3-Year-Old Killed at Golden Gate; 15th Kill There This Year

According to Equibase, Wire to Wire Tigah “went wrong in the early stages” of the 9th yesterday at Golden Gate, and was “vanned off.” “Went wrong,” as those familiar with racing-speak can attest, almost invariably means dead, and indeed the 3-year-old is, as confirmed through the CHRB. He is the 15th dead racehorse at Golden Gate this year, 52nd at all California tracks.

Reform is a lie. Horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.

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  1. Not surprised that yesterday’s “went-wrong” horse is dead. But Friday’s Golden Gate breakdown is even more disturbing, considering she’s (presumably) still alive.
    Mamanuca is undoubtedly being spared the needle so that some enterprising creep can use her as a broodmare prospect. Her chart shows all the usual, horrifying signs that this breakdown was coming — ran dead last, or nearly last, in all her races since the very beginning of her “career” as a devolving claimer, etc.. Now she’ll be forcibly impregnated to produce more unwanted and abused TBs to die on the track.
    Lucky, lucky Mamanuca, right?

      • Yes, and along with pregnant mares, too. Hard to believe how sick this business is.

        A few yrs ago several mares, some in foal, were found at an auction attended by kill buyers in Texas.
        The mares were from the breeding business belonging to the father of Steve Asmussen. The same Asmussen is two-time winner of the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer and also inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. And all after the expose of the torture inflicted on Nehro at his barn by his right hand assistant, Scott Blasi. Poor horse died a violent death of colic and the comment regarding the death does not bear repeating – pure savagery! And of course there is more to Asmussem’s “illustrious” career!!
        This business is a haven for the depraved who are revered and rewarded as long as they are big winners.

      • Amen, Alan! I need to do a Shedrow Secrets story on the “dumping” of the barren broodmares. Just another dirty secret of the wicked racing industry.

      • Rose, and I believe that Donna Keen, a racing apologist, DEFENDED Keith Asmussen when his mares were found at an auction frequented by kill buyers. Not surprisingly, Asmussen feigned ignorance. Keen then babbled that his wife, Marilyn, was “super-nice” according to the DRF. Not sure how being “super-nice” plays into sending horses that are “loved like family” into a high risk situation but good try, Ms. Keen!


    • Thank you, Kelly.
      Horseracing is a corporate greed machine. The horses are more or less prostitutes in a stable abusively exploited by their pimps. It’s for the money. There is no redeeming character value in these deplorable activities.

      [Ban the brutality and excessive force against horses!]

  2. Rose, I saw the same undercover video of Asmussen’s assistant trainer, Scott Blasi. Gary Stevens was in some undercover video also. Their behavior and the things they say are certainly not anything close to what is portrayed of the Grade One races televised by NBC or by ABC in previous decades.

    The moral depravity depicted in those undercover videos is shocking, horrifying and totally unacceptable!!!!!!!

    [Ban the Triple Crown races! End the brutality and excessive force against racehorses!]

  3. Thank you, Mary, for sharing the Asmussen link. I shared it on Facebook and then I read the article. At the end, he again claims ignorance as an excuse after boasting of being in the horse business all of his 71 years of life (July 2012) plus generations before him as well as generations after him.

    Poor baby. Boo hoo. People just want to cause him trouble. Big freaking waaaaaa!


  4. In 2018 the USDA categorized horses as livestock not companion animals. The rationale: farm income, prevention of cruelty laws, research into equine diseases/laws that only pertain to livestock. The US government is making billions of dollars on horses, In 2001 the horse industry 112.1 billion. The US government makes money on all animals from UDSA farming, animals used for research. BLM round up 25,000 horses a year by Department of Interior. Horses provide money for entertainment such as rodeos and horse-racing.
    This category has led to horrific abuse of these animals unlike any other.This is the reason that trying to get legislation passed like the SAFE act to prevent exporting of horse meat and PAST act to prevent soring are not being passed and being held up for years. They are sending draft horse colts overseas and butchering them on the way so that in 3 days they will be horse sushi. The American Horse Council agrees and condones this slaughter. Over 100,000 horses are sent overseas a year. It is a big business. Horse racing kills 800 horses a year in US. In California alone Santa Anita averages 50 kills year.. . these numbers mean nothing to them. Due to the livestock category they look at them as if they are cows and are expendable. There is a war on animals and horses are one of the top abused and exploited animals based on their numbers. These animals need re-classified in a sub-category to give them protection. They served in the military, for transportation, serve on police forces and worked hard on farms and won races only to be treated terribly in the end. Contact your representative to take a stand for animals including horses and urge candidates to support animals part of their campaign platform. Animals are a big business and these candidates need to respond to public about our tax dollars and what they are to be used for and not to be used for like exploiting horses. This is an election year and tell them you vote for a candidate that supports and protects horses and all animals. Vote for animals.

  5. Was wondering if you know what happened to Magic Star at Churchill June 14, 2020. Your report says vanned off. I saw this accident and it looked like a jockey error. Jockey was Cohen who was suspended for 60 days recently. Wondering if there are some jockeys that are reckless end up with a higher number of horses dead. Thank you

    • That’s something that may not be easy to calculate considering that there are so many other factors involved in the causes of death in racehorses.

      • Was just curious if a disproportionate number of deaths occur with a specific trainer or jockey. Thank you for your response

      • Kimberly, have you heard of the trainer named Doug O’Neill? He has been given a nickname of Drug O’Needle because of his propensity to use drugs on the Thoroughbred racehorses he trains. He has a record of doping violations and suspensions.

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