Horseracing Is Snuffing – Every Day

The outcome for Cook Memories in the 4th at Arlington yesterday: “COOK MEMORIES raced off the pace on the inside early, saved ground around the turn, took a bad step just before the wire, flipped while her rider was attempting to pull her up and was euthanized on track” (Equibase). Another life snuffed. For $2 bets. (Apologies for being repetitious, but having reported over 6,000 of these, my cupboard is bare.) Cook Memories was five years old; ’twas her 33rd time under the whip.


  1. This is sad but it’s worse than sad!
    Rest in peace COOK MEMORIES 💔

    • Again, Alan….trying to put the blame on the SLAVE (horses) . I would not shed a tear if any one of these asshole people kicked the bucket, they are all scumbags pushing animal ABUSE.

  2. No need to apologize for running out of descriptors about 5,000 dead horses ago, Patrick. The racing press really only uses one phrase, and only when they absolutely have to:

    “…horse’s injuries considered too severe/not recoverable, and horse was euthanized.” In California, they also have to add in that super-important detail about how they’ll generously send the poor horse’s remains to be necropsied. (Thank goodness this horse’s death will help them “solve the mystery” of those thousands of dead racehorses that came before it.)

    • The mystery is how they can continue to kill horses repeatedly if they “love” their horses as they say they do and not be affected by it; enough to stop. The racing industry people need to be “necropsied” to examine their lack of a conscience. If they had a conscience and listened to it, they would not be doing what causes the horses to be catastrophically injured to death. It’s not rocket science.

  3. The horse racing industry does not care about the numbers of horses that are killed each year in this “sport”. Once they serve their purpose the majority of them are thrown away like garbage to slaughterhouses. Then NEXT. This is due to the endless supply of horses due to the promotion of breeding by California Horse Law and the CHRB, Both of them as part of their tenets and mission statement “encourage breeding and maximum expansion of Horse Racing in this state”. Horses have a lifespan of 25-30 years. They are killed at a young age in training and racing (or sent to slaughter); and are cheated out of their remaining years of life. Proceeds from the track should go to after-care for these animals. Breeding needs to be limited to control the population. In the CHRB report 2018-2019 90% fatalities were due to pre-existing conditions due to breeding. Jockey Club now wants to limit breeding on thoroughbreds to preserve their health/for racing of course. There should be a limit on all horse breeding. The horses are bred solely to serve and preserve horse racing. It reminds me of puppy mills and factory farming both exploiting animals for profit.

    • I read a brief article online about the Jockey Club regarding the possibility of putting a limit on the number of breedings or number of Thoroughbred foals produced.
      I just thought it was a smokescreen of sorts to “appease the gods” or to lead people on to believe something will change when in reality nothing will change.
      I think that would be like the American Kennel Club saying they want to put a limit on the number of breedings or the number of puppies that could be produced by puppy mill breeders. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, the American Kennel Club lobbies against putting the puppy mills out of business. The puppy mill business is an absolutely deplorable, despicable, shockingly inhumane treatment and exploitation of dogs and puppies for the “almighty dollar” and so it is with the breeding and production of Thoroughbreds.

  4. Getting ready for another big night of horse-killing and jockey-mangling action at the soon-to-be-shuttered Los Alamitos Death Track and COVID Super-Spreading Center. Only problem is, earlier today, they scratched one on their many, older, wrecked thoroughbreds named Adriatic Son from tonight’s festivities. Which is sad, because apparently there’s a real market among degenerate gamblers to see 9-year-old, pre-injured racehorses break down while competing against their younger, stronger (also pre-injured) “competitors.”
    Anyway, as they say in the ever-compassionate horse racing biz, “The show must go on, no matter how many innocent animals we torture.” So, of course, I was thrilled to see the fine folks at Los Al had a really, really good excuse for scratching this horse: Adriatic Son died yesterday.
    Place your bets, everyone!

    • Imagine that! Scratching a horse because he is dead; another innocuous sounding terminology used by the brutal racing and gambling industry. It’s all enough to induce vomiting…😠

      • Too bad they don’t want to give anyone a hint about WHY the horse was scratched. To find out about most of Los Al’s kills, you have to check, oh, about three times a day with the CHRB. And even then, there’s still several horses that have mysteriously disappeared this year following their final races at Super-Safe Los Alamitos.

  5. No doubt another ‘owner’ so upset that they have lost a horse…..yea right, so upset that they have lost another ‘bank-roller’ is what they really mean. But no doubt they won’t hesitate to claim the insurance money and the ‘slaughterhouse’ blood money!!!!

  6. Stop exploiting horses. They are not here to serve humans for anything. They are here for their own purposes

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