For Sale, Killed Within a Matter of Minutes

From Equibase’s account of the 5th at Louisiana Downs yesterday: “ARTIES GAME…fell entering the drive and was euthanized.” To add insult to kill, the 3-year-old horse was “For Sale” (trainer, Sarah Delany; owner, Anthony Faulk) at the (cheap) used-car price of $5,000 immediately prior to dying.

This is horseracing.

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  1. #Endhorseracing
    End the senseless greed!!!
    Horseracing is corrupt.
    Horseracing causes harm and suffering to horses.
    Horseracing needs to end completely!!!!!

  2. The racing aficionados ignore the carnage at the secondary tracks and in the claiming races . The deaths of the “cheap claimers”are not “newsworthy”. But if one of the “big horses” is injured or killed the the weeping and nashing of teeth along with the barrage of condolences begin….
    Thank you Patrick for reporting and naming all the horses killed by this brutal business. The only difference between these horses and the stakes horses is, of course, the money!!! That is what counts in this game. The horses are disposable.

    • Rose, I can’t even begin to count all the posts I written about this very thing (claiming horses) . It makes me SICK beyond words. I have even said numerous times…that I feel they should be looked out for, even MORE so. They are not taken care of the same as the ‘stakes’ horses. I just f’n hate these ignorant moron asswipes.

    • You’re exactly right, Rose! They love to hate on Patrick, because he alone destroyed their fake narrative that horse racing deaths almost never happen. Their entire business model was predicated on hiding all their horse deaths. Too bad they’re having a tough time of it, now, with each and every kill held up for public inspection.
      And The Jockey Club’s ridiculous, “fewer than two deaths out of 1,000” fraud is finally getting the scrutiny (and rejection) it deserves, too:)

      • You got that RIGHT. FAKE narrative. Now, wait for the crickets. …….(from you know who) 😆

  3. I can’t wait for you two to get your karma. You people are so disgusting and this is so heartbreaking and you should be ashamed of your greediness you have no heart no soul no nothing in the end

  4. Kelly, that’s all they (the industry) have to hold onto, their Fake Narrative. They brought this PROBLEM on all by themselves, by never giving a damn about the life of Majestic horses. The tide IS turning…you can feel it.

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