Mare Killed at Saratoga Today

In the 3rd today at Saratoga, says Equibase, First Appeal “bobbled suffering an apparent injury to her left front…got pulled up after being expertly [vile] eased, then was subsequently vanned off.” We now know (Daily Racing Form) that she is dead – “euthanized [for] severe injuries.” She was six; ’twas her 34th time under the whip. First Appeal is the sixth dead horse at hallowed Saratoga this summer.


  1. So Rudy kills off another one, huh? Must have been a horrifying sight: only FOUR horses running in this hellrace at “beautiful” Saratoga, and one of them mangles a leg so badly she’s killed, but only after the obligatory van-off in which she was forced to LOAD while mortally injured. Gotta save face while killing off your beloved family members, right, Rudy Rodriguez? Right, NYRA? Killers.

  2. Has this mortality rate always been this way, back say 50 years or so? I do not remember hearing about horses dying like this while racing and I am just wondering what is happening.

    • Who knows…because no one was reporting racehorses deaths then like HW does now. You wouldn’t be hearing about all of these deaths if not for Patrick’s work here.

      • Joy. Years ago we only saw the big races (Ky Derby,triple crown)on TV. There also wasn’t TVG and Fox sports covering everyday races like today. Also no social media with people physically at track taking pictures on their phone devices. So that amounts for the silence. Only when a famous horse had a mishap was it announced on eyewitness news.

  3. FIRST APPEAL – this is for you my dear.
    You ran your ass-off for these pathetic parasites making them all over $330,000, but that wasn’t enough because as long as there’s one drop of life and blood left in you they will be sure to suck it right out of you.
    You ended up with one of the biggest parasite and racehorse killers Rudy Rodriquez.
    We will never know what this killer shoved into your veins, joints, tendons or muscles, but it was enough to finish you off.
    Knowing what we know it seems obvious that he sent you out to die because he didn’t want to take care of you nor did he want to find you a home.
    He knew damn well that you had serious issues and that you were near the end.
    You were just another disposable piece of trash for him and this entire vile business.
    May your soul rain down a living hell on this business and all who support/defend it.

  4. I was horrified watching that 3rd race!! The 2 reared up out of the gate to start the race which was an ominous beginning. Then entering the stretch, the 2 appeared to just take a really bad step and I thought for a second she would go down right there! Horrifying. You could clearly see that the left front lower leg was just shattered. Very very sad.

  5. Finally. Churchill just announced a fanless Kentucky Derby. Don’t know why they’re pretending to be so disappointed about it; SOOOO much easier to control breakdown video when no one outside the industry can capture the carnage on their cell phones.
    NBC can just do some quick splicing and dicing to the footage (again) and have their host-hacks refuse to mention the horrors, and…Voila! Another “perfect” Derby Day.

    • Many of the more famous ??? Jockeys are electing to stay put wherever they are and no show at the coveted Derby. Shocking because previously they would have given their pompom off the helmet to have a mount..

      • Sadly, the subs are also gonna ride uber-aggressively, just because it’s Derby Day. The undercard usually features a kill or two, even under “normal” circumstances.
        Good thing NBC Sports is the Master of Racehorse Death Denial and Diversion, so they should do just fine at covering up the carnage without those pesky witnesses around to ruin it for them.

      • they mentioned on air that this is due to the mandatory 14 day quarantine upon returning to NY from KY (in the case of the NY jockeys at least….not sure about the CA ones). The jockeys are opting not to lose some pretty high paying stakes races in NY apparently. This is just what they said on air, I repeat. No idea if actually true

  6. Kelly, can I just say….you are really “Slaying it” today! 👏 Keep Up the good works 😉

  7. They can splice, edit out, and try to cover it up, but I’m sure Patrick will be right on top of things and so will the rest of us.
    We will name and expose any racehorses that go down on the Oaks day and the next day which is the Derby and all undercard races.
    No matter where, no matter how far they will be exposed for the truth and the facts will be published.
    Nice try Churchill Downs.

    • Gina, I’m sure you saw our good friend PP broke down another one today. But since she’s doing her killing at super-legit Monmouth, nobody outside this site will raise an eyebrow.

      • Kelly, can you name the horse/s that broke down at Monmouth today? I missed it and sometimes when I look a horse’s name up on Equibase, it is as though the horse never existed… It’s creepy, to say the least!

      • Kelly, I believe it was the NINE yr old mare Roman Reign. It was her 72 or 73rd race. Can’t they treat these innocents with decency and RESPECT. #VILE

      • Kelly, yes I saw it and I predicted that Parasite Pat would kill this poor mare when she claimed her.
        Roman Reign fit the modus operandi of multiple murderess Patricia Farro.
        This parasite claims racehorses that have made over $100,000, have been flipped from barn to barn, are older horses with serious pre-existing condition most likely and are on a life line.
        She sends them out to die, finishes them off, kills them if they dont’ get claimed and she has been doing this for years.
        This lady needs to be locked up in jail for years, but since this is horse racing her killing spree is most welcome.
        I actually cringed when I saw that Roman Reign was entered knowing that she was one step away from dying.
        This mare is 9 y.o. made over $239,000 – the hard way.
        Her first start at the hell hole that this business touts as “prestigious” Saratoga.
        She eventually slipped in the hell fire – the claiming ranks and was flipped multiple times after that.
        She was struggling for the most part and this parasite knew it, watched her suffer in her stall probably, injected her veins, joints, muscles and did whatever to send her out to the killing oval most likely.
        Patricia Farro is closely associated with the HBPA on the circuits where she runs.
        Racehorse after racehorse killed with zippo repercussions and she’s STILL claiming racehorses.
        Neveretheless, she’s a low life piece of crap and if she were to get terminal cancer that wouldn’t be enough suffering for this parasite that has caused massive suffering and dying of racehorses.
        I know that sounds terrible, but I don’t care.

  8. Bonnie’s right, Wanda. At least Roman Reign in race 1 was the horse I’d been referring to. She is/was owned and trained by Patricia Farro (or Python Pat, as Gina has accurately dubbed her.) Then again, there’s so many van-offs/DNFs/falls/on-track euths — and so many shady types involved, even among the self-proclaimed “good guys” of racing — that it’s hard to keep track of all the carnage. As you know, researching the likely kills is like falling into a neverending rabbit hole of deliberate racing industry deception.
    So I’m thankful to all of you for sharing info and insights into these characters and their horse-killing ways.

    • The race replay was not deleted (shocking). The horse did not looked like she just gave up

      • i was told her leg shattered in multiple pieces with bone fragments flying on the track.
        Can you f**ing imagine?
        Python Pat squeezes the life out of them – knowlingly and willingly with zippo remorse or conscious.
        Therfore, I will have no conscious when I hear about her potential terminal cancer and if she dies before me on this planet, I will seek out her tombstone and spit on it.
        I’m not kidding and I know that sounds terrible, but a python has more compassion than this multiple racehorse crippler and killer.
        She sickens me and she should be in jail not permitted to continue with her modus operandi and who knows why in the hell she’s killing on these racehorses?
        This is horse racing and there could be something more sinister going on underneath all of this.
        I wouldn’t put it past them.
        Python Pat, Parasite Pat you are a sad excuse for a human being.
        You don’t qualify as a human being, but a parasite that has no emotions, heart or brain.
        You low life piece of crap.

  9. What tragic lives these beautiful innocent souls are forced to try and endure…most can’t and don’t. Life should NOT be this way,it doesn’t have to be this way. Change IS coming.

  10. Regarding the so-called trainer that continues to claim used up racehorses and then races them until they breakdown on the racetrack, where in the world are the racing commissioners (the racing stewardship) that have a responsibility to see to it that extremely inhumane practices are punished even in the slightest bit??? Could they not, at the very least, suspend her trainer’s license for a period of time after every dead horse? Or, how about every third dead horse? I know that sounds ridiculous (and nauseating) in this parasitic industry, right? To give a slap on the wrist (at least) for pushing a horse too far, knowing that this could be or will be the race when the horse breaks down to the point of shattered bones necessitating euthanasia, should not be out of the question though.
    Until horse racing (and therefore horse-killing by racing) is ended, something needs to be done in the interest of protecting racehorses from cruelty!!!!

  11. First Appeal was bred, owned and initially raced by Mr.and Mrs. Bertram Firestone. By her second race she was up for “sale” and bought by Louis Corrente for $40,000. Obviously it was decided First Appeal was not up to the Firestone standard! Corrente started her 31 times, switching trainers at least 4 times with Linda Rice having the longest tenure.

    FINALLY, Rudy Rodriguez, got his grubby hands on First Appeal on 6/26. At 6 yrs. old she now had approximately 7 weeks to live. On her 2nd start, a $25,000 claiming at Saratoga she was killed.

    How these racing apologists claim these unfortunates are well loved members of families and even claim they would “take a bullet” for the horse is so ridiculous. First Appeal endured a lot to earn $330,753 in her 34 starts. And now was about to enter the hellish level of the claiming game. Where was First Appeal’s loving family? Who was her loving family – was it the Firestones or was it Louis Corrente for whom she earned over $300,000? We do know, however, it was not Rodriguez!!!

    • Rose, these stories are all too familiar! I knew a chestnut gelding who won just shy of 700,000, the hard way, at the age of 8 yrs. old he lost his life in a race in NY. HE is what I do this for,and will NEVER stop speaking out. That gorgeous face with the big white blaze…haunts my dreams. He DESERVED a soft landing, he really should have been at Old Friends, GOD knows he MORE than earned it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes, Bonnie, these are the stories that tell the true story of racing.
        Nobody in the game does anything to help the welfare of the horse. Everything done to the horse is detrimental to his welfare. Racing’s sole focus is money and the means justifies that end. The corruption is unreal and the horse is caught in this sickness with his only escape being death.

    • Thank you, Rose – your question is right on – who was her loving family! And we know racehorses don’t have loving families!…they only have those who USE them for their own benefit, knowing the day will come when their usefulness is over and they just want them gone. Then they CLAIM they want them with a “good home” because they love them so much.

      Sure they do.

    • Rose, thank you for the brief biography of FIRST APPEAL. By logical deduction, it appears accurate that FIRST APPEAL had no/none/zip/zero connections in her shortened life span that truly loved her. Even though she was eventually killed by her last owner, she was exploited her whole short life by all of her owners and discarded/culled. She would have been sent to a rescue accompanied by a generous donation of cash and hay, if her original connections had a heart. They made money off of her, so why not have a heart?!?! It would not kill the owners to STOP BEING SO STINKING GREEDY AND BARBARIC.

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