over humans.

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