Not To Be Outdone by Belmont, Los Alamitos, Too, Reaches 34 Dead

Peek It Up, three, is dead after breaking down in the 8th at Los Alamitos last night. The replay, of course, was expunged from the track’s website, but here are some of the tweets from people who did see it:

“One of the worst falls I have ever seen when it comes to quarter horses.”

“That was just awful. Good Lord.”

“Man that was brutal.”

“Just saw replay and sick.”


“One of worst I’ve ever seen.”

And yet – all of these people are 1) fans (and not seeing their own complicity in the matter), and 2) mostly, or solely, concerned with the welfare of the jockey. How profoundly sad.

(After I originally posted, someone sent me this clip.)

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  1. Indeed those attending at the tracks are just as guilty as the owners, trainers, vets, politicians who continue to support/endorse/fund this horrific carnage. As always, the equine athletes, babies die to “entertain” the damn mob! I would say “shame on you” but I know there is no shred of decency, shame empathy and it would be for naught. This industry as a whole needs to be shut down forever.

  2. A handful of these racing fans are openly questioning their own involvement after this horror. But since Los Al is showing no signs of putting their killing show on pause (over this, or anything else), I’m pretty sure they’ll be called back in just a couple of hours.

    “Doesn’t matter how many humans and horses we maim and mangle. Place your bets, folks!”

    • And Peek it Up “has come to grief” then without pause for
      breath, “it is a photo finish…”
      The callous indifference of the announcer comes across loud and clear as the horse goes down face first never to rise again and the camera shifts in a split second to the important stuff, winning and money!
      Barbarism at its best.

  3. And just to note, the apologists and racing-employed who hate what Patrick’s work exposes (the constant killing of horses for betting entertainment) and exclaim WE only have an “agenda” and don’t care about the horses like THEY do? – they don’t even mention Peek It Up’s name in their “prayer requests” for the jockey – someone asked about why he needed prayers and the answer was a short “race 8, a bad spill”. They can’t ignore her death more or move on to another subject fast enough…but that’s love like one has for their child?

    • Joy, Daily Racing Form just updated their story on Vinnie Bednar’s condition. Not good news. While Los Al officials were eager to tell the world that Bednar was “alert and responsive” after his crash (I won’t use their deliberately-mild term of “spill”), DRF uses a source that’s more guarded to describe him post-spinal surgery:

      “A person familiar with Bednar’s conditions said the rider is under observation and that there is concern about his long-term condition.”

      It’s telling that they’re being so secretive about this human injury; they usually only try to hide the injuries of the horses.

      • Thanks, Kelly – I hadn’t read that yet – seeing the filly’s horrific “fall” I would not be surprised if the jockey was permanently disabled from injuries sustained. It’s also not surprising considering how dangerous and full of risks horseracing is…but of course, the jockeys CHOOSE to risk their lives and those of their non-consenting mounts.

  4. This entire business is nothing but a cesspool of corruption, racehorses being killed or dumped at kill auctions, and the permanent disabling of the jockeys.
    This business has always been built on the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses.
    That’s obvious, but it has also been built on the deliberate exploitation of African-American workers, now replaced with Latino workers.
    It’s a sexist business with few, if any in some jurisdictions, women promoted to positions of power.
    Women are deliberately oppressed for “career” promotions and it clearly shows when you just take a look around.
    Fact in point, about 90% of Stewards are male and they don’t want them to retire because they uphold the dirty secrets and the corruption.
    Most of them are now in their 70’s and they don’t want to replace them with “neutral” qualified personnel who may expose their dirty secrets and become a whistleblower like me.
    However, they welcome woman Exercise Riders who are willing to risk their life for a mere $20 per mount in the morning and exercise their doped up and/or crippled racehorses one step away from dying.
    This a racist business full of white, privedged men, for the most part, who hold all the positions of power in all facets of the industry.
    Horse racing is an environmental disaster as it, unnecessarily, generates tons of waste in our urban waterways, and increases methane gas emmissions.
    The slaughterhouse is an environmental disaster in Canada and Mexico where they send their disposable gambling chips.
    Moreover, they will only promote women are are staunch defenders of this vile business as we’ve seen with the likes of Donna Brothers.
    Furthermore, this business is a total and complete was of casino profits, and/or taxpayers money under normal circumstances let alone in the middle of a pandemic.
    This business is evil to the core and it needs to be shut down.
    It can’t come soon enough for their voiceless victims – the racehorses.

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