2-Year-Old Dead at Golden Gate; 61st Victim in California This Year

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed yet another death at one of that state’s tracks. Street Gambler, two and yet to be raced, died (cause: “other”) at Golden Gate yesterday. It bears repeating that these what I call stall deaths are every bit the responsibility of Racing as the ones occurring on-track. Morally, not a lick of difference. Street Gambler, by the way, is the 61st horse sacrificed for gambling in California this year. The lie of “reform” laid bare, yet again.

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  1. If the people involved in horseracing had any scruples at all, one thing that they would do is leave the two-year-olds “at home” on the farms or ranches and let them graze on pasture and get exercise at their own free will and give them a chance to grow to maturity without willfully abusing them to death by demanding that they become racehorses and subjecting horses of any age to all of the willful abuse and neglect that goes with horseracing.

    • Wanda, these people are so wrong and evil they rip newborns from their mom and try to sell them as ‘weanlings’. Words cannot even describe the mentally depraved ‘humans’ involved in this torture.

      • Bonnie, I am aghast! I know they take newborns away from nurse mares and some of these babies are rescued. I have not heard of them trying to sell newborn Thoroughbreds as weanlings. It’s unbelievably horrifying what evil people do!!!!

  2. VILE.
    Bill 469 isn’t even worth the paper it’s written on.
    It might as well be used as ass wipe.

    • Gina, just 🤔 could something be done through Executive order? I totally agree with the comments…have to say,it’s hard trying to be patient (Very hard). Horses have waited LONG enough. How many have to be maimed,in constant pain,and horrifically tortured to their ultimate Execution???????

  3. Wanda, the point I was making is…In my opinion a foal being a few months old…to my mind, IS a newborn. It’s a practice by this evil industry that does irreparable HARM. It’s just evil, and WRONG on so many levels. Like you have said,and you’re correct,they have no scruples.

    • At six-months-old, it is time for a nursing foal to stop nursing and be weaned from depending on his or her mother (dam) for nourishment. However, weaning should be done in incremental steps, in my opinion. There are different ways to do the weaning. Some of the methods are humane, I think, and some methods are not so good. Some methods are radically inhumane. In reality, the horses don’t always get the best treatment as you know. It is traumatizing for mares and foals to be separated from each other but it doesn’t have to be sadistic and cruel. As long as the horses are treated like commodities or products, that mentality alone perpetuates the brutality and inhumane treatment of horses including racehorses.

      • Amen,Wanda. It’s ALL bad,and it’s ALL cruel. These majestic horses, don’t deserve any of the evil cruelty that happens to them. They were not created to have this sadism done to them. Just because something ‘can’ be done doesn’t mean that’s the way God sees it, or any moral mere human. End this cruelty NOW.

  4. It’s way, way beyond time for these tragedies to end, and the depraved “sport of kings” to be consigned to the dustbin of history. I am heartbroken and sickened by each report of new deaths–knowing it’s not just in CA, but at tracks and training facilities throughout the country. End it now!!!! Horse lives matter!!!

  5. I am so damn disgusted that this obvious cruel and corrupt activity (I won’t even dignify it by calling it a “sport”) has not been outlawed by now. With a death of a 2 year old happening virtually EVERY SINGLE DAY, what will it take to put this travesty to an end already? Add to the inhumanity the virus and nobody even going to the tracks, and it REALLY makes no sense to continue it. HUMAN sports people are not engaging in their activities – why is this still going on (answer: because it’s “just an animal”)?

  6. It’s appalling and unnecessary for the a mortality rate to continue. Other disciplines of equine competition don’t have the rates the these tracks do. Hope you like what you see corporate America, and the trainers at the end of the day in the mirror. They’ve sold there soul to the devil. Reckoning day will arrive. What till they are dying, and it takes 45 minutes for the overstaffed nurses to come. An eye for and eye!

  7. Racing to death! Not racing for the roses etc. but to their deaths.
    This is sicko business for the elites and we must stand and know that
    soon I hope we can ban racing for good and save these wonderful horses
    from torture.

  8. Another case of a living thing being a commodity owned for profit only, without regard to life or suffering. Good thing animals don’t own humans, I wonder if they would be as heartless?

  9. Another baby horse…DEAD. This “other” explanation just makes me sick…they do not even have the decency to disclose the cause of death? They know it all too well but these morally deprived parasites don’t give a damn about anything except fattening their wallets. And Gov. Newsom… you are a disgrace! Just like Cuomo in NY and all the others who, not only support the carnage, but encourage it. Shame on you! All lives matter…yes that includes the voiceless horses too.

  10. If I live to be a thousand years… I’ll never for the life of me understand how people cannot be compassionate to animals. I personally feel it’s easier to be understanding and caring to animals, as opposed to people. I’ll just say “animals don’t get on my nerves”,whereas,…well,you get my point.

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