California: 69 Dead Racehorses – And Counting

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the death of Galaxy Master at Golden Gate Fields Thursday. While no immediate cause was given (underlying cause, of course, is horseracing itself), the 4-year-old was coming off a training session four days prior. California can now claim 69 dead racehorses on the year.

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  1. Yesterday it was announced, via news outlets, that Belinda and Frank Stronach settled their lawsuit.
    Belinda got all the horse racing related business entities while Frank Stronach retained their “bloodstock” business entities which means lots of breeding.
    Nevertheless, I reviewed those businessess and every single one of them, about 30 in total, make their billion dollar profits off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses.
    Everything from wagering companies to tracks including Golden Gate Fields.
    Not one of those entities, not one, include either racehorse aftercare or any sort of health and welfare business entity for racehorses.
    Ms. Stronach claims that her “reforms” is because she cares – laughable.
    If she really cared about racehorses then she wouldn’t be exploiting them in the first place or continue to exploit them under her inheritance.
    Furthermore, all her touted “reforms” and “safety plans” haven’t changed a thing.
    Racehorses like GALAXY MASTER is yet another victim of The Stronach Group, their unsafe tracks, and a widespead industry full of parasites, abusers, and enablers.
    Downright vile – shame on you Belinda Stronach.

    • Thank you, Gina. It’s disheartening, to say the least, that nothing changes as far as horses being exploited and killed. So, the Humane Society of the United States may not be against racing, but at least they could do something to advocate better treatment of horses. I think they could do something to reduce the number of horses being starved and neglected by horseracing industry individuals. Hopefully, the day that there is an initiative on the ballot for voters in California to say, “NO MORE GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES TO HORSERACING” is not far off. I’m hoping!!!!

    • It is time to end the exploitation of racehorses. If people really cared about them, they would take care of them properly and let them live freely and in peace.

  2. Uh-oh. The CHRB has gotten quiet since their Pretend-Emergency Meetings to downplay the Los Al bloodbath. They’d love for the public to believe that racehorse deaths have all but ceased in the Golden State. They haven’t. They’re just more hidden.
    And, for some reason, Santa Anita stopped reporting horse deaths altogether. Don’t know what they’re worried about, because if the CHRB’s latest puppet show taught us anything, it’s that 60 kills per year, per track, is perfectly acceptable to their so-called regulators.

  3. The Stornachs, along with the well known and lesser known leeches will continue to spill the blood of horses as long as there is money to be made. After all, what else could they, and the like of Baffert, Pletcher, et al do to make such profits ?!
    With barns of over 80 ++ horses these people (Baffert, Pletcher and others) are not “trainers” as advertised. Rather, they have their “formulas” to be followed by their workers. Of course, they are involved in the “training” of the “stars” in their barns while the vast majority of their horses will enter the claiming ranks, the start of the huge and so convenient racing “disposal system”.

    Racing is a business supported by gambling addicts delusional fans, tax money and promoted by the media “racing aficionados” while the horrific and far-reaching dark side of the game is ignored.
    It is a fraud at every turn.

    • No TRUER words ever-“it’s a FRAUD at EVERY turn”. Thank you Rose-for laying it out so precise,with such CLARITY.

  4. There isn’t a single person involved in this horrendous industry who isn’t a criminal piece of shit.

  5. Pretty sure you can go ahead and make it 70, Patrick. Because, big surprise: Los Alamitos just vanned off another one. Of course, could just turn out to be one of those “mysteriously disappeared” horses the CHRB manages to lose track of; her name is Kr Casper, after all.

  6. The Humane Society Legislative Fund is calling Kamala Harris the animal advocate on the ticket this year for the Presidential elections. Unfortunately even though she is from California and acutely aware of the atrocities of the Horse Racing Industry, especially in her state, she is a supporter of reform. Like her supporter the Humane Society is backing the Horse Racing Integrity Act on doping. You cant fix horse racing by making it more humane when the entire industry is corrupt and all the so called reforms and changes made so far have not worked. Now they are calling for only limiting the amount of times you can whip a horse to 6 times during the race. Are they going to count? They never asked for reforms for circuses . . . only to stop them due to the exploitation of animals for entertainment. The Humane Society partners with organizations like jockeys and the CHRB to make “humane” changes for the horses but in reality they work hand in hand to keep the “sport” going. This is the goal. That is why they will not take a stand to stop this even though states like Florida are banning Greyhound racing. Since Harris will be in the spotlight this year she should be put on the hot seat to answer questions about why she does not want Horse Racing banned in her state and to stop breeding. Also with all the money they make in this industry there should be programs in the interim to adopt former race horses and take care of the ones injured instead of shipping them off to slaughter in the interim, This subject should be brought up on her website and at any DNC town halls, and national conventions . She should be made to respond to allowing this atrocity of 69 horse racing deaths this year alone; plus many injured. . . all going on in her own state while she turns a blind eye. Animal Lives Matter too!!!

    • All politicians and legislators should be in the hot seat for not recognizing that the whole industry of horseracing from top to bottom is Felony Animal Abuse as well as misdemeanors throughout the horseracing industry. It needs to be punished, not rewarded!!!!!

    • What “proof” does the Humane Society put forth to show Harris is an advocate for animals?!
      Harris is the quintessential politician who will do/say whatever it takes to advance her career, just like all the rest.
      And even IF racing were to establish programs to have horses adopted and to care for the injured, are there enough resources to handle the overwhelming numbers ?!
      It is difficult enough to place the small number of horses lucky enough to be taken out of actions, kill pens, and those bought or claimed at the tracks. The numbers left behind that we do know of plus those that quietly “disappear” are substantial, to say the least.
      Harris is a “supporter of REFORM”- a safe bet for her and The Humane Society!!

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