“Ran Through the Rail,” Dead at Finger Lakes

Earlier this afternoon, Con He Win was a “scratch” in the 1st race at Finger Lakes – a “scratch,” it turns out, because he was dead. According to the Gaming Commission, the 3-year-old “broke through the starting gate, ran through the rail…and sustained [an] injury [that] necessitat[ed] euthanasia.” Imagine that poor, poor animal’s fright, then suffering – and all so that some men may gamble, others chase pots of gold.

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.

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  1. And we only hear about this death because New York has (sort-of) mandatory public reporting. If Con He Win had died in nearly any other racing jurisdiction, this horror show would have been quickly and quietly swept under the blood-soaked rug. (I believe this is another reason the absurdly-named Horseracing Integrity Act will never become law: track officials won’t want to admit to any — much less all — of their horse kills. For some reason, they think it won’t make them look so good.)

    • Maybe down deep they know it’s wrong but their compulsive disorder won’t let them stop. Hopefully there are some spectators that will see how horrible racing is for horses and turn from “their vomit” of aiding and abetting the cruelty to and torture of horses; abuse that is inherent to horseracing.

  2. Another ridiculous race and another poor soul is dead. Of course he is dead because you idiots involved have not clue one. How in the hell did he break thru the starting gate and into the rail. Let’s see where the hell was the trainer and what the shit was the jockey doing and who was handling the gates – apparently all were doing nothing. I would suggest that you had this poor horse so incredibly scared and upset and that not a god damn one of you knew what to do to keep him in place – seriously thru the starting gate and into the rail. Why don’t you all just give this horrible sport up and go home where you belong – stop murdering these poor horses – all for your god damn $2.00 bet – how pathetic.

    • I keep thinking about the use of those small handheld shocking devices which racing industry people have different names for and the video of Gary Stevens and D. Wayne Lukas talking and laughing about shocking horses in the starting gates. I can’t help but wonder if this horse, CON HE WIN, had been shocked by the trainer/torturer as well as the rider/torturer during his younger days. At only three-years-old he was still very young considering horses can live to be thirty-something with a few living to be forty years old.

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