The NYRA Lie Continues: 2-Year-Old Becomes First Kill of Saratoga Summer

Saratoga Race Course has recorded its first kill of the season with the death of Todd Pletcher-trained Cloud yesterday. According to the Gaming Commission, Cloud “sustained leg injury breezing on training track; ambulanced to Rood and Riddle where exam revelaed [sic] necessity for euthanization.” Cloud was but two years old – a babe – and was being prepped for his debut.

The New York Racing Association (NYRA) lie – “reform,” “equine welfare” – continues to be exposed: This is the 26th death of the (Covid-curtailed) year at a NYRA track (Aqueduct, Belmont, Saratoga). Over the past three full years (’17-’19), over 200 horses have lost their lives at NYRA tracks. Saratoga, perhaps America’s preeminent track, averages over 14 dead a summer. Yes, a lie. Horseracing kills, always has, always will.

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  1. You would think the trainers would know that these horses are just babies when they first step on a racetrack and should be handled with that in mind. Animal abuse happens in any situation, especially in the horse racing industry. When talking about their horses the trainers always say that their horse loves the competition and loves to run, such a stupid statement. Those racehorses don’t know anything about competition, they just know they are forced to run with other horses! The horse should be their main concern especially their safety!

  2. Baby Races which the horseracing industry defines as “Baby Race: a race for two-year-olds” should never have been in existence!!!! The Kentucky Derby evidently depends on a “trail of dead colts” because the Kentucky Derby is what horseracing is known for to so many people; the derby for three-year-olds is the most well-known Thoroughbred race in the United States.

  3. These beautiful majestic animals are being trained day in and day out so they can run around a track and make whoever owns them rich, they are not meant to be raced only to get injured then to be killed because there purpose in life is no longer worth living because they were injured and can know longer make money for some greedy person who doesn’t care about there welfare. Horse racing needs to be STOPPED it’s animal abuse for the amusement of people to get dressed up and show off there luxurious lifestyles, it’s animal abuse to KILL a horse because it’s leg or ankle is broken , KILL because it can’t make money ,KILL because it would be a crime to live in a pasture or field to just be what god made it to be a horse wild,free, it will take a army of voices to stop this inhuman abuse but there is a army of voices out there , speak for the ones that cannot speak for themselves, fight for the ones who are innocent but are forced and made to live this kind of life, Animals lives count just a much as humans lives, without our help they would have no say.

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