Belmont: “Found Dead in Stall”

From the NYS Gaming Commission: “Mystical Song found dead in stall at Belmont while under veterinarian care for gastrointestinal disease.” In other words, he was sick and died, likely in pain, all alone. Mystical Song was eight and had last been raced in February. He is the 22nd dead racehorse at Belmont this year.


  1. Ahhhhh yes….the old found dead in stall.So much loving…like,so much winning….like you know who says 🤔(DJT)

  2. Looks like super-safe Santa Anita earned themselves a similar kill today, too. An unraced 4-year-old gelding named Big Red Valentine up and died at SA. If it was colic that killed him as well, track folks will try to pretend his death wasn’t racing related. And the CHRB is happy to oblige them in this false narrative. They all chime in at once after these “isolated” events, crying out in unison, “But any horse can colic!”
    While it’s true that colic is (and should be) every horse owner’s fear, there are ways to minimize and mitigate its risks that racing makes virtually impossible. The isolation, the stress, the legal and illegal drugs they’re routinely given, and the constant change in ownership, feed, and routine manifests itself in more than just stomach ulcers for nearly all racehorses; they’re more susceptible to sudden death — or prolonged, painful death — than other equines.
    But, of course, the vets at Santa Anita (or any other track, for that matter) aren’t inclined to share that information with the public. Might make horse racing look even worse, don’t you know.

  3. So they knew the horse, MYSTICAL SONG, was suffering from gastrointestinal disease. A veterinarian knew about this horse’s suffering because the horse was allegedly under a veterinarian’s “care” and the horse was found dead in his stall. So, who knows how many hours MYSTICAL SONG was left alone while suffering with a gastrointestinal disease. I don’t know if this disease has a more specific name but I’m guessing it does. Whatever it is, it must be painful!!! For a horse to have a gastrointestinal disease to be left in a stall at a racetrack is unacceptable!!!! Where was the owner, or owners, or the trainer or the groom while this horse, MYSTICAL SONG, was suffering in agony???

    • This is very sad. This was probably preventable,had the horse had someone watching him.I can easily call this negligent. Can we name the trainer and owner of this horse. ( Was he insured?) Insurance could have been enough incentive to leave this sick horse alone,when he was suffering from a life threatening issue.

      • This HAPPENS all the f’n time. They don’t CARE about the horses who aren’t racing in ‘high-end’ races. These trainers, and their ‘connections’ are shallow pure f’n EVIL….end of story.

    • MYSTICAL SONG is listed on Equibase. His owner is listed as being Twice Worthy Stable and Christine Tesoriero, his trainer was Philip M. Serpe and his breeder is listed as Ken Sherman & Tesoriero Stable, LLC.

  4. Oh, and while the NYRA is busy making up excuses for Mystical Song’s death, they ought to try really, really hard to come up with some other good ones for today’s TWO Belmont breakdowns/van offs.

    • I went through this when Ro Bear was found dead in his stall at Belmont. I called his owners Drawing Away Stables,and the man I spoke with over the phone was pretty f’n ignorant. You CANT change these callous people.

      • David Jacobson was the owner of Drawing Away Stable. He is now retired. Jacobson was known to routinely overwork horses and was big in the claiming game. Back in the 80’s the ASPCA brought charges against him in the death of a horse called Huggable Tom. According to the investigation, the horse was “neglected to the point where other backstretch workers took it upon themselves to feed the gelding”. Jacobson lost his license over horse “neglect”. But this is racing, and years later Jacobson was reinstated and went on to be lauded for the highest win stats at Aqueduct.
        At least back then there were outside agencies involved, charges were brought and there were consequences.
        Now Huggable Tom might be listed as having died from “other” and that would be that!!!

  5. Hey, Bo Derek (chrb)….where are you?????,you one hit wonder (movie 10) 🤣 quite the Hollywood acting career. #not

    • Bo Derek! A disgrace! She calls herself an animal activist and claimed she was “born horse crazy”!! Crazy how exactly, Bo?? She’s a joke!!

  6. The lack of empathy towards these beautiful souls is MINDBLOWING! Some care he was given by the vet and his loving connections!! We’ll just leave him in his stall ,suffering ,hoping he’ll be gone by next day and his death won’t count as a racing death nor will he cost us any more money to fix his problem. ‘Cause there’s plenty others to abuse and kill! These soulless excrements are beyond disgusting! All of them.

  7. Likely this poor fellow died in agony and alone, after much suffering….but don’t forget, the so-called owners and trainers absolutely LOVE their horses and treat them like family…..So lets all hope and pray that they don’t DUMP their parents or relatives in a ‘home’ when they’re sick, as they’ll probably die alone.

  8. Had “gastrointestinal disease” whatever that was – from bleeding ulcers to colic, but the horse probably died because of neglect. Poor animal in the hands of the uncaring!

    • Thank you Rose for the very interesting history behind Huggable Tom & his trainer. We once galloped horses for a trainer such as him whose base was in Washington but whose horses were run all over Oregon.This year thankfully for the horses, that trainer appears to have retired also. He was so cheap he never even had them shod behind while his horses were in official workouts & he allowed riders to hit other horses as hard as they could in the poor horses face! Glad to see him gone.The same horse that was hit cruelly in the face we later had the fastest workout of the day with NO use of a whip or spurs as we have seen some riders at our now demolished 1 mile oval track used to use.

  9. Very sad that Mystical Song died all alone in the stall. I would think a horse suffering with gastrointestinal disease would be watched closely and attended by someone the whole time. This lack of caring for racehorses should be unexceptable, these horses do feel pain and suffer greatly!

  10. STOP PARTICIPATING in this DEPRAVEDLY CRUEL INDUSTRY — INFORM your friends & neighbors of the AGONIZING TRUTH that takes place behind the scenes — our magnificent, sweet, intelligent, sensitive HORSES suffer immensely — let’s SHUT DOWN HORSERACING forever — The fact that “they” are promoting on all major TV channels, e.g., Channel 7, 5, 4, 2, is terribly and tragically disappointing — I cannot believe ANYONE who is sane, rational, compassionate, moral AND knowing what we know TODAY about RACEHORSES, would ever think of engaging in this industry in any way or form — as soon as I “see” something promoting the big races, I IMMEDIATELY switch the channel — Why? — I get sick; thus, the urge to vomit — we MUST CONTACT everyone — EVERYONE — we MUST continue to FIGHT for these Horses and SHUT DOWN this disgusting industry FOREVER.

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