Filly Killed at Belmont Yesterday – 34th Victim There This Year

New Day Dawning, three, is dead after breaking down in a training session at Belmont yesterday. Her trainer/owner was Chad Summers, who had just bought her prior to her last race, at Saratoga July 30. New Day is the 34th horse killed at Belmont, one of the nation’s top tracks, this year. 34. Are we numb, America?

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  1. Equibase stats says her trainer was Joe Sharp. And anybody that has been watching and paying attention to racing news knows that Joe Sharp was fined and suspended for using pig wormer, a stimulant as recently as at Oaklawn. It can be inferred that if he used pig wormer he may have also used other things. So if Chad Summers did own the very well bred filly then Joe Sharp had her first. And Besecker was Jorge Navarro’s main client until right before the doping charges came out. It does not prove anything but the connections of the above parties is a red flag that the horse could have been treated with something before she broke down. There should always be a necropsy done to see if she had any preexisting condition. When something like this happens, everybody wants to sweep it under the rug and move on as quickly as possible. There should be suspensions until the necropsy findings are complete. But…we know that Belmont won’t go that far. NYRA supports horsemen no matter what. Even disgusting creeps.

    • And suspensions will do what, exactly? There have been suspensions for years. Or even people kicked out. Has it cleaned up racing? Not by a long shot. Will it prevent horses snapping legs? Not by a long shot. Racing doesn’t need reform. Racing needs to be done. It is an abusive antiquated “sport” who’s time has come and gone. Racing has proven over and over again It cannot and will not police or correct itself. The people that support it are pathetic jokes anymore, though most don’t care because they are gambling addicts that need a fix.

  2. Besides the fact that she, NEW DAY DAWNING, is dead, killed by racing, just the fact that the filly was only three-years-old should be a red flag. There are way too many things morally, fundamentally and ethically wrong with the whole racing industry. It needs to be stopped.

    It makes perfect sense to stop the funding from our government to the horseracing industry. Horseracing cannot support itself. It should not be continually funded by our government. There are so many things wrong with that whole “corporate welfare to horse racing, doping and killing” thing as well. The corruption and the fraud and the cruelty to and torture of horses needs to be PUNISHED, NOT REWARDED!!!!!!

    • Debra Doucette, I didn’t see the video. Is it still available somewhere? Not that I really want to see any horse breakdown, but they all have a story. It’s ugly that the horses have to have such ugly stories!

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