“Took a Bad Step…Euthanized on Track” at Arlington

The 8th at Arlington yesterday, as reported by Equibase: “MUFFINS REVENGE broke slowly, trailed the field from the two path around the first turn, continued up the backstretch far behind the field, took a bad step at the half mile pole…and was humanely euthanized on the track.”

“Humanely Euthanized” – perhaps the most obscene of Racing’s euphemisms. (Though “took a bad step” ranks high, too.) Muffins Revenge was three; ’twas her fourth time under the whip.

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  1. Arlington is on borrowed time. The owners see the value of the land being more important and profitable for something besides racing. I saw someone pose a question – “what about all the horses buried there??” Many tracks have horses, usually the famous ones, buried in their infields as “memorial spots”.
    What other sport buries the athletes that died playing the game, under their venues? None I can think of! And what a sickening thought that fans can go visit these sites to honor horses that died, mostly in horrific ways, so they could gamble on them and provide some cheap entertainment? This fan is now worried about these horses’ remains being upset by construction. It’s sad that they aren’t more upset that those horses died there in a first place, most likely due to broken bodies caused by human exploitation.

    • WOW…seriously, Peggy? – they’re concerned about the skeletal remains of horses killed by their beloved industry? – but they don’t even mention a racehorse when he/she dies (unless, of course, it’s a horse death that cannot go unnoticed)? That’s about as crazy as the “FOB’s” who think Barbaro is flying around, protecting racehorses.

      • I kid you not, Joy.
        I still remember the hubbub when Beulah Park closed, and all the efforts to find Glacial Princess’ remains so they could exhume and relocate her. She had died at 6 when she snapped a leg in a stakes race there.
        Another weird and gory aspect of the racing world. Shouldn’t she just not have been run to death in the first place?

      • Joy Native Diver was.buried at Hollywood Park. They decided to sell the property. Students from the university were brought in to escavate the gravesite and move him to Delmar. This happened in 2013.
        He passed from colic not an accident. It was a big story back then in the horse circles and the news that this was being done.

  2. The egrecious abusive claiming campaig of Python Pat, Parasite Pat AKA in racing circles: “Trainer” Patricia Farro.
    Parasite Pat (PP) has been very busy since PARX has reopened.
    She;s claimed about 6 racehorses all of whom have similar backgrounds: older horses that have earned lots of money, are fairly consistent performers, and are on their way down or the “walking dead” usually running for bottom claimers $5000.
    No worries though because Parasite Pat will make sure she sucks every last drop of life out of them either ending in death, permanent damage and/or being claimed for some more abuse.
    One example, of many, is 8 year old Bay mare MIDNIGHT BOUNTY.
    Wow has this poor mare paid her dues in this business only to be claimed on July 29, 2020 by one of the worse claiming parasites in this business: Parasite Pat (PP).
    Let’s review her history and demise just to show how vile this business is:
    October 19. 2014 first start for Trainer (T) Teresa Pompay Owner (O) Patricia A. Generazio
    Shipped from Belmont thousands of miles away down to Gulfstream Park for her 2nd start.
    Shipped from Gulfstrream Park back up to Belmont a few races later.
    Belmont to Monmouth Park June 20, 2015 SOLD CLAIMED T James Klesaris O Treblanna Stabble
    Monmouth to Belmont Park Oct. 4, 2015 SOLD CLAIMED T Carol Fisher O Michael Dubb
    Belmont on November 12, 2015 SOLD CLAIMED T: Steve Klesaris O Same. Price $14,000
    Belmont to Laurel Park Maryland ran some races there and then shipped back to Belmont.
    Laurel Park to Belmont to PARX where she was SOLD CLAIMED Nov. 27, 2016 for $10,000.
    T: Ronald J Dancy O: SAME.
    It’s important to note that up until this point she has never been rested running every 10 days to 2 weeks from the hot Florida sun to the freezing cold temperatures during the winter at Belmont.
    Bought, sold, used, abused dumped with no Vet/treatment records following her, trainer to trainer, barn to barn with everything from feed to dope ever changing and being tried on her like a lab rat.
    From PARX to Aqueduct on Feb. 3, 2017 T: RANDI PERSAUD (remember him?) O Reyana Racing
    SOLD CLAIMED to Randi Persaud for $10,000.
    Randi’s owner won in 1 start with her making $18,000 so a profit of $8000 for owning her for 2 weeks.
    Shipped from PARX to Aqueduct in the middle of a freezing cold week.
    Feb. 20, 2017 SOLD CLAIMED for $12,5000 ($8000 + $12, 500 = 0ver $20,000 in 2 weeks) not including whatever bets they had on her.
    New T: Abigail C Adsit O: Black Jack Racing.
    They continued to run and run her into the ground and shipped her from track to track where at Belmont on June 2, 2017 she broke down – DNF – “vanned-off.”
    This is the only time that she got any rest, but they weren’t done abusing her.
    She miraculously comes back which attests to her fighting spirit against these vile parasites.
    She’s then shipped from Belmont to Saratoga.
    August 8, 2017 barely 2 months after her “van-off” she’s forced back into racing for some more abuse.
    She’s then shipped from Saratoga to Belmont Park with little to no rest in between – race after race.
    Belmont Park SOLD CLAIMED May 20, 2018 new T: Robert N Falcone Jr. O: Drawing Away Stable.
    A few races later she’s then shipped from Belmont to PARX and now dropped into the bottom of the barrrel for $5000 SOLD CLAIMED Sept. 24, 2018 new T: Donald R. White O: Jane B. White.
    Races later still flipping a buck for every single parasite that claimed her shipped over to PARX where she’s SOLD CLAIMED Feb. 4, 2019 new T: Michael Catalano Jr. O Just In Time Racing LLC.
    PARX April 15, 2019 SOLD CLAIMED for $7500 T: Ronald Dancy O: Edwin J. Schatzel
    Still running steadily every 10 days to 2 weeks on average, still flipping a buck for these parasites.
    PARX Nov. 23, 2019 SOLD CLAIMED new T: Ronald J. Dandy O: Edwin J. Schatzel
    Here’s where her horrific fate turns for the worse.
    PARX July 29, 2020 SOLD CLAIMED to Parasite Pat for bottom claimers $5000.
    What’s so sickening about all of the above claiming parasites is that NOT ONE had any good intentions for her, despite the fact that she flipped a buck for every single one of them.
    There were no grassy paddocks waiting for her and, incidentally, she made over $329,319!!
    Over $300,000 – the HARD WAY, a claiming mare used and abused by her human parasites with no soft landing given to her.
    All of them claiming her for one reason: shoot up with dope and bring in some money then a tidy bye onto the next claiming parasitic abuser.
    Parastie Pat is usually the “end of the road” for most racehorses that go into her stable because most of these scenarios end in either death, permanent maiming or claiming.
    Like all the parasites she squeezes out of any racehorse what she can with no remorse whatsoever just another horse in her ever ending turnstyle of a claiming barn.
    Parasite Pat you are rotten to the core.
    So the question remains: will MIDNIGHT BOUNTY make it out alive?

    • Gina, it’s so god damn SICK, and MEAN, what they do to these sensitive animals. It IS torture. And, they do NOT deserve such treatment.

  3. They should have taken this horse out of the race the minute she stumbled out of the gate, instead they ran her until she mis-stepped and was euthanized. So disgusting!

    • You said it. That would have been the right, moral thing to do, but there is nothing right or moral about this so-called sport.

  4. Looks like the fine folks at Arlington also started today off with a kill. They’re going down in a blaze of glory, aren’t they?

    • What a fitting name too. INSANE LIFESTYLE. Poor horse. That’s what I felt I had when I was involved with track life.

  5. The best news I’ve read in a long time.
    CEO of Churchill Downs has released a statement that in the “long term” Arlington Park will be sold for development putting an end to the killing show there.
    Of course the “horsemen groups” usually referred to as the HBPA immediately responded, but I will quote one excerpt: “The very least that Churchill could do is be honest about its true intention: the company cares only about maximizing profit and is happy to sacrifice the spirit of Illinois law and the livelihood of working Illinoisans to serve its greed.”
    The Illionois HBPA cares about one thing: using, abusing, exploiting, dumping, maiming, and killing racehorses for their own greed.
    The IHBPA makes 10% or more on ALL wagering bets in that state and it’s blatantly obvious that they don’t give a damn about their racehorses as they exploit and dump them.
    So to call Churchill Downs greedy is laughable.
    CD is in business and their shareholders (I was once a shareholder) have realized, years ago, that horse racing is on the way out and from a business perspective they are losing a ton of money by supporting and facilitating horse racing.
    The liability issues are increasing all the time.
    Yes it’s a business decision and I will watch the destruction of the buildings that have housed racehorse’s blood for years since they will hire a professional demolition company.
    The HBPA makes business decisions every single day choosing profit over the health and welfare of racehorses so don’t throw stones from a glass house.
    CD good decision, but even better for the horses.

  6. MUFFINS REVENGE – a walking time bomb just waiting to break down.
    All the red flags glaring them in the face.
    She only had ONE workout in her entire life – just one.
    This is a strong indication that she had serious issues that couldn’t even stand up to a workout let alone a race.
    Her 3 previous starts showed just how horrific her issues probably were.
    Yet, they made a decision to continue to run her and risk her life.
    She never had a chance.
    She was, more or less, sent out to die.
    Another victim of this vile business and the vile people in it.

  7. I can’t tell you how much my heart breaks when I read these stories of Cruelty to innocent loving animals. I wish I was one of these wealthy actresses who could buy land and farms and have people take care of all these neglected abused animals but I can’t. As it is sometimes I forsake myself to give to the animals that I love and who have no one. It seems like the poorest of people like myself are the ones who gives sometimes your last breath to rescue and take care of hurt four-legged abused cats, dogs, horses and then we have an animal that needs love and attention and when I say this I am speaking of everyone all over the world that does this. I just hope that before I go the human race will act like human beings to all God’s people and animals.

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