Los Alamitos: 28 Dead “Athletes” – and Counting

This Is Us, three, is dead after breaking down in the 5th at Los Alamitos Friday. He is the 28th dead “athlete” there this year. “The Sport of Kings” is an obscenity.

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    • Doc Allred? That guy must be gleeful every time a horse goes down at his place. So, now daily, he cackles in delight as he wields his evil, cretin powers, knowing he won’t be stopped until he checks out for good.

  1. What’s more, Los Al promises more carnage to come, all of it accompanied by zero explanation, zero acknowledgment, zero apology, and zero admission. Los Alamitos flat-out refuses to speak word one about any and all of their non-stop killings. They don’t even pretend to care. Every SoCal news outlet is now headlining their bloodbath — except the Los Angeles Times, of course; they’re as hellbent as Los Al itself in stubbornly ignoring the daily death toll. Even the wire services are now covering not just the confirmed deaths, but the Vanned-offs, in anticipation of Los Al’s non-response. The Times? Nah. Horse killings are only newsworthy to Cherwa and Company if they happen at Santa Anita, Golden Gate, or Del Mar. I’m actually embarrassed for them, they’re so obvious in their cover-up.

  2. Do all race horses have to die for racing to stop?
    Come on people!! Grow up and stop drugging the horses.
    No more racing !!!!

  3. Sergio Morfin is listed as the owner and trainer of THIS IS US. The moral depravity of anyone that can do such cruel things to their horses is unspeakably evil.

  4. Bad things happen to bad people that’s all I Gotta say allred.

  5. BREAKING: This is unbelievable. The above slaughterfest at Los Alamitos just grew AGAIN because of the last race on tonight’s death card:
    About an hour ago, Los Al ran its big, $150k plus Vessels Maturity Quarter Horse race. This after seemingly making it through ALMOST A WHOLE DAY without any Van-offs. Way to go, Los Al, right? Not right.
    Jess Bet Me (clever, no? No, not at all) was “injured” at the wire, and vanned off. And they’d been oh-so-close to making it through one lousy racing day without another horse kill.
    “Oh well,” they’ll shrug (only to themselves, as they acknowledge nothing to the world regarding their now-daily equine bloodbath), “At least nobody’ll find out about it from reading the L.A. Times!”

  6. Sad part is – the breakdown wasn’t even at the wire, it was halfway through the race, but the horse struggled and hopped to the wire. Of course, I’m sure he was motivated to keep running after the jockey beat the hell out of him during the race. Apparently California whip rules mean nothing during the quarter horse races as they are whipped non stop for their brief races.
    And Los Al staff are such pros at dealing with the breakdowns that the horse ambulance was already out scooping up this poor horse before the others were even back to be unsaddled

    • Thanks for the correction, Peggy. I didn’t watch it, obviously. Guess I just assumed that the racing creeps involved wouldn’t dream of publicly flogging a dying horse. Turns out, I was giving them too much credit:(

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