A Broken Record: Another Killed at Los Alamitos Last Night; 4th Dead Horse There in Past 10 Days

Just a few hours after reporting on Los Alamitos’ 25th kill of the year, I submit another. In the 1st race there last night, Nana Shila, says Equibase, fell and was “vanned” away. That, according to the California Horse Racing Board, is not the whole story: She was indeed “vanned off,” but at the time, she was already dead (or died in the van). What’s more, she didn’t require euthanasia, for whatever the cause (and I am still trying to ascertain), she died without the help of a vet. Nana Shila was three years old, and this was her second time under the whip.

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  1. It’s even creepier (if that’s possible) how John Cherwa and the L.A. Times quashes any story about the Los Al deaths.
    Yet, they report constantly about any and every horse death at Santa Anita. I keep asking them — and haranguing them — about this glaring absence of coverage, but still, not a peep. The Times is content to gloss over all the dead horses at Los Alamitos, even as their kill numbers surpass those of nearly every other U.S. track.

    • Kelly, you are amazing to do that type of tracking and inquiries. It definitely reeks of corruption and creepiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I’m still bugging them, Wanda. But not expecting much in the way of an explanation. One Twitter user actually asked, “What kind of Mafia money is keeping this place open?” Yikes, starting to think he/she isn’t that far off base.

  2. That kill of Mongolian Groom in the Breeders Cup,tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about California racing… need I say more?

    • We just need to hear what happened in these new known cases of wrongdoing to horses. Horseracing is corrupt. I wish all of the people that make money abusing and torturing horses to death would be sentenced to life in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Santa Anita track could be shut down and a new branch of the California State Penitentiary built there and these horse killers could be kept locked up in prison cells for hours and hours and put in chains and shackles doing manual labor for hours and hours every day there for 99 years. Horses could go to sanctuaries and be allowed to live without abuse or neglect. In my dreams…🙏🙏🙏

  3. That poor horse. What made her collapse ?? If a reason is even announced we all know it will be a cardiac issue (the old standby) not the reality

    • Nancy, I would be shocked if the facts were disclosed!!!! I wonder if the FBI is investigating any of these horse-killers?

  4. Horses lives matter. They are not objects, they are living, breathing beings, with two eyes,two ears and a heart, just like us. Killing them for gambling is criminal.

    • Yes, Susan, these horse-killing monsters all belong in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What the hell is going on. Don’t they have vets there. Was it necessary to destroy so many. Is racing just about making money rather than actually looking after the horses. I don’t think I’ve read so many disturbing deaths in my life.

    • In answer to your question, “Is racing just about making money rather than actually looking after the horses?” the definitive answer is, “YES! HORSERACING IS JUST ABOUT MAKING GREEDY PEOPLE RICH AT THE EXPENSE OF THE HORSES’ HEALTH AND WELL-BEING!” Dead race horses is what the racing industry and pari-mutuel wagering handle is causing. The track veterinarians are paid to do what they are told. They are NOT there to do what normal people would expect them to do; to make sure the horses are safe or protected or NOT doped with illegal substances. It is the exact opposite in horseracing.

    • Correct. The horses don’t matter, there’s always another when one stops earning money.

  6. This is not a sport, it’s exploitation with no regard for the animals involved as its a money making racket. SHAME ON YOU, YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS AGAIN!!!!
    Your industry disgusts me but thanks to social media the word is spreading that what you do is murky, cruel and nothing short of animal abuse.

  7. It’s all about money! If none were to be made, I doubt that horse racing would exist. So embarrassed to be human sometimes!

  8. Poor Equibase, she must have suffered terribly when vaned off! It’s very sad that the majority of these horses aren’t treated with the care they deserve. I live in Iowa and we have a racehorse rescue, it is fabulous to see them enjoy themselves after they arrive!

    • Sharon, I think your eyes played a trick on you. NANA SHILA is the name of the filly that was vanned off and died without being euthanized by a veterinarian. I Googled Equibase, the website for profile information on horses, trainers, jockeys, et cetera.
      It says NANA SHILA had one start and earned $400. However, in this blog post, Patrick states this fatality of NANA SHILA happened in her second start. Since this tragedy happened at Los Alamitos race track, I fear this information page on NANA SHILA could disappear from Equibase somehow.

      • Wanda, part of the confusion lies in Nana Shila’s only other race (prior to the one that killed her) is that she was run in one of Los Al’s infamous, deadly “Mixed – Quarter Horses Preferred” races. Yes, that’s right. Her loving connections decided to race her against QHs, because, at Los Alamitos, they enjoy watching TBs snap their legs while running with their more compact, shorter-distance “competitors.”
        If you want to see the chart for that race — in which she ran dead last, of course, but at least survived — look at her profile page, and right above her name it should say TB Stats. Click the arrow down and you can choose MX Stats. That’ll show the chart for her only other race.

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