Filly Killed at Saratoga Today; 5th Death There This Summer

In the 3rd race today at Saratoga, Lady C, says the chartwriter, “took a bad step [and was] vanned off.” In fact, the 4-year-old filly is dead – euthanized, according to the Gaming Commission, for an unspecified leg injury. She is the fifth fatality at Saratoga this summer. Horseracing a “sport”? If not for the gravity involved, ‘twould be absurd.

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  1. This is heartbreaking to hear of another horse killed because of the brutal business of horseracing and wagering.
    It needs to be scrutinized by everyone. It needs to be ended. The brutality of horse racing is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

    • Even racing fans are using some pretty vile terms to describe Mr. Amoss on Twitter. And that’s saying something:)

  2. Sigh. Another filly “trained” by Tom Amoss, the man who also arranged for Miss Mercken to die just last month. Then again, he’s no worse than any of the other so-called trainers, right? Every time one of them accrues another kill, it’s circle-the-wagons time for the industry: “These things just happen,” they claim, “Riders up!”
    Oh, and speaking of riders down, gate carnage in race 6 at Saratoga today also injured a jockey. Another of our favorite trainers, Randi Persaud. Anybody know the condition of John Want Revenge?

    • Conveniently deleted from NYRA replays for race 3 (not available)and race 6 no carnage shown at the post.

    • On Horse Racing Nation .com there are lines drawn through the names and other information of FAZE, MARKET IMPACT and JOHN WANT REVENGE. One horse is listed under Also rans: SEIZE THE DAY in Race #6.
      I am not seeing a legend to show exactly what the line through the names means, except I’m guessing it means Scratched.

      • DRF reporter on Twitter says JWR flipped in the gate. Jockey pinned, but bruises only for him. No word on horse’s condition that I can find. Same source says Faze also gate scratched for “acting up.” I’m guessing this was all left out of the video feed, judging by what Nancy says. Too much carnage for Sunday afternoon TV sports, I guess.

  3. Kelly, I will say it again (for the umpteenth time) What other ‘sport’ has to have humans on hand to “put you down”???????????

  4. I swear to God I hate that when they say “took a bad step” . Again, trying to make it seem like it was the horses fault.

  5. Are we still doing this? The deaths of these
    horses is animal cruelty. How long does it take
    for a “civilized” group of humans to realize this
    so-called sport is nothing more than killing?
    End it!

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