“Suffered a Catastrophic Injury, Euthanized” at Parx

Equibase’s account of the 1st at Parx yesterday: “HERAWAY vied outside, suffered a catastrophic injury to her right front near the top of the stretch and was subsequently euthanized.” And, just like that, another sensitive, intelligent life snuffed. For $2 bets.

Heraway was five; she was being whip-forced to “race” for the 19th time when she died. This, every day, is horseracing.


  1. #Endhorseracing
    It is NOT OKAY to treat horses in a way that glorifies racing and discards horses with no thought of doing anything differently.
    It is NOT OKAY to use horses to make millions of dollars and treat the horses like expendable commodities.
    It is NOT OKAY to pretend that these horrible things don’t happen on a daily basis.
    Horseracing is horrible and people need to see it for what it is: INHUMANE!!!!!!!!!
    Stop treating horses like roadkill.

  2. So sad and angry to hear about Heraway, so young! I really don’t know why jockeys have to whip their horses, they are running as fast as they can! Such beautiful, young souls that never have a chance to grow and enjoy life!

    • It’s the owners and trainers that want their horses to be whipped in order to force the horses to run faster, and possibly win. Horse racing is a sadistic and barbaric business that needs to be stopped!

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