Two Kills in Four Races at Woodbine Yesterday

Two horses were killed at Woodbine yesterday. In the 2nd race, Mary of Scotts “fell near the 3/8 pole.” Dead. She was four years old. Two races later, Ruggero, also four, “fell trying to jump a fallen horse” (Grazely, who is supposedly okay). In its account, the Toronto Sun said, “Ruggero passed away on the track.” Whatever that means.

So that’s two kills at one track, in a little over an hour – and yet, the final seven races of the day went off merrily. By the way, the Sun article opened thus: “The dangers of thoroughbred horse racing were in full view on Sunday….” In fact, the dangers (horrors) of horseracing are in full view every day – at least to those paying attention.

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  1. Woodbine Racetrack in Ontario Canada has been heavily and totally funded by Ontario taxpayers.
    For 12 years they got 345 million per year and much of that money is unaccounted for to this day.
    An FOIA request into these public funds rendered a heavily redacted report that ensures the probable cover-up was complete.
    The current Premier Doug Ford has supposed historical ties with the ole boys club that gave Woodbine 345 million per year.
    Since he’s been in office there has been a widespread, concerted, organized, and deliberate campaign to wipe out all that’s bad about horse racing, excuse away the money that’s being wasted to convince the ignorant masses. .
    So it doesn’t surprise me that the vocabulary has changed to deliberately mask the killings and even the “free” press is being dictated to it seems.
    Every single time I submit a comment to any Ontario or Canadian newspaper outlining the truth about horse racing?
    It’s scrubbed!
    They’ve gone after me with a vengeance here things that are so bizarre nobody would believe me.
    There are a small group of people financially benefiting from this money with little oversight or scrutiny now.
    Ontario taxpayers are losing big time, but it’s the racehorses that are the biggest losers every step of the way.

  2. This is so creepy!!! Horseracing killed two horses, MARY OF SCOTTS and RUGGERO, at Woodbine in Ontario, Canada. There is no explanation of what their injuries were and MARY OF SCOTTS is not listed on Equibase, but I did find RUGGERO. It was creepy to me before I discovered MARY OF SCOTTS not listed on Equibase but now that just adds to the creepiness of organized horse racing, wagering and horse-killing. Horses deserve so much better than racing and being used as gambling chips, then killed.

  3. Ruggero, was the Giants Causeway line, the gelding’s sire is Giant Gizmo,chestnut…like so many of that lineage . Ruggero, was bay, poor baby boy,died trying to jump over the fallen horse 😣😩😭. sick #nomore

  4. Yesterday, Sunday, AUgust 9, 2020 at Woodbine Racetrack in Ontario.
    Every single TV news outlet and all over the internet warning pet owners about the scourging, hot, humid and dangerous temperature.
    It was at least 100 F with the humidity factor and it’s always hotter on the track.
    Throw into the mix the extreme exhertion and it’s a recipe for disaster.
    Yet, while pet owners are being told to only let their pets out for pottie and then bring them back into the home to stay cool – NOT horse racing.
    Woodbine insists on running and always gets their way especially when their best buddy, Premier Ford is at the helm.
    It’s such a dicotomy isn’t it?
    Here we are doing everything we can to take care of our domestic pets, but there are the racehorses running their asses-off to flip a buck, but nobody says anything.
    I’m told anonymously that lots of racehorses yesterday suffered from heat stroke some even fainting back at the barns.
    Of course we will never know the truth because this is horse racing and secrets need to be kept.

    • If the owners cared about their own horses at all, they would stop racing them especially during a heat wave. People that are not aware of how bad horseracing is for a horse’s health and well-being even in good weather might think that running horses in races during a heat wave could cause a horse to suffer from heat exhaustion and/or a heat stroke. It seems as though they have no common sense. These poor horses are treated like lab rats in cruel experiments to see how much abuse, cruelty and torture they can take before they die in agony.

      • And all horses were dehydrated with doses of Lasix into their veins Extreme heat, humidity,dehydration and extreme exercise – perfect recipe for disaster…..
        Actually, I don’t think we can expect much from a society that tolerates such up front and in plain sight animal torture under the guise of “sport”

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