Third Horse Dies at Saratoga

Yesterday at Saratoga, Shiny Copper Penny “experienced sudden death while being treated by vet, possibly due to an adverse drug reaction,” says the Gaming Commission. The 6-year-old had been raced 36 times; his last training session came just six days ago. He is the third horse to die at Saratoga this summer.


  1. What drug would a horse have an adverse reaction to? Was the veterinarian a private vet or a track vet? It’s horrible to hear of another race horse being killed by “the racing industry” especially a veterinarian mistake or whatever it was. Rest in peace, SHINY COPPER PENNY. 😔💔

    • just like humans will sometimes have extreme reactions to certain medications (allergies). jesus you guys want to make a big deal out of everything. chill. i wonder how much you guys donate to organizations such as old friends who by the way are in desperate need of money to feed the 100+ horses they take care of

      • You know nana…there wouldn’t be a need for all these RESCUE organizations, if there was no using animals as gambling chips. You F’n idiot. Go run your fat ass around a circle and we’ll bet on you. Bet on scumbag humans,NOT animals.

      • Nana, most of the support for the avalanche of dumped horses comes from regular people who do not make a dime from this gambling business but still dig into their pockets to help these unfortunates. The numbers are overwhelming. Surely you know this and, if not, it is high time you did.
        Racing does very little to help any of these horses. In fact, that is why thousands are loaded on to slaughter bound trucks year after year. Again, surely you know this, and if not, it is high time you did!!!

      • CHILL you say…..try saying that to the thousands of racehorses that end up in the KILL-BUYER’S trucks EVERY YEAR, heading on a most abusive journey to an equally abusive, horrific, brutal slaughter in either Canada’s or Mexico’s ‘hell-hole’ slaughterhouses, you heartless, soul-less, brain-dead idiot. And as for donating to the rescue organizations, I don’t see the ‘racing industry’ making much effort, after all, its THEIR fault that these innocent, defenseless, exploited horses want rescuing and re-homing in the first instance!!!!!

      • Horse racing should’t even exist.
        If it didn’t then racehorses wouldn’t be dropping dead from needles being shoved in and out of their veins, joints, muscles and whereever there is an open crevice.
        Nor would there be a need for racehorse rescue.
        Your multi-billion dollar wagering profit industry uses, abuses and dumps these raceshorse because they’re just disposable gambling chips to you all.
        The most recent example is the Thompson Kill Pen which has been denied a license to operate.
        In fact, one of the owners explicitly stated that their kill pen is the last chance for these dumped racehorses to be saved although many aren’t.
        I know that many people who comment here have strong opposition to kill pens, and I get that, but they are NOT the problem.
        They woulnd’t exist if racehorses and other breeds were dumped there.
        There were many comments posted on the PR site by horse racing apologists and I’ve stated a few examples:
        “Kill pen owners are the scrum of the earth.”
        My response is that horse racing and the apologists are the scum of the earth.
        Once again, the delusional parasites covering for what the horse racing industry is solely responsible for.
        Another comment: “We are always going to have unwanted horses just like we have unwanted dogs. I don’t care what breed or discipline there will be horses that are not suited for the job. It takes a lot of resources to keep a horse that is just a pasture ornament. Sadly kill pens are a necessary evil. I would rather see the horse go to a kill pen than stand in the mud and get just enough feed to keep it alive.”
        This comment pretty much says it all – money over the health and welfare of the racehorse because, after all, some are “not suited for the job.”
        Pathetic loser parasites – every single one of them.

    • I donate to organizations that rescue thoroughbreds from kill buyers in slaughter pens, dumped there to join the 10-12,000 a year that end up in Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses. Is that what you mean?

  2. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of another horse involved in racing. So sad!

  3. Another heartbreaking and horrible death to read about!!! When I used to watch horseracing on TVG, I remember watching this horse’s sire run. So beautiful Copper Penny ran, had no idea what was involved then, but do now. Rest in Peace SHINY COPPER PENNY, my tears, love and prayers go with you…

  4. This business is a killing show and that’s why it needs to shut down.
    In the least, our politicians need to stop financially supporting them which is the only thing keeping them going.
    This is a state-sanctioned widespread cruelty and killing show.

  5. Oh yeah, and in the meantime…everybody and their grandmother goes to stud 🤣😂😂 I mean tons of horses that haven’t even accomplished anything (not much) it’s a F’n JOKE, adding to the PROBLEM of OVER BREEDING. F’n idiots.

  6. Owner was the trainer. Douglas Seyller. 6 years old stallion made $88K in 3 or 4 years of training. Only good race in April 2019. Why keep forcing this horse to race? Ignorance and stupidity is rife in horseracing. If my horse had 1 race where he came in last I’d be thinking about retirement. First step always: complete health check workup AT THE CLINIC. Then evaluate mental status. Is the horse tired(sour) of going to the track? If these things were done when the horse starts going downhill all the horses in cheap claiming races would be retired. So I do agree with Patrick that horseracing should be abolished at most racetracks and the few horses that are not FORCED to race be consolidated at remaining racetracks. Possibly 4 places in the United States. All the rest should slowly be retired.

    • All horses that are exploited as racehorses are FORCED. All racehorses are whipped by the jockeys as a means of FORCE and many are shocked with “buzzers” to FORCE them to run faster, in addition to the FORCED confinement in a stall as well as the various other kinds of abuse (doping, et cetera) FORCED onto racehorses. If a jockey dropped his whip or gave his whip to another jockey that did drop his whip, both jockeys would be fined by the racing commissioners. If there were no INHUMANE FORCE involved in horseracing, there would be no horseracing as there is now. There would be no egomaniacs like Bob Baffert and Steve Asmussen getting away with the hideous abuse of Thoroughbreds or Quarter Horses or any other breed of horse FORCED to be racehorses.

  7. When will those horse trainers and owners stop using drugs on their horses! I would think a good vet would know if a horse had been given drugs, what a tragedy for this horse who had been given some kind of drug! People are pure EVIL, especially in horseracing!

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