Laminitis Fells Colt at Belmont – 30th Death There This Year

The NYS Gaming Commission reports this for Cleon Jones Monday at Belmont: “chronic severe laminitis…euthanized.” He was three years old and had been put to the whip seven times, most recently at Oaklawn in April. Trainer, Jeremiah Englehart. To date, 30 racehorses have lost their lives at Belmont Park this year.

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  1. Chronic SEVERE laminitis!!!

    I hate to think about what this poor juvenile equine suffered.

    You mongrel bastards, that’s what you bloody well are.

  2. Only three-years-old with not laminitis, not severe laminitis, not chronic laminitis but with chronic severe laminitis. What “horsemen” these racing people are! Not!!!!!!!!!
    Put them in jail for abuse and neglect!!!!!!!! CLEON JONES you deserved better and so do all of the horses being exploited for racing and gambling!!!!!!!!

    • Wanda,in 2015 Materiality,a beautiful big strapping colt, won the Florida Derby,came in fifth in the K Derby , and ran in the Belmont. He had to be euthanized after the Belmont,because of severe laminitis. He was hindered in the K Derby, because he lost a shoe near the beginning of the race. Whether that contributed to the severe laminitis or not, that I don’t know, maybe Gina could answer that question. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      • Bonnie, I searched MATERIALITY on Equibase. He earned $686,028 in 5 starts, 3 wins, as a 3-year-old; a very short “career” as a racehorse and trained by Todd Pletcher. The stress of being trained for racing and being raced would be factors in causing laminitis. It didn’t help that he was raced at all and subject to that “lifestyle” for a horse. As a three-year-old racehorse, I think he would have been loaded up with feeds containing high amounts of carbohydrates and high amounts of sugars, which can be a problem contributing towards laminitis. Being excited is listed as a factor. There is a very good article about laminitis at

  3. The entire family of “Engleharts” are racehorse abusers and killers.
    They have a long list of dead racehorses most of whom suffered greatly before dying.
    This example, according to my benchmarks, makes my “suspicious Death List,” for equine insurance money.
    Again, only about 10% of racehorses are insured, but that still makes them vulnerable to these gangsters whom, I think, actually take out their Trainers License for this sole purpose under the guise of actually training.
    CLEON JONES was purchased for $325,000 at the OBS 2-year-old in training sale.
    There would, most likely, be an equine insurance policy in place at the fall of the hammer.
    Since they never dropped him down in claiming and even more suspicious is the fact that they ran him in a stakes race ensuring that his potential policy was in place.
    They ran him in that stake race (he finished some 20 lenths back) knowing that he was suffering greatly, but they needed to maintain the policy it seems.
    One last race and then he dies.
    Incidentally, CLEON JONES made over $224,000.
    The key to this type of cover-up and masking of the truth behind the scenes are the SECRET vet/treatment records that are administered by their private vets.
    They also don’t disclose whether a racehorse has a policy in place – that’s secret too.
    Even if somebody wanted to criminally charge a trainer they would have no papertrail to show the evidence of what exactly is going on and this vile business full of corruption is only too happy to accomodate potential scenarios like this.
    Okay Gina is going rogue on us again – well I was called rogue when I wanted to put an end to shock wave therapy.
    That should tell you all something.

    • Thank you, Gina. I think Shock Wave Therapy would be more accurately called Shock Wave Torture!!!!!!!!

    • Gina Powell,
      Great post. I have one purchased horse and 2 rescues. The rescues will always have health issues which is why I will never rehome them. Someone recommened a magna wave treatment on my boy with a luxating patella(sp?). Are those safe?
      I’m a farm girl(old lady now) but my daddy taught us how to take care of animals. Nine children, 11 horses. We learned not only how to care for animals, but to respect them.
      I detest horse racing.
      All best,
      Michigan Pam

      • I have a Papimi machine which is very similar to Magna Wave. I have done incredible, at times nearly unbelievable healing on dogs and horses. If any modality could help your luxating patella it would be electromagnetic pulsation therapy (magna wave). I had a couple of horses with the same problem before I bought my machine. What worked best then, was not letting them stand in a stall all day. They trained in the morning and then were turned out all afternoon. Better yet would be a situation where they never had to stand in a stall. Also as they got fit, the problem disappeared. I know there is a surgical remedy but I never got close to that with my horses. Good luck!

      • As far as safe, the only way you can do damage with a Papimi machine is to treat a fresh injury. Papimi increases circulation so you want to wait 24 hours before you treat a fresh injury. Also Papimi will kill your cell phone, watch and car keys. Is dangerous for humans with pacemakers.

      • Pamela, thanks for your love of horses.
        That said, I want to make a clear distinction between using Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) to mask chronic issues vs. shock wave therapy for a horse on a farm.
        SWT is used in horse racing for 3 reasons: 1. to mask pain and keep the racehorses flipping a buck 2. competetive edge – obviously a sore racehorse (and most of them are) who doesn’t feel their pain while running will usually outrun a horse that feels their pain usually in the stretch and tries to slow down to protect themselves 3. Both.
        The use of SWT in horse racing is abuse in and of itself because it’s administered by Private Vets who knowlingly use it to mask pain and/or chronic issues PLUS they deliberately HIDE their treatment records. This entire SWT process is kept secret and it has been known to mask micro-fractures especially in the cannon bones and then they send the racehorse out.
        When I was at Del Mar back in 2005 part of my job was to review the catastrophic breakdowns (and there were plenty of them) from the day before and more often than not that racehorse has SWT administered within 24 hours of their race. I knew this because there was a closed circuit camera that I had access to. It blew me away and it seemed obvious to me that SWT was a major contributor to racehorse fatalities.
        Any horse person knows that a racehorse needs to feel their pain to protect themselves and the rider on their back.
        SWT is an unsafe business practice and to this day is perfectly legal on all tracks and it’s perfectly legal to hide this therapy from anybody.
        What makes it particularly dangerous is the fact that it’s undetected.
        Nobody can tell if a racehorse has received this treatment unless they are caught during the process and, again, the vets hide these records of treatment.
        SWT coupled with Lasix and beating/whipping incessantly a racehorse is a public torture show and a recipe for disaster, but this business doesn’t care as long as the racehorses are filling races and their wagering coffers.
        Contrast that to a horse whose in a pasture not being subjected to the daily abusive business practices and heavy physical/demands placed on racehorses.
        A horse that is healing from an injury, being rested and SWT is used to facilitate the healing not to mask painful injuries to send them out to die more or less.
        Just wanted to be clear on this because I think it’s important for those readers who are not horse people.

      • Gina, thank you for sharing your experience and insight on what you saw firsthand on camera and off.
        I wonder if it would make any difference to legislators, such as Sen. Feinstein, if she or any of the rest of them could see what you saw????

    • Gina Powell, Thank you for speaking out. It is people like you who have spent years on the backside who know what really goes on.
      Years ago the self proclaimed ‘Horse Whisperer” Monty Roberts almost got caught in an insurance scam. Over a period of 10 years, at least 6 (that I know of) and possibly many more horses were euthanized for insurance money. Every single one of them got out of their stall at night. The stalls were always in his 40 stall main barn in stalls that were impossible for a horse to open. Each of them was found the following morning with horrific injuries, like knees dangling, and was euthanized after waiting painful hours while the veterinarian conferred with the insurance agency. Each of them had been an insured layup coming back from an injury and not looking promising as far as getting back to the races. The last horse who was tortured and killed broke my heart. I had been at the ranch late that night and had seen Monty Roberts car parked near the barn in a place where no one ever parked. He rarely made an appearance at the barn even on a good day. The next morning an insured horse was once again euthanized. Someone made an anonymous call to a horse insurance agency and shared the information that he had. Investigative insurance agents swarmed the ranch the next day. Roberts told all of his employees that if they valued their jobs they were to say NOTHING to the agents. The agents were unable to gather enough evidence to charge Roberts with this evil scheme. However, it scared him enough to make him stop his insurance fraud scheme.


  5. If you are unlucky enough to be a horse in the barn and under the “care” of Jeremiah Englehart you are much more likely than other horses to die early or be so crippled that you won’t be able to do anything useful for the remainder if your life. This is one of the cheap claiming race trainers at NYRA that should be eliminated in any way possible. He has very wealthy clients like Repole who have horses in many stables
    that are compicit with his training methods which have nothing to do with patience and insight. This guy is a butcher and that colt Cleon Jones was a promising 2 year old that in any insightful and careful trainer’s hands could have been a champion. Another valuable life wasted by a crude and poorly educated man who should never have any horses entrusted to him. Why does NYRA put up with men like this? To keep races filled no matter the inhumane the practices. I don’t think Dinny Phipps envisioned this for the New York Racing Association.

  6. When a horse has laminitus it’s really painful, that is what Barbaro ended up with and he wasn’t forced to run again and that is what happened to Secretariat at 19 yrs. old. The question is, why was this horse forced to run with acute laminitus, I’m sure the trainer would have been aware of it but greed just took over. When are these horse racing people going to realize that it’s time to take care of the horses not their pockets! Disgraceful! None of them deserve to even be around any horses let alone race horses!

    • Such callous and greed-driven “trainers”???? should never be allowed to touch a horse again. These kinds of horse-people care nothing for the horses. It’s all about money. There is something very wrong with a person who cannot recognize laminitis in a horse. It is so easy to detect. My heart aches for the agony this pitiful colt endured for no other reason than greed! May all these abusers burn in hell one day, Sooner, rather than later.

      • They (trainers) think it will make their corny asses “glamorous”. What a f’n joke 🤣🤣🤣. They are PATHETIC. Hey,idiots…most people love animals,more than they do you (trainers/owners). Get over your greedy ass selves.

      • What I think is that it is not a matter of being able to recognize if CLEON JONES had laminitis. I think it is more a matter of the trainer is so sadistic and greedy that he and the whole group of people connected to this horse’s suffering (training and racing) don’t give a damn that the horse is suffering. In fact, sadistic people enjoy inflicting pain and suffering besides they exploited the horse for money.

  7. This is beyond acceptable in a civilized society. No other sport permits such carnage without a mere bat of an eyelash! Horse-racing is despicable. We all need to keep putting pressure on our elected officials. They need to have this rubbed in their noses on a daily basis.

  8. Please tell the whole story.
    You lead people to believe that this horse was forced to run with laminitis.
    He hasn’t done anything in nearly two months.
    If you know anything about horses you know that you are misleading your readers.

    • Please expound on what you deem “misleading.” Yes it’s true that his last race came in April – a fact I make clear in the post – but what does that matter? He was still, as he was from the very beginning, in servitude to the racing industry when he died – ergo, he was a racing casualty. And who’s to say the wear and tear on his young pubescent body – seven races, countless training sessions – didn’t lead to the laminitis that ultimately killed him?

      • You lead your readers to think that the horse was running in races with this condition. I think you must know that’s not the case. If not you need to get educated about laminitis before you report on it.
        Who’s to say? It seems like if you’re reporting on it you should be able to tell us but you never have the whole story. All you have is a piece of paper with medical notes. You don’t tell what lengths the owners went to help the horses or how much they might be hurting because they have lost their horse. I know you’d like your group to think people only have racehorses to make money because that serves your narrative but it’s just untrue.

        Your movement isn’t making a tiny bit of difference to our daily life on the racetrack. Most people don’t even know who you are. Yet I find this blog and all of the asinine comments and see how much you put into it. If you were to actually want to help horses I think you could. But you are going about it wrong. Racing is way to big and we really do love our horses way too much. I think it’s time you appreciate that and stop with your skewed and formation.

        Kelly Griffin/Gary, you seem like a miserable person. If you have horses I pray to God that you aren’t as nasty to them.

    • “He hasn’t done anything in nearly two months.” – Carey Hill

      Um, except DIE. But that never counts as “anything” to racing folks, does it, Carey?

    • Carey, this so called activity causes massive DEATH and SUFFERING. What are the positives???????????????? Please tell me. I’m waiting.

    • The whole story is a three year old race horse with chronic laminitis. What do you think caused that? One hint: racing.

    • LOL, yes, Carey, I’m just a miserable person:) But, don’t you worry; my OTTB never bears the brunt of all my nastiness.
      Oh, and who’s this Gary dude?

    • Carey,
      You are very misguided in your beliefs but you are not alone. Obviously there are lots of people involved in horseracing and wagering on horses to win, place or show. If a horse is used up at the age of three-years-old, who is responsible for that do you think?
      Even if someone thought that the horse was raced with laminitis, but it wasn’t, the fact remains that the horse, CLEON JONES, was a racehorse and he did have “chronic severe laminitis” and was put to sleep to put him out of his misery. If he had been taken care of properly, he would have been allowed to mature to the age of 6 (six) years old before being expected to perform as an adult. He would still be alive and growing to maturity. Horseracing demands way too much of horses and of young horses not yet matured. That is wrong to do that to any horse.

    • Carey Hill, we know horses and (many here) know medicine – “chronic” by definition? – lasting 3 months or longer. Maybe industry members should “tell the whole story”. But we won’t hold our breath.

    • So- Cleon Jones WASN’T at the racetrack stuck in his stall with chronic laminitis, Carey? IF he wasn’t still in training, why would he be at the track? A guy like Engelhart would need the stall for the next potentially profitable victim! He wouldn’t be babysitting a horse there that wasn’t going to be back out on the track.

      • Peggy, thank you for pointing that out. No horse should be kept on a racetrack that is unable to race or train. It’s bad enough for the horses that can walk and run.

    • Carey, since you are making claims not based on any evidence than I present to you an opportunity to do so. PUBLISH THE SECRET VET/DOPING/TREATMENT records of CLEON JONES before, during and after his racing days. Forward them to Patrick’s email address provided below.
      I’m 100% confident that those complete records will reveal that CLEON JONES was suffering greatly and continually treated WHILE RACING.
      I don’t expect you to provide them since they will also reveal that your a bold-faced liar.
      Incidentally it’s common practice and policy for all the parasites in horse racing to hide the truth which intentionally hides the cruelty, abuse and inhumane treatment of racehorses.

  9. Carey, you’re so fucking dumb you say racing is “to big”. You dumb ass …. it’s “too”. No wonder you are dumber than fuckin dirt ( can’t get a real job).

    • Carey, you never answered my initial question… WHY are there so many deaths ,and horses that are so maimed,that they either have to be put down or live out the rest of their lives in agonizing excruciating pain. Why is that ok????????????? It’s fucking NOT ok. Would this number of deaths be accepted for asshole humans? You know the answer to that. If say cheater justify or a.p. had to keep racing like the claimers have to do , they would either breakdown or be in so much pain they’d lose by many,many lengths every time. a.p., was probably juiced up like justify, being it’s bob. This whole non-sport sucks ass it’s so evil,because no deaths of any horses is acceptable. And, now days…everyone and their grandmother goes to stud. What a FUCKING joke. It’s only adding to the fucking problem (over-breeding),which leads to MORE unwanted horses!!!!!!!!!!

  10. To all the horse racing Apologists…if horse racing is such wholesome family fun, then why is there such a need for so many horse rescues? You scumbags only care about the ones winning races for your lazy fat asses. Just admit it you lazy scums,cause you know it’s true. #getajob

  11. Once again another brain-dead moron (Carey Hill) has professed at how much the owners and trainers ‘love’ their horses and how upset they are when a racehorse has to be euthanized or is killed in training or racing…..of course they’re sad, but only until the insurance money comes through or the ‘blood-money’ that they get from the kill buyers and slaughterhouses, oh and of course they’ll miss the money that the DEAD HORSE might have earned for their fat-assed pockets had it not gone and died!!!!

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