Yet Another Virginia Steeplechase Kill

In the 3rd at Great Meadow Saturday – “Three Miles On The Timber,” says Equibase – Dapper Dan “stumbled on the landing side of the stone fence, appeared injured and [was] vanned off.” I can now confirm that the 8-year-old is indeed dead. This was his 30th race, his most recent being at another Virginia steeplechase, Glenwood June 13 – a day of fun and activities that also saw at least one animal killed. In fact, in four of his final 11 races (not including Saturday), Dapper Dan “did not finish,” “falling” in two.

The American steeplechase – vile, to the core.

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  1. Exploitation of horses for racing and jumping hurdles at high speeds is always harmful and sometimes fatal to horses.

  2. It is so UNNECESSARY this torture of Beautiful horses. These corny-ass,old people need to get a LIFE, and leave animals alone!!!!!!!! Entertain your loser pathetic selves-with golf or something akin to that type of thing. F’n leave precious innocent souls ALONE…go get a f’n life. I swear I can’t take this evil anymore.

  3. I will host the biggest blowout CELEBRATION when ALL things using animals for betting is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It can’t come soon enough. I literally like animals MORE than people…oh well, it is what it is.

  4. I wish these horses would start landing on more jockeys and cushion their fall!!!!

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