Scared Children at Ruidoso

The (Equibase) chart for Ruidoso Friday included the following:

Apollo Chicks, three years old: “fractious [in] gate” (finished last)
Doinwhateverittakes, three years old: “fractious [in] gate”
Six Pack Fame, three years old: “fractious”
Shamelesss, three years old: “loose behind gate”
Once Upon a Vine, three years old: “fractious behind gate”

Then these:

Mi Moonflash, three years old: “fell post-race, vanned off”
Saint Icon, two years old: “fell over rail after race, vanned”

Children, all (a horse is not fully mature till around six). But they love what they do, right? Vile. Horseracing.

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  1. The children could not wait to get ready for the opportunity to have their shoulders and hind whipped. And ofcourse run full speed in the heat to earn their keep. AND all the countless other benefits that come with it. If they win maybe an extra carrot will be thrown their way too!!!

  2. Three-year-old horses (and 2-year-olds) don’t deserve the horror and abuse of being raced!!!!!!!!!! This is disturbing and all members of the racing commissions deserve punishment. In some countries, a caning would be legal from what I understand. Those who whip the horses deserve to be whipped as their punishment, and that includes everyone involved not just the jockeys. Jockeys are paid to whip horses by the owners. It is all “approved” by the racing commissioners. They all deserve to be whipped and feel the stinging pain of it!!!! Let the horse abusing humans have welts and bruising on their own flesh!!!!

  3. How I hate these people. I hope they all suffer a horrible death for what they’re doing. Also, the people in government who could end this but don’t.

  4. Look at the freaking bit in this beautiful horse’s mouth. I am so sick of seeing abuse of these beautiful beings!

    • Yes…and his tongue tied down – think he’s enjoying himself? – that’s what they’d like the public to believe

    • It is bad for horses to have to run with their mouths open. Bitless bridles allow horses to keep their mouths closed plus there is no pain with bitless bridles. It appears obvious that people in the racing industry enjoy being cruel to their horses in more ways than one!!!!!

  5. The physical and mental abuse of these horses knows no bounds – from how they are forced to live, to the drugs, the whipping, the overworking, the killing and the ultimate betrayal of slaughter, all with impunity. How can anyone defend this??

    P.S. I have a beautiful mare with a protruding tongue. The vet. said there was nerve damage most likely caused by an “improperly applied tongue tie”. How is a tongue tie ever proper to begin with?!!!

    • Rose, I understand what you are saying about tying the tongue being wrong in itself but to do it in a manner in which it causes nerve damage to the tongue is something I had not heard before. Thank you for sharing that.

  6. Oh sure, they love what they do! All they know is that coming out of the gate they have to run, they start out as babies, so young!

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