A “Bad Step” Kill at Charles Town

Tun Tun’s “participation” in the 1st at Charles Town last night, as conveyed by the Equibase writer: “sprinted clear soon after the start, set the pace along the rail, took a bad step in deep stretch, lost the rider, returned lame and was euthanized on the track.” Tun Tun was three years old; ’twas his third time under the whip. Oh, and he was also “For Sale” (at the used car tag of $5,000) immediately prior to dying.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Mmm… “a bad step” eh?
    Oh please, racing industry do you really think you can continue with your deceitful lies?

    This juvenile thoroughbred horse suffered a cruel sickening death. Utterly inhumane. Most certainly not an accident.

    And racing industry, you might declare “that’s racing folks, these things happen unfortunately”.
    Entirely agree with you on that one, i.e. we kill horses for this gambling industry.

  2. Notice that it’s always the racehorse’s fault.
    This business is so low and so void of human decency that they intentionally refuse to take responsibility for killing racehorses.
    Not only do they not take responsibility, but they also intentionally support policies that hide their doping/vet records.
    This lack of transparancy hides the truth, exponentially increases the killing potential, and protects the racehorse killers including the vets who administer the dope to mask chronic issues.
    It’s an entire system of abuse, and neglect that ensures racehorses are killed with total impunity.
    I predict, yet again, that in the coming weeks as these death and corruption pits re-open (only due to taxpayer/casino money) that many more racehorses will be killed.
    It’s really not much of a prediction as a sure thing because this is horse racing.
    TUN TUN’S – lots of thought and consideration into that name right? Sorry for you dude.

  3. While the racing industry continues with their lies horses are still dying! The word compassion must not be in their category, when will they realize these horses are magnificent animals and should be treated well everyday!

  4. Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna flip-out…..if I hear that ‘bad step’ BULLSHIT,again.

  5. TUN TUN, a dark bay Kentucky-bred Thoroughbred gelding foaled APRIL 17, 2017 sired by Tizway and out of Mahalo Princess, who was sired by Tribal Rule, had 0 Firsts, 0 Seconds, and 1 Third out of 3 Starts. His “Highest E Speed Figure” was 55. He earned a total of $1,581 which averages $527 per start. His connections as of his last start were as follows:
    Jockey: Victor Rodriguez,
    Trainer: Rhea M. Pennella,
    Owner: John H. Jones,
    Breeder: David J. Lanzman Racing Inc.

    This is not how people who genuinely love and care for their horses treat them. TUN TUN was treated inhumanely during his three years of life on Earth by his racing connections. If this young horse would have been owned by anyone who genuinely cared for horses, he would not have been subjected to the cruelty/ cruelties and inhumane treatment inherent to the business of horseracing!!!!

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