2-Year-Old Killed at Saratoga

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Brag On Me broke down (tibia) training yesterday at Saratoga. Dead. She was two years old and being prepped for her debut.

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  1. She was bred by Carl Pollard. He has owned and leased and boards mares at Hermitage Farm in Kentucky. He is a “big wheel” in the thoroughbred industry and at one time served on the board of Churchill Downs. The thing I find strange in Equibase Stats there is no trainer listed but yet this filly was breezing from the gate and working (timed) every week. So the exercise rider gets the blame for her breaking down? Carl Pollard you are a not just a dirtbag but a cheap dirtbag. Didn’t want to pay a trainer. I am constantly amazed at the b.s. in the industry. He won’t hear thge end if this.

  2. Don’t any of these racing supporters ever just throw up their hands and say, “That does it. I’m out,” when they witness yet another baby horse horrifically meet his/her end — in exactly the same way the other 50 or so baby horses they saw meet theirs? Yet they’re the ones who get defensive and go on the attack because their sadistic non-sport is circling the drain. Sorry, addicts. Y’all will have to find a diversion that doesn’t kill its unwilling participants every day. Then you can go bet on that. Easy, huh? Plus, you’ll no longer need to PRETEND to be shocked and saddened every single day as the inevitable happens.
    Oh, and Finger Lakes seems to have had a couple kills today, too; another shocking turn of events for racing creeps to feign surprise and heartbreak over.

    • Kelly, that would mean you would have to have Morals,Conscience,Soul…..all of which these people are void of. You are looking into the face of pure EVIL.

    • Race 2 (Inclunation) and race 6 are the possible problem races. I may be wrong but replays showed less horses finishing than starting.

      • Chart says race 6 both Your Touch and Support Mission DNF, but Your Touch actually FELL. Since chartwriter notes don’t indicate either horse’s outcome, I’m sure they’re both just fine, with a few scratches, right? Same with the earlier pulled-up-in-distress DNF of Inclunation in race 2. No way was that a breakdown or anything; they just decided to give him a van ride back to his stall. Good times!

    • Kelly – I did just that.
      I threw up my hands and said “enough is enough.” but to get to that point I saw way too much and should have did it sooner.
      I suppose the saying “better late than never,” can apply in my situation.
      I’m grateful that I never had a racehorse breakdown and die – never, but it doesn’t matter.
      My journey was a long one and it was building every time I saw the cruelty, abuse and dying.
      At first, I came up with every single rationalization under the sun and then I couldn’t rationalize any of it anymore.
      Of course Jo Anne Nomile author of “Saving Baby,” left the business directly due to her racehorse breaking down and dying.
      I know of lots of people who’ve left this business in the last 10 years, but they just fade away and don’t speak out about it.
      That’s their choice.
      However, when you see the same Trainers and Owners watching racehorse after racehorse get permanently maimed and/or die and keep doing it they must have a piece of their brain and heart missing.
      Then there’s the claiming Trainers.
      They have got to be the lowest form of parasite on the rung of parasites in this vile business.
      They claim horses, some multiple stakes winners of lots of money, only to exploit them some more, squeeze the lemon dry and then dump or watch them die and they do this over and over again.
      These Trainers don’t possess the normal human traits that most of us have.
      They’re parasites.

      • You get all the respect from me (and, I think, all of us), because you did get out. You’ve turned your experiences into some of the most powerful weapons we have against this miserable industry. So I wouldn’t care if you just had your epiphany yesterday; what you’re doing now in speaking out is what makes me grateful to you, Gina. I know there’s got to be a lot more who’ve come to this obvious awakening and complete revulsion of all things horse racing. As the whole thing crashes and burns, I’m hopeful many others will open up (despite their shame at having ever been involved in such cruelty.)

    • My thoughts too “addiction” and the cycle of abuse and death continues like a nasty habit. Two years old seems much too young to even consider racing a horse without the gruelling training.

  3. When is this vile blood sport going to end? This industry cannot go 1 week without killing.

  4. Anybody that exploits baby Thoroughbreds for racing is a dirtbag!!! The Kentucky Derby is for dirtbags, because they use and abuse young horses for that race. The industry calls it “the road to the Kentucky Derby” when they exploit baby Thoroughbreds even though true horsemanship (besides common sense) says you don’t demand adult performance from a baby horse. The industry knows that two-year-old Thoroughbreds are BABIES!!! They know it!!! But, they don’t care!!!! They kill babies!!!


  5. Day after day after day……racehorses of all ages are drugged, injured and killed, and for what, so a fat-assed owner, trainer and jockey can profit on the innocent, defenseless racehorses. They even carry on profiteering when they send them to the slaughterhouses, just another way to line their pockets with the blood-money ‘earned’ on the backs of these defenseless horses. How these people can look in the mirror and like what they see is beyond my comprehension.

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