“Reform” Is a Lie: Santa Anita at 16 Dead Thus Far This Year

In the 6th at Santa Anita Saturday, Strictly Biz was “vanned off” after finishing 6th (and “winning” $500 for his people). Then this, according to the track’s website:

“Fracture of the right knee on the gallop out after the race. Horse was transported to the Equine Hospital. After diagnostics and x-rays were performed, it was determined to be an unrecoverable injury and, per recommendation from the attending veterinarian, the horse was humanely euthanized.”


“humanely euthanized”

This is horseracing.

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  1. need to humanly euthanize the people in charge of the horses that do all the work and suffering for them to be paid!!!!!

  2. Thats a lie. It was.not unrecoverable. Somebody did not want to pay for an operation. They determined that the horse’s worth was not more than the surgery and that us how they decided this. Imagine if surgeries and treatments for human beings were decided this way? This is wrong and stables have to be required to carry major medical AND SURGICAL insurance. This would correct many problems in the thoroughbred industry right now. Because if horse trainers had too many breakdowns and injuries the insurance companies would refuse to insure and the individual would not be able to keep a license. I guarantee that would correct foolish decisions to “take a chance” with the life and soundness of other peoples horses.

    • Exactly! And what about the lies they tell the owners to keep their horse ‘in training’ while stringing them along to keep their day money, knowing full well the horse is not fit to run. Or drugs to make them limp along until it breaks down and they are told ‘the horse just didn’t have it.’ It is always the horses fault. The riders and trainers break down those horses. They are rushed and mistreated.

    • You are so right many horses’ injuries can be surgically corrected or they might need extended turn out but they have no time for this as the horses must earn their way. Horseracing is so dangerous that you cannot but major medical or surgical insurance and even mortality insurance is cost prohibitive in the “economics” of this industry. If I am wrong, I respectfully stand corrected.

      The business of horseracing, however, provides the owners of a slow or injured horse the outlet of horse slaughter where they get pennies on the pound for their horses they claim to “love like family”. We will continue to be the voice of all race horses.

  3. The decision to pay for any veterinarian service is the right and responsibility of the owner or owners of said horse. If the winnings of STRICTLY BIZ was $500 in this one race, also this horse’s last race as it turns out, that would not be enough to cover the cost of all the veterinarian “care” necessary to keep STRICTLY BIZ alive. It is evident that the horseracing industry does NOT prioritize a horse’s life as “a horse” as more important than a horse’s life as a “gambling chip.”
    Geldings that have been exploited by the racing industry are treated like garbage even more so than the horses used for breeding (in my opinion) partly because they cannot be used for breeding more disposable horses.
    The people involved in the horseracing industry do NOT have the capacity to show their horses respect and kindness. Exploiting horses for racing is a selfish and cruel act of animal abuse against horses. When people who own horses honestly care about their horses, they don’t run them until they bleed or get broken bones. In the racing industry, it has been said that the horsebreeders inject their newborn foals with steroids. What does that tell you about horse racing????? [Source: YouTube video, “Racing For Their Lives: An In-Depth Look At Doping In The United States Horse Racing Industry.” Published on November 19, 2012; 30 minutes, 11 seconds]

  4. I cannot get past on how long this is been overlooked. Every week a new death or two from each race track.

    In any other situation, a major investigation would happen.

    We all know it’s not the track, it’s what happening on the track. It’s about time all staff involved in the horses care are held responsible for their abuses and deaths.

  5. Strictly Biz is owned by super rich Samantha Siegel whose race stable name is Jay Em Ess.
    Ms. Siegel spends hundreds of thousands of dollars at many Keeneland sales.
    Just want to be clear that money is not the issue, but also want to be clear that lack of money doesn’t exonerate an owner of their responsibility to get care.
    Strictly Biz could no longer provide a thrill for Ms. Siegel whose also a heavy gambler.
    Despite the fact she has the money to spare his life or even attempt to doesn’t fit the plan so time to go.
    At least it seems that way and the name Strictly Biz should be a pretty strong indication.
    I do know that about 10% of racehorses are insured and they don’t disclose who.
    Just ban this horror show.

    • The very act of racing horses is what causes catastrophic injuries. There is no insurance policy that can prevent the horses from being confined in stalls 23 hours a day, doped, shocked, whipped and forced to perform as GAMBLING CHIPS until the horses break down physically. Gambling addicts don’t care about anything except winning bets…
      Gamblers Anonymous is for any addict who gets a conscience and wants help to overcome their addiction.

      End the catastrophic injuries by ending horse racing…

      • I agreee that “there’s no insurance policy that can prevent….”
        However, if a racehorse has an equine insurance policy in place (about 10%) than that only adds to the incentive to euthanize them and with a vet’s recommendation that pretty much makes the claim valid.
        In this type of scenario, the owner loses nothing, and in fact gains because now they have the money to replace their dead racehorse with another one and most do.
        It’s a never ending cycle of buying a horse for high level stake races, mostly the Derby, dumping them when they can’t fulfill that goal or if they die – replacing them.

  6. Thoroughly disgusting and sad to hear the abuse for the love of money. I do not support this sport which we need to put an end to this. The Romans used animals and people for entertainment and horse business is not any better

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