Horse Killed – But His People Still Made Money

The 3rd race at Charles Town last night was 2-year-old Supercharged’s very first. It was also his last. His “career,” in total: “Supercharged was bumped and pinched back at the break then picked up the chase outside, rounded the turn about the eight path but was taken up lame in the left hind and was euthanized on the track” (Equibase).

Euthanized in front of the crowd – and then, the festivities continued.

For the dead horse’s people, however, all was not lost: In finishing the race (“lame”), Supercharged “earned” $125 for jockey Keimar Trotman, trainer Crystal Pickett, and owner Jill Daniel. Not much, I know, but enough to grab a bite after a hard day’s work.

This is horseracing.

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  1. I hate these people with all of my strength! So sorry, little baby. I cried for you.

  2. The violent death of Supercharged, a mere baby, and the thousands upon thousands of horses, of all ages, that leave this earth through human violence says nothing good about our humanity.

    The place to begin the desperately needed reform is to end
    racing. Iet the reform begin…

    • I agree with Jacqueline and Rose. These people certainly do not love their horses to get them killed like this

  3. The Jockey Club doesn’t care.
    They make money from the registration fees of new foals every year. I’m sure there are many other ways that they generate revenue by advocating for the horrendously abusive exploitation of baby Thoroughbreds and Thoroughbreds of all ages.
    The racing commissioners don’t care.
    The private veterinarians don’t care.
    The owners don’t care.
    The trainers don’t care.
    It appears logically obvious that these people are in it for the money since anyone with a genuine love for their horses would not knowingly put their horses in harm’s way. When they are done with the horses that survive training and racing, it’s off to the kill pens for their “beloved” Thoroughbred horses.
    Money is the object of “Gaming” so why would they stop exploitation of their revenue source????
    Horseracing is cruel to horses. Period.

    Rest in peace SUPERCHARGED. I am so sorry that you were exploited to death because of people who are two-faced and cannot be trusted!!!!

  4. Why don’t we learn from the greyhound racing victories,Ballot initiative in Florida killed many tracks there and tracks in other States followed.Sympathy and anger produce nothing.If we dislike horseracing so much we have to organize and get off our rearends.My comments produce nothing without action.

    • Action’s coming, Jim, and everyone, both pro- and anti-racing, knows it. Of course, WE all want it to happen (like, yesterday), but it’s the public and its collective sentiment about the cruelty of this blood sport that will ultimately decide how soon that action takes place. I believe the perception about it has already shifted dramatically through the investigative and educational efforts of everyone at this site.

      The dinosaurs who still support horse racing/killing are facing an ever-increasing tide of public condemnation. And that tide’s about to become a tsunami.

      • 🙂 I like the sound of that. Why doesn’t CA. just put it to one of those “PROP” votes they’ve always done, let the people have THEIR say!!!!!!!

    • Who has $5,000,000.00 (or more?) burning a hole in their pocket??? That is allegedly what it may cost to get an initiative on the ballot for a vote in one state. May I stand corrected, if I’m wrong.

  5. What a horrific scene it must have been! To have this baby horse euthanized on the track!!
    Bettors, supporters and people watching/ going to the races are just as guilty ( if not more) as the owners, vets and trainers. This industry in its entirety is beyond appalling. Rest In Peace sweet SUPERCHARGED! You deserved much better.

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