Two More Dead in California – That’s 60 on the Year

Mr Dejavu, four, was killed training at San Luis Rey Downs Saturday, according to the California Horse Racing Board. He had been put to the whip 12 times, most recently at Turf Paradise last October (a race, by the way, in which he was a “vanned off”).

The Board has also disclosed the death of Up and Ready (probably in his stall) at Los Alamitos Friday. He was two. For Los Al, that’s 5 dead in 10 days, 27 on the year.

This is horseracing.

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    • Patricia, it’s ALL thanks to Patrick. These crimes would be hidden,if not for Patrick. So thank him.

  1. Oh, so the CHRB finally posted ALL of Los Al’s recent deaths? I figured they were trying to set some kind of sick record, and make sure the entire board was filled in for the month of June, all at one time.
    I’d better run along and check in with Cherwa at the L.A. Times; Gotta make sure he doesn’t accidentally report on any of them.

  2. Can we get a petition and/or an initiative to shut down Los Alamitos? I mean it would be a start, wouldn’t it?

  3. This poor dear sweet soul,Mr Dejavu…was brutally tortured in my opinion!!!!!! Vanned off his last race,AND also found to be loaded up with DRUGS!!!!! These assholes are animal ABUSERS. Pure &Simple

  4. Peggy, did you take notice the training kill at Belmont..Option Value,was in fact an Into Mischief colt. I always remember what you said about him as a sire,and his offspring. That breakdown of his 2yr old daughter, Taraz, I think that was her name, at Oaklawn training, was so sad.They were thinking about running her against the boys. She was a real looker,just beautiful.

      • Muskoka Wonder And Taraz…. are the names of two of the Into Mischief offspring who died at Oaklawn. Taraz was three ,when in Feb. 2020 she died training, and Muskoka Wonder,a colt broke down catastrophic in a race at Oaklawn not much after Taraz broke down. We all posted about it at the time,and remarked how sad it was that two Into Mischief progeny gone way too soon.

  5. OPTION VALUE – a $210,000 purchase.
    Multiple racehorse killer “trainer” Chad Brown and the owners, Klaravich Stables, have a long list of dead racehorses under suspicious circumstances that were purchased for 6-figures.
    In this example, the horse would need to be put back into training in order to keep an equine insurance policy that was most certainly in place with that purchase price.
    Neveretheless, Scott Chaney who is now head of the CHRB stewards will ensure that Bill 469 never gets invoked, which is why he was put into that position.
    Bill 469 is a joke and appeared to be helpful when it was first announced by Gov. Newson.
    What it did instead is hand even more power over to the racehorse killers and to the CHRB so that they could cover it up or not use it.
    We now know that Bill 469 is yet another tactic of this vile business to continue killing racehorses with total impunity.
    It was merely another tranquilizer designed to sedate the growing concerns of the public and residents of California.
    Why in the hell is Santa Anita still open, despite their so-called protocols, when it’s in the middle of a deadly virus nest that’s only growing?
    Why is this business permitted to continue even under normal circumstances let alone in the middle of a humanitarian crisis?

    • The short answer is that HORSERACING is corrupt!!!!!! It demonstrates that these certain individuals are demented, depraved, disgusting, greedy, evil people that are completely incapable of being honest people. They all belong in prison!!!!!!!!!!

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