Yet Another Dead Horse at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Celebration, stabled at Belmont, was euthanized July 12 “after battling pleuropneumonia approximately one week.” He was seven years old and had been put to the whip 37 times, most recently in June. He is the 37th dead racehorse in NY this year.

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  1. A racetrack is no place for a sick horse to be subject to the everyday abuse and neglect that is inherent to horseracing!!!!
    In fact, a racetrack is not a good place for any horse whether healthy or sick!!!!! The track operators should have a plan for allowing sick horses to be moved to a different location but all of horseracing is callous to the suffering of horses; or racing would cease and desist the constant torture of horses.
    Rest In Peace, CELEBRATION. Sorry you had to suffer.
    Stop the abuse.

  2. Such appalling news! Why was Celebration raced in June and under the whip if there was a health problem?? I guess the trainer’s motto is ‘run and whip them until they die no matter what’, so disgusting!

    • You are so right. It all leads to the same conclusion (outcome), and it’s not positive for the Majestic horses. Another thing… humans have enough forms of entertainment: Football,Baseball,Basketball,Hockey,Soccer,M.I.A.,Wrestling-you get my point.

      • Bonnie, the horseracing industry could move to video-game types of technology in a way that they could have horses without using real living, breathing horses to run races. They could be fixed races guaranteed to create a certain amount of wagering/gambling revenue as the races are most likely fixed, for the most part, anyway except the living horses would not be drugged or doped or whipped or shocked to “fix” the outcome of the race. The horses in the 2020 Kentucky Derby were images of real horses, both living and dead, but they made a race out of it anyway due to COVID-19 quarantining and social distancing. The same technology could be used for their entertainment and revenue without hurting, doping, whipping, crippling, maiming, confining to stalls, and killing live Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. They could have their electronically-generated jockeys whipping the hell out of electronically-generated horses for their sick, sadistic and morbidly barbaric entertainment with a disclaimer that no live horses were harmed.

  3. End this and stop breeding these poor horses just so they can die. You need money go work for it instead of making it off tortured young horses and when you ruin them die cruelty in a slaughter house after a horrific ride on a cramped transport.

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