The 8th at Gulfstream yesterday, as recounted by Equibase: “ALLURSTRA…reached a short lead late on the turn, had just been overtaken when he suffered a catastrophic injury to the right front at the top of the stretch….” The 6-year-old Allurstra (below) was “For Sale” prior to suffering that “catastrophic injury” – an injury, by the way, that was so ugly Gulfstream’s official YouTube channel neatly excised it from the replay.

At Los Alamitos yesterday, Adriatic Son was a “scratch” in the 2nd – “scratched,” it turns out, because he had died the day before. No other details yet. Adriatic Son was nine and was first put to the whip some 6 1/2 years ago. And still they wanted more.

Voice your outrage: Link this post and/or the up-to-date 2020 Killed List. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.

Governor DeSantis
Senator Rubio
Senator Scott
House Speaker Oliva
Majority Leader Passidomo
Florida State Senators

Governor Newsom
Senator Feinstein
Senator Harris
Assembly Speaker Rendon
Majority Leader Hertzberg
California State Senators

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  1. Racing kills horses. A vile “sport” that should join the gladiator games of Rome as historical atrocities. End it now. And make the owners pay to find safe homes for their horses, not slaughter ship pens.

    • Carol, I love what you said there…..MAKE the OWNERS pay. Oh hell f’n yeah. These assholes think they are something because they own horses. You ain’t NOTHING you sacks of shit. It is YOUR responsibility (owners). No one will be upset when your gone (owners)…and that’s a fact Jack.

  2. Horseracing is inhumane! It needs to be stopped! People who exploit these horses need to know that the depravity of treating horses like an object to be doped, whipped, confined, shocked with electricity, and promoted as a gambling chip only to be killed and swept under the proverbial rug is very, very wrong! The people that profit from this cruelty to horses must be and need to be terminated from all government funding, subsidies, corporate welfare. They ought to be punished by fines and imprisonment for corruption and cruel, inhumane treatment of horses! Horses need to be recognized as worthy of humane treatment by all people including our governors, senators, house representatives, assembly speakers and majority leaders.

  3. I’ve written every single politician on this list and then some.
    It’s always automatic responses and some don’t know what the hell they are talking about when it comes to racehorses.
    Some of my responses actually said that horses are covered under animal cruelty laws and that I should submit a complaint with the Humane Society – frustrating as hell.
    They obviously don’t know a thing about how horrific this vile business is or they are delusional.
    Nevertheless, the industry handles all racehorse issues through the Stewards of the respective racing boards such as the CHRB and it doesn’t take an idiot to know that this entire system is corrupt (Bob Baffert & Justify), that Stewards own horses, implement fines for abhorent racehorse abuse that usually results in slap on the writst fines or the deterrants are so minimal that they, essentially, condone the ongoing abuse.
    Of course the never ending shattering bones resulting in racehorses crumbling to the dirt like ALLURSTRA means nothing to these parasites because the same “trainers” such as Python Pat (Patricia Farro) can kill racehorse after racehorse with zippo repercussions.
    This is a flat out bloodbath killing show with a bunch of parasites latching on until they drop in the dirt and how dare they claim that this is just “family fun.”
    Right – children watching the horrors of living beings dropping death in their blood puddle on the track only to be killed with a needle – how nice is that?
    It seems obvious to me that our politicians need to be educated even more than the public and for those who are we need to support them at the ballot box.
    Apprently, newly appointed Vice-Presidential candidate and animal lover, Kamala Harris, takes the reform approach when it comes to horse racing.
    I’ve recently sent her a letter outlining why she shouldn’t be supporting this.
    You can’t possibly claim to be a human rights activisit without being an animal rights activist.
    It’s all the same.

    • Thank you, Gina! That is incredibly frustrating to be passed off and given the run-around by someone that should NOT be so stinking ignorant of the reality of the situation at hand!
      With so many major issues on the “plate” of our society and democracy and politicians, 2020 being an election year, the year of the census and a global health PANDEMIC, I would expect that the corrupt and cruel exploitation of horses in the racing industry will continue to be passed off for a longer period of time and that the “game of passing the buck” will continue. It will take much persistence, obviously, to get more than one politician to show any interest in doing anything besides pass the buck and brush people off.
      Meanwhile, your efforts are much appreciated!!!

      • Also Wanda they shouldn’t be giving horse racing one red dime.
        This should be immediately stopped, any financial support, especially during this pandemic when our healthcare professionals and community essential services need it much more than an unnecessary, pathetic gambling venue.
        It’s infuriating that politicians continue to financially support this.
        All I can do is keep educating, keep writing, and what motivates me are the poor racehorses, the fact that they don’t have a voice, and when I see posts like this, for every one killed, it just makes me fight even harder.
        Thanks for being alongside of me.

  4. “Catastrophic injury” means agony. “For sale” means in bad shape due to being pushed horribly and in danger of their very lives if further raced.
    The torment that these animals suffer must never be ignored.
    This is such a just cause!!

  5. Please put an end to horse racing! Too many horses are mistreated, abused and killed! This is an abomination!

  6. Racing is a deadly sport that kills horses either on the track or bring dumped at auction if that don’t make their owners money or enough money. At these auctions are kill buyers who either try to sell them in about week at their lots and or send them to slaughter. This “sport” is deadly and needs to be outlawed.

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