2-Year-Old Libertyrun Killed at Ellis Today

The 4th at Ellis today, according to the Equibase writer: “Libertyrun went wrong late in the stretch, fell and was vanned off.” In fact, the 2-year-old is dead. This from owner James McIngvale’s Twitter page: “We are gutted to inform everyone that LibertyRun [sic] has been humanely euthanized. We are beyond upset over this and we will always love him for everything he gave us on and off the track.”


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  1. Maybe they wouldn’t be “gutted” and Libertyrun wouldn’t be dead if they had used some decent, old fashioned common sense. For instance, DON’T RUN BABIES TO THEIR DEATH!
    I’m not a heartless person, but I have ZERO tolerence and ZERO sympathy for any owner, trainer, or jockey who has a hand in racing horses before the age of 4 years.

    • It’s ALL bullshit,bullshit,bullshit,bullshit. For LOSERS who can’t get a real job. Fuck you , you inbred Ky. hillbilly LOSERS, get a life you inbreds. Hint..abusing animals is not a job,it’s a FELONY.

      • Bonnie,

        Next time, before you and Cathy launch into one of your usual diatribes, you should do a little homework. (You should both work at tidying up your profanity laced vocabulary, too. It will make your writing more effective)..

        McIngvale is in the horse racing business and I’m not going to defend him on that.

        HOWEVER, McIngvale is not a LOSER nor an “inbred Kentucky hillbilly.” (I don’t think the word “hillbilly” is very PC these days, either). Take a look at this site, [https://www.tmc.edu/news/2019/04/jim-mattress-mack-mcingvale-talks-medicine-philanthropy-and-hurricane-harvey/] Also do a search for “McIngvale charity works” on your Google machine. After doing that, come back and tell us what a loser he is. What have you done lately?

      • So David, your measure of a person is only the good things he’s done and not the awful things? My measure is the other way around. He’s a loser.

      • James McIngvale is an apologist, loser, and parasite like all of them.
        Furthermore, it’s not only the racehorses that he exploits, but his Trainers as well.
        Before I proceed, I would like to make clear that I have no sympathy for Trainers or any apologist in this business, but I’m merely pointing out that exploitation of racehorses and people almost always goes hand in hand.
        For example, James McIngvale and his former Trainer Maria Borell.
        Maria Borell, former trainer of Breeders’ Cup Sprint winner Runhappy, filed a lawsuit against owner Gallery Racing Stables LLC alleging both breach of contract and defamation.
        Maria allegedly never got paid the commission monies owed to her from James McIngvale and this is not the first Trainer to file complaints for non-payment of commissions.
        He’s allegedly ripped-off many Trainers like Charles Simon, Ken McPeek, and Steven Moyer all of whom came out in support of Maria knowing James McIngvale’s unsavory business practices and pattern of not paying Trainers.
        Instead of paying Maria the money, that he allegedly owed her, he spent thousands of dollars hiring attorneys to get the case dropped and he knew damn well that Maria was financially suffering, had a bunch of racehorses on a farm in Kentucky (some of which she retired) that she was struggling to pay for.
        Consequently, they were found starving on a farm in Kentucky so she’s just as culpable.
        James McIngvale went after her with a vengeance, kicking her in the stomach, more or less knowing that she was weak, broke, and had no way of fighting back.
        To this day, she’s never been found to be held accountable for animal neglect charges, nor did she show up for her court case to hold James McIngvale financially accountable.
        James is a parasite like all of them.
        This business is vile to its rotten core and it’s so sad that the racehorses are their voiceless victims.

        • Gina,
          Thank you fr the details on Matress Mac. He must be trying to salve his conscience with his good works in Houston. I will do my research next time.
          -David Boughton

  2. States like Kentucky take more from the coffers of USA than most,they are a state that takes from the government more than it gives. What does it contribute????,come to think of it? NO more handouts to Ky.

  3. Save your bullshit for your racing buddies – you are all animal abusers and you are the ones that should be dead not a poor 2 year old baby – that should never have been anywhere near a track – OMG you assholes are all so god damn pathetic – just give us the straight goods – it is ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY!! These tracks should be shut down and all racing banned – it is a horrible sport and you are killing off horses daily because you f*ckers don’t know the first thing about horses and caring for them. Go to hell and the sooner the better.

  4. How can anyone that truly loves horses race a 2-year-old and then act like they are broken up about it when the inevitable happens? It defies common sense and common logic to demand that a baby perform as an adult. I have no sympathy for anyone who races underdeveloped, immature horses. Race training and racing is cruelty and torture to the horses of all ages especially since the horses are started way too young and the whipping, shocking and doping adds up to ABUSE!!!

  5. Why? These animals have spirits . God loved animals so much he created them first .
    There is something very wrong with the horse racing commission. These magnificent animals can live good lives with people who would love to care for them. If they are a burden to you then donate to an agency that can use them as service animals.

  6. david, unnecessary DEATH bothers me. It may not bother you. It bothers me. Frankly, ky offers nothing of POSITIVE value to this country. Death of innocents has been going on for far too long. Horses, you idiot are INNOCENTS. Check back with me when ky doesn’t TAKE more than it gives.

  7. How about saving the Horses that have been used up and discarded by this industry that are shipped to slaughter?????????? How about SAVING them david!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put your blood money where your mouth is.

  8. I have said this before…but, it merits repeating – What other “sport” has to have people on hand to put you down? It’s NOT a “sport”-end of story.

    • Horseracing has always been called the sport of kings but it involves the killing of horses like other blood sports that are depraved and barbaric. It needs to be recognized as the EVIL it is and then it needs to be defunded by legislation. After that it still needs to be policed for black market or unregulated racing and unregulated gambling. Can you imagine owning a race horse, running him on a track that is probably out in a desert somewhere in California or New Mexico or anywhere and betting $50,000 on your horse to win? If a person is that depraved (and there are many people that depraved), what would stop these unregulated races from doping the horses? The regulated races are not regulated well enough to stop the depravity of doping, running and gambling.

      • I just read the equibase chart for that poor 2 yr old, he was wearing front bandages,I find that interesting, was there a weakness, or injury already there? This whole evil is just very depressing. The humans who collect a paycheck off of this should be ASHAMED.

  9. Some of the most egregious convicted child abusers have been pillars of their communities. The McIngvales (McI) may support one or more philanthropic efforts, but that does not relieve them of any responsibility from knowing the horseracing abuses and cruelty in which they partake—for profit!
    Charity work is not a defense, a valid excuse, or a “get out of jail free” when by now, anyone involved in horseracing has to know of the drugging, horrific whip beatings, mistreatment, killings, and so much more that Horseracing Wrongs and the press have revealed—as well as in horse racing industry news and numerous hearings.
    For their assisting in a flood, or any other philanthropic efforts, the McI’s are not redeemed at all of the horseracing wrongs they support, are fully engaged in, and responsible for. In fact, if their Hurricane Harvey assistance was truly philanthropic (and not an opportunistic promotion of their furniture business), one would expect them to never venture into any horseracing gambling arena—ever. Better yet, they would not only get out of it as fast as they can, but work to expose horseracing for what it is and help get it banned. All indicators point to their putting profits over obvious basic animal welfare while staying carefully concealed behind crocodile tears and horseracing’s fading façade.

    • Katie, well said!!!!!! IF Jim “mattress mack” McIngvale were truly “philanthropic” he would be spending thousands, or millions, of dollars to rescue horses from the abuse, cruelty, torture, injuries, killing on and off the racetrack. He is part of the cruelty and torture of horses and for that he deserves NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER!!!!!

  10. Chestnut horse, Nola Win broke down in the 8th race at Lone Star yesterday. What a fun “sport”. Anyone who draws a paycheck from this vile industry….you ARE a loser.

  11. Assholes .. a racehorse means nothing but how much money they win .. to owners .. shame .. if they don’t win they are on the slaughter truck at sundown ‼️😡😩 THATS true .. 2 years old is to young to even have a rider on his back

    • That’s why Judith I can’t look at the pictures of the newborn foals…because I know they are in for a god awful torturous life. And, it’s not a natural life. 😢

  12. Horse was too young to rom. RIP I feel so sorry gor you. Too many horses die racing. This is horrible and needs to stop. No animals should be used for human entertainment period.

  13. Maybe you should stop racing douche bags. What’s the point on it? Using animals for entertainment 🖕🖕🖕🖕

    • Audrey, Libertyrun’s breeder/owner was James McIngvale and trainer, Laura Wohlers.

    • Owner: James “mattress mack” McIngvale, Houston, TX
      Trainer: Laura Wohlers
      Jockey: Miguel Mena
      Foaled: April 28, 2018
      Sire: RUNHAPPY
      Breeder: James McIngvale

  14. Gina Powell, what legal justification is there that would be held up in a court of law for an owner of a racehorse to legally refuse to pay his trainer/s their fair share of purse money? It sounds horribly wrong what McIngvale did! How can he get away with not paying someone he hired especially after the horse, RUNHAPPY, won a Grade One Championship race?

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