“Cardiovascular Collapse” Kills 2-Year-Old at Saratoga

William Mott-trained Apollon was killed while training at Saratoga Race Course this morning – officially (Gaming Commission), “cardiovascular collapse.” Apollon was just two years old. “Cardiovascular collapse.” Vile.

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  1. Horseracing is fundamentally wrong on all levels. End the abuse!!!!!
    APOLLON, a baby at 2-years-old, was killed by the fact that horseracing exists and that it is made up of people who are motivated by money. He could have been allowed to grow to maturity in a humane world. But, no, he was killed by horseracing. Horseracing is inhumane. Everything that was done with, or to, APOLLON was an example of what NOT to do in TRUE HORSEMANSHIP!!!!

  2. He was only 2. Think about that. He had already been gelded! As a BABY. FUCK these f’n evil sacks of ….

  3. Gelding an immature,too young horse,WEAKENS their bones,and leads to catastrophic breakdowns. Could you in this ‘industry’ be anymore calculated evil?…Magic 8 ball says NO. Now I know he didn’t die of breakdown, but, it’s still wrong. Wrong,Wrong,Wrong. Malibu Moon’s son Ciaran, broke down at 2, in NY…Tom Morley ,trainee. #ShutDownThisKillingMachine

  4. I don’t know if it’s just me or if this excrescence aka horse racing is getting more diabolical by the day. Heck, by the damn minute! I am so appalled at the indifference and pure evil. These poor souls are brought into this world only to serve these f**n pieces of trash. It is truly beyond me. These babies deserve MUCH better. ALL horses deserve our love, respect and admiration. They are magnificent but some humans choose to destroy magnificence in its purest form. They need to be not only stopped but locked up in the darkest dungeon. That is where this industry and the monsters within it belong.

    • Perfect comment, Andrea!
      And, yes, it DOES seem to be getting more evil. But I’m not sure if that’s a function of (forced) transparency, or rather, that racing creeps are finding even more barbaric ways to destroy, mangle, and dump the poor animals trapped in this abusive game.
      Either way, as more and more of their dirtiest, dirty-little-secrets (and dirty-not-so-little-secrets) are revealed, their whole anti-sport will continue crashing down around their horse-killing heads.

      • 💕…And that day is near, Kellie! It has to be! They all need to just vanish never to be heard of AGAIN!

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