“Draped Across the Back Door of the Stall”

In addition to Princess Merida being “vanned off” in the 1st at Gulfstream yesterday, there was this for 3-year-old Emma Rose in the 4th: “EMMA ROSE reared in the grasp of her assistant starter at the break, flipped over backward unseating the rider and winding up draped across the back door of the stall, was extricated and vanned off.”

Again, that’s “reared…flipped over backward…[wound] up draped across the back door of the stall.” Imagine that scene.

I have nothing definitive (on either horse) yet, but Emma’s trainer, Kenny McPeek, tweeted this: “Unfortunately Emma Rose flipped when the starter opened the gate. Hopefully she and Edgard Zayas are ok.🙏🏻”

Vile – to the core.

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  1. I saw this happen yesterday and the poor filly had her front end on one side of the gate and her back end on the other. She was in a full blown panic trying to run so all she was doing is beating her legs against the gate. Kenny Mcpeek said after that she seemed to have superficial cuts, and that nothing seemed broken. Wonder how well they went over her? Better yet- how soon will she be forced into a gate again? I can’t even imagine the terror this poor horse felt to do this.

  2. Peggy, I wonder if Kenny McPeek had EMMA ROSE examined by a licensed veterinarian. It doesn’t sound like it. He doesn’t sound like he has first hand information, but maybe he does. It sounds like he is relying on his hired help to give him more detailed information. I don’t know him or how he operates exactly. I am certainly not impressed in a good way with his distancing himself from the pain and suffering of EMMA ROSE. It sounds to me like he will let her suffer and continue with the business of training and torturing EMMA ROSE and other horses that he gets paid to train/torture.

  3. I pray Emma Rose is okay, it’s just so hard to trust any trainer when something like this happens! It just shows how careless trainers are not worried about their horses!

  4. The way the media looked at this was to praise the fact that Emma Rose jockey, Zayas, injury forced him off the rest of his mounts, and the substitute jockey, Reyes, ended up getting 5 wins on the day by picking up Zayas mounts. So what was important to them was the jockey win statistics for this or that jockey. Nothing about the poor horse or any follow up on how she was. They said Zayas had a sore ankle after she flipped in the gate. Very dangerous for horse and rider. All the media reports were the same on this. They just copy each other. Not one report bothered to check up on the horse. NOT ONE! AND THAT’S WHAT WE CARE ABOUT!

    • Your observation is a way of life at the race track. Rarely do you hear the announcer say a horse has been pulled up or fallen. Just number 3 is out of the race. And the TVG network will say we’ll let you know asap the condition of all involved in the mishap during race.(only when the camera did not refocus fast enough)

      • Nancy, I cannot stand that corny loser-Todd Schrup on tvg…how he’s always saying: “nothing is more important to us, than the safety of our equine athletes”, how can he even say that with a straight face?????????? If that isn’t the biggest lie you’ve ever heard,I have some swamp land to sell you in Florida. I often wonder how the wives of the loser talking heads on tvg put up with a man who doesn’t work a REAL job, how could any woman respect that? The CORRECT answer is you cannot…it’s not work,it’s like being a child forever.

      • Bonnie you are absolutely right. Todd has said it a million times. And they never come back on and let you know the condition of the injured and vanned off horse.

  5. With that kind of incident it needs to be determined wheather she has internal injuries.
    Saying she SEEMED to have superficial cuts. How hard is it to look and SEE cuts!!! And nothing SEEMED broken…so the takeaway is, SEEMINGLY she is okay?!!

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