If You Bet On or Watch Today’s Belmont Stakes, You Are Supporting the Killing of Horses; Belmont Park: 24 Dead…And Counting

According to the chart for the 4th at Belmont June 3, “Too Fast to Pass…came under coaxing [was whipped] at the three-eighths…was easing to the finish when abruptly pulled up…suffering from an injury to the left front and was subsequently vanned off.” This morning, the Gaming Commission has disclosed that Too Fast to Pass was euthanized – nine days later. At the time of the incident, you may remember, his so-called connections happily reported that Too Fast would survive and be retired. How magnanimous, the racing people thought, a well-earned retirement for this “old warrior.” We advocates, of course, saw this in a different light: This poor, beaten-down animal had nothing left to give an industry that had sucked him dry, for you see, Too Fast was ten years old and that race on the 3rd was his 91st time under the whip. Vile.

Look, it’s really quite simple: If you bet on or watch today’s Belmont Stakes, you are supporting – indeed, making possible – the killing of horses.

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  1. So sorry to hear that Too Fast has died! I certainly hope he didn’t suffer during the nine days after his accident happened. The way things go in the horseracing business, no one probably cared about Too Fast! R.I.P. Too Fast!

  2. 1/2 million+ & no retirement after 90+ races! Terrible! His dams name is fitting,Absolute Madness.

  3. SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — Horses are innocent & vulnerable & at the mercy of Humans — this so-called sport of Horse-Racing is BEYOND WRONG & HATEFUL — we MUST SHUT DOWN the brutal, unconscionable, sadistic, vile, depraved industry of HORSE-RACING — FOREVER — The History of Mankind is Carried on THE BACK OF THE HORSE — ALL HORSES deserve RESPECT & PROTECTIONS — SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER.

  4. When we hadn’t heard anything for a few days about Too Fast to Pass for a few days I was HOPING AND PRAYING his “loving” connections grew a heart, they would loom after him and he would frolic with his buddies on a pasture somewhere after winning these excrements a lot of money. Of course they didn’t. Not only that but they let him suffer for a whole 9 days! When is karma finally going to catch up with them?? It’s high time!!

  5. Horseracing is not an essential activity!!! To the degenerate people who love to dominate horses and hurt them until they injure them, and eventually kill the horses, it is an expensive way to pass time at the expense of the horses lives and at the expense of the taxpayers. Politicians must stop letting the sadistic barbarians involved in horseracing get away with subverting money to this horror show of cruelty and torture to horses.
    Ban the Belmont Stakes forever!!!!!!

  6. It’s Belmont Day. Hooray! And to help kick off the festivities, Laurel and Gulfstream BOTH decided to start their celebrations with, you guessed it…horse kills.
    Not joking about that part; they both had a DNF/Van-off in their respective openers.

    Sigh. It’s gonna be a long, bloody weekend on America’s tracks.

    • Kelly, how do you follow these races without watching them? It’s so repulsive, among other things, to know that horses are being doped, shocked and whipped to run on a racetrack for degenerate people…!!!!!! I know someone has to follow the races somehow to know which horses are being literally tortured to their literal death and who is responsible for this unnecessary torture and cruelty to horses…💔😞

      • I’m glad you asked, Wanda, because I struggled with this apparent contradiction for quite a while before I found this site. My job for over five years necessitated that I witness each and every breakdown/accident/sudden death, during each and every televised race, at each and every U.S. track (and a couple outside the U.S., too). So, I estimate I’ve seen upwards of a thousand of these fatal “incidents” during that time period. Prior to that job experience, I thought what everyone else thought about horse racing: that these animals were pretty well-cared for, and that injuries, while sometimes catastrophic, as in all equine activities, were EXCEEDINGLY RARE. It didn’t take long to find out that on-track racing deaths alone are utterly common, expected, and occur DAILY, often several times daily. I should have gotten out of that job when racing’s ugly reality became clear, but I’m ashamed to say I did not. I rationalized my indirect participation in this bloody anti-sport in ways similar to how I imagine some racing fans do: “Maybe it won’t happen again tomorrow (but it always does.)” or, worse, “Maybe I can look away faster next time, ignore the horrified gasps of the crowd, hope against hope that the cameraperson will be quicker in removing the stomach-churning, nightmare-inducing, suffering-animal images from our field of vision, etc..” What I finally did was quit that job, bought myself an OTTB, and vowed never to watch another race.
        So, fast-forward a few years to the worldwide story of the Santa Anita deaths. I was introduced to this site and knew immediately I’d come home. Patrick and his team and supporters had been vocalizing all that I’d felt about the horrors of this anti-sport. Through them, I’ve become more involved in the protest of the whole cruel and corrupt business. This is no longer a fringe movement. I still won’t watch any race, won’t be in a room where one is televised because they all make me physically ill. But I will read charts, write letters, and openly protest what the whole industry works so hard to hide: that RACING KILLS HORSES.
        Oh, and there’s been a couple times in the recent past when I had to look up video of a certain horse’s final race when the outcome (dead) didn’t match the chartwriter’s description of the event. So far, though, I’ve been able to avoid seeing these horrors played out time after time, day after day, as in those terrible five years.

    • Kelly,
      Thank you for your sincere, brutally honest and courageous narrative of your past experiences with racing. You are such a valuable ally and spokesperson for these suffering animals.
      Martha W.

      • Thank you, Martha, but I was far from courageous at the time. Don’t know if you’ve read many of Gina’s posts, but hers is a story of REAL courage in the face of all the corrupt scoundrels who populate the horse racing world.

  7. TOO FAST TO PASS – so sorry for you buddy.
    In your glory days, you ran your heart out for the people who benefitted after you made over $500,000.
    Then you were dumped into the claiming ranks.
    You changed hands many times as the parasites sold, bought, dumped, sold and bought you.
    During this time, I can only imagine the countless needles in and out of your jugular vein, joints, muscles and any crevice they could shove it into.
    You went on to make another $51,000 for just about any parasite that sucked on you.
    After all, you were their host.
    Every single one of the parasites that sucked on you for money had no intention of taking care of you, doing what’s right, getting you a home or even rising to the level of minimal human decency even after you made $551,000.
    No, because parasites only know how to use up their host for their own benefit, then they jump onto their next host when their current one isn’t serving their purpose or until they suck the life out of them.
    Every single person in horse racing is a blood sucking leech parasite – every one and that’s why I detest you to no end.
    All racehorses count, but the older geldings that ingratiate these pathetic, low life scum of the earth blood-sucking emotionless parasites while earning them lots of money and who end up dying for them is heartbreaking for me.
    It’s a total and complete betrayal.
    Incidentally, true to industry form, TOO FAST TO PASS, had NO medical/vet records follow him and I bet you that every asshole parasite knew that he was not well and desperately needed somebody to do the right thing.
    Of course nobody did because this is horse racing.

    • Gina,
      I learn from you. You are so helpful! You write about things I don’t know or think of. Such as the ” countless needles in and out of jugular veins, ” and anywhere else a needle can be inserted. I tell others things that knowledgeable people like you recite and, believe me, they are in the dark and very upset to learn about what is actually done to these horses. Thank you for your posts.
      Martha W.

  8. Horse racing is deceitful, cruel, filled with avarice and indifference to the needs of the horses. Boycott horse racing. Expose the liars. Too Fast was NOT retired, he was killed. Shame on the people who enslaved him.

  9. Let’s not forget that even their “retirement plan” is a total lie.
    The majority of racehorses’ “retirement plan” is the slaughterhouse floor.
    To this day, this multi-TRILLION dollar industry has no mandatory minimal financial contribution for any racehorse at any level.
    Their “family member” is quickly dumped when no longer financially viable.

    • Gina, I saw “that video” on YouTube titled, “Where Race Horses Go To Retire.” I was horrified and shocked. It is somewhat of an eye-opener. I knew horses were sold at livestock auctions and a lot of them are bought by killbuyers. I just wasn’t fully aware of how prevalent it is for the people involved in horseracing to dump their race horses, that evidently are not profitable as race horses anymore, at livestock auctions and/or kill pens which translates into the “slaughterhouse floor” as you have so accurately stated about this ugly reality in the horseracing industry. I feel certain that nobody wears fancy hats or drinks mint juleps at these end of the line places. However, they do use electric cattle prods and long whips on both the cattle and the horses. It doesn’t make a difference who owned the horses or what the horses were used for or if they were race horses or not. They all have to be loaded up into a truck or a livestock trailer to their final destination. It is so depressing!!!!!

      • Wanda,
        I may have seen that video. In any event, I will find it and post it on my page. Thanks.
        My fantasy is to put up a giant movie screen for people to see that video and others like it showing what happens in these horse slaughterhouses. And show the same horses racing, earlier.

      • Thank you, Martha, for being a voice for the horses! You may have heard or read about the practice of removing the tatoos from the inside of the upper lip in a racehorse’s mouth. I don’t have firsthand knowledge of exactly how someone removes tatoos from inside a horse’s mouth but it has to be painful. Some crude methods have been mentioned which sound even more painful, brutally barbaric and inhumane.
        You may have heard about FERDINAND, the 1986 Kentucky Derby winner, being slaughtered in a Japanese slaughterhouse. CHARISMATIC and FUSAICHI PEGASUS had a different fate which I learned of from contributing commenters on this site. Also, I saw a video about the most expensive stallions; FUSAICHI PEGASUS was said to have sold by Japanese owners for $70,000,000.00 (Seventy-Million) as a stud in the United States. In the video about the horses being slaughtered in the Japanese slaughterhouse, there was a man who complained that FUSAICHI PEGASUS was not a good breeding stallion, preferred cheap mares and needed hormone shots in order to get him to perform his duties as a stud. It’s all very disturbing and disgusting but that’s horseracing industry mentality. The horses are disposable, expendable and exploited for whatever the sadistic barbarians in the horseracing industry can possibly exploit horses for until the horses are dead.
        Also, there is video of racehorses going to slaughter in Australia. It is horrible but the way they kill them (in that particular video) is more humane than some of the other ways of killing horses in slaughterhouses. I have seen on video (I believe on television, INSIDE EDITION) of someone stabbing the horse in the neck multiple times with a knife to kill a horse. When the horse finally falls to the ground, the other slaughterhouse workers cheer. I think that was in Canada but I don’t know which one. It’s absolutely inhumane, disturbing, disgusting, vile and depraved!!!!!


  10. The humane people need to be the voices for these beautiful, majestic animals. STOP HORSE RACING!!!

  11. Was looking at the PP’s of a few horses tonight and came across this – Too Fast to Pass was a vet scratch in November of 2018.

    • Poor horse, he was raced into the ground. Like all these horses, his only escape from these leeches was death.
      He started 91 times in 8 yrs. earned over half a million, raced on both coasts and tracks in between. He lived 10 yrs. and made it through 8yrs. of abuse. He was a though survivor, but in racing that just translates to more yrs. of suffering. RIP, Too Fast to Pass, you had no peace on earth.

      Thank you, Joy, for the information. I wonder what the reason for the vet scratch was? We will never know. The reasons for all vet scratches should be disclosed – but even then, would the truth be told ?!

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