Horseracing: Murdering Animals, Daily

The 9th at Monmouth yesterday, as relayed by Equibase: “Ilchester Cheetah was bumped after the start, raced off the pace, injured on the turn, pulled up and was euthanized.” That’s it – an intelligent, sensitive, fully-sentient being’s life snuffed, and summed in 20 cold, harsh words. Horseracing is ugly and cruel and mean. Horseracing is murder, on a daily basis. This red stain must be forever scrubbed from our national landscape. Now.

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  1. I saw comments on twitter to designated hitters racing twitter (the owners of this gorgeous filly) wishing them a “safe trip” yesterday.
    In what other sport do you wish the participants a safe anything and hope they come back alive? As I always ask- how is this OK?? And yet these people will now offer condolences and go on to wish the next ill fated a horse a safe trip.
    Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

    • If there is a high chance of DEATH…Shut it the fuck DOWN. NOW!!!!!!!!!! Would these assholes accept those odds for people?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sorry, Bonnie, but I think the answer to your question (“Would these assholes accept those odds for people?”) is “Yes!” By reason of the fact that they are horse-killing assholes; plus, they also put human jockeys’ lives at risk of injury and death as well. Even though nobody (that hates having jockeys whipping and sometimes shocking horses) cares too much if the whip-wielding jockeys get injured, they are human beings and once in awhile a jockey does get killed in horseracing. There have been a few cases that I read about where the jockey was 16 years old and a son of the breeder/ owner/ trainer. I read about an 18 year old jockey that was killed and even though it is difficult to feel the same degree of sympathy for someone directly involved in the cruelty and torture of horses that have fatal consequences for the horses, it is sad and sickening that these young people were indoctrinated into a job that kills so many horses as a matter of routine.

  2. This industry’s cruelty and obnoxiousness really knows no bounds. Another beautiful horse…lost because heartless individuals continue with their bets with no regard for horses’ lives. Absolutely disgusting. This industry belongs in the dustbin.

  3. Humanity should be ashamed of itself that it allows animals to be exploited, enslaved and used as property and cause suffering and death… in the pursuit of $$$$… If they want to race… let them race themselves and have someone whip them and euthanize them when they are no longer useful to make them money.

    Wake up people and stop this brutality against sentient beings. They have more feeling, kindness than any of those engaged in this horrific BLOODSPORT!!!!

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