Kills on Back-To-Back Days at Grants Pass

Last year, the Oregon racing people were super excited in announcing that Grants Pass Downs would fill some of the void that was left when Portland Meadows, Oregon’s sole commercial track, closed. Horseracing lives in “The Beaver State”! Which, of course, means that horses will continue to die. This week, two have – so far.

Tuesday, Hellagood collapsed and died, says the Mail Tribune, “on his way back to the barn” after the 4th race. Although the temp at the track Tuesday hovered around the 100-degree mark, track vet Jack Root says it was a “busted aneurysm” that killed Hellagood, with the left chest “just full of blood.” Root: “This horse was likely born with a defect…and it was just a matter of time, no matter what. Then, of course, the exertion of a race raises the blood pressure and busted an otherwise very weak place.”

The next day, Hawks Main Interest, three, “broke down,” crumpled to the dirt, and was ultimately euthanized. Kills on back-to-back days, but this should make us activists feel better: “It’s one of those things that just breaks everybody’s heart,” said Root (who, by the way, has also been an owner, breeder, and trainer). “Everybody’s really bummed about it, to be honest with you. It’s a tragic loss that kind of sets everybody back.” He then added, “Fortunately, it hardly ever happens.” Liar. Liar.

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  2. Running horses to their deaths happens way too often! It happens on a daily basis. This track veterinarian named Jack Root sounds like a real piece of work. He is not the type of veterinarian I would take my horse to if I still owned a horse. That technical term, busted, really sets him apart as a “professional” of killing horses. He sounds as broken up about it as those track vets in Maryland; those track vets in Maryland that could replace the Three Stooges or the person that, when asked a question, says, “I don’t know. I just work here.”

  3. When will people realize how bad racing is for those magnificent animals! It’s not something to cheer about because in the end it is a dangerous sport for all of those young horses! People don’t realize how some of those horses suffer, they just want to wear their pretty clothes and party!

  4. Horses DIE…but “everybody’s really bummed about it” – they’re BUMMED about it, Jack Root? Let me tell you something, you sorry excuse for a human…for those of us who love horses – for those of us HERE – when one of our horses dies, we are CRIPPLED by it.

    Your sorry-ass excuses make me want to freaking VOMIT. And they clearly show the kind of individual you are – just another horse abuser who uses words like “honest” but has no idea what honesty is.

    • Joy, the likes of this Root bloke are forever declaring how ‘upset’ they are, how much they ‘loved’ the horse, how ‘sad’ they are, these ‘things’ happen, all these worn out empty excuses for playing Russian roulette with these horses and they think the public believes this crap.
      Nup, the public is being informed of the truth as to what really goes on with these horses on a daily basis thanks to you, Patrick and his fabulous team, and Mary, Rose, Gina, Jo Anne and so many other voices for the racehorses and I hasten to add, GLOBALLY.
      I have no doubt that the horseracing industry is feeling somewhat nervous about the truths being revealed.
      Yes, the golden truth.

  5. “everybody’s really bummed about it” – but you still went ahead and insisted on open this death pit for racehorses with your corrupt HBPA backing you up to fill the wagering coffers.
    In all your years on the track bimbo Jack Root you’ve seen many racehorses die, get maimed, dumped and sent to slaughter you still support this widespread carnage.
    Oh, I’m sure your really bummed about it which is why you go back the next day and do it all over again because you are nothing but a life-sucking parasite.
    You all are and this track shouldn’t have opened in the first place.

  6. “A busted aneurysm…This horse was likely born with a defect…”
    Yes, just like some humans are born with a form of brain defect that manifests itself in a lack of compassion and ability to recognize suffering except, of course, when it comes to their own!! That is why they see nothing wrong with injecting horses with a potent dehydrating drug and running them in 100 degree weather…
    Actually, it would be better if the guy said nothing.

    • Yeah, that’s right Alan. I think he got it out of a box of Cracker Jacks.
      It doesn’t sound like he went to a college or university for eight years of higher education to me. I wonder if he even got a high school diploma. Seriously, though, do they give a crash course online and sell diplomas to those who want to become track vets? After all, doesn’t the track vet basically just do what he or she is told to do by the track officials anyway?????

      • You’re SO right Wanda….they are all in on it!!!!!! There’s not a doubt in my mind on that fact. Sickeningly Sad,beyond words 💔😥. It’s beyond me how they can live with themselves, totally callous, some humans are born without a conscience.

  7. Another fine example of racing vociferating that this is an unfortunate incident.
    Yep, it’s just unfortunate, folks.
    Just one of those things that happens in racing, folks.
    Doesn’t happen often?

    The horseracing death statistics don’t lie.

    Racehorses in the USA are suffering cruel sickening deaths on a daily basis. In Australia, it’s one every three (3) days.

  8. The most abused “animals” on this planet? Our human children and it is just a matter of time before the horrific truth in regards to where our missing children have gone, comes to light. If we cannot even care for our own human children, then there is no way we can care for the dear animals who also have a child’s mentality; innocence, inability to defend themselves and counting on us wise adults to protect them.
    Change is coming, but this process… this waiting is heart wrenching.

    • Is there another conspiracy theory I’m unaware of? Less than 2% of children in the US go missing (reported or unreported) and 99.8% of those return home safely. Source: US Dept. of Justice.

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