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A week ago, I reported on the death of Shared Silence at Mountaineer. In that race, you may recall, the chartwriter noted how another horse “benefited” from Shared Silence’s fall and death. Well here is the video (PETA) of that death – and good fortune:

Also, in addition to multiple excessive whipping violations in the most recent Stewards Minutes from Los Alamitos, there is this for May 31:

“The Stewards ordered a refund in the sixth race as two horses were late Veterinarian declarations. #5 ‘Separate Hennessey’ [sic] became fractious on the way to the saddling paddock and injured itself…. In the following moments, #6 ‘Pow Wow’ reacted to ‘Separate Hennessy’s’ antics and attempted to jump the outside rail. Unfortunately, the horse became hung up on the rail and was injured to the point that it needed immediate veterinary care. There was a fifteen minute delay….”

“became fractious

“injured itself” (“it,” not him)

“reacted to ‘Separate Hennessy’s’ antics

“unfortunately, the horse became hung up on the rail and was injured”

it needed immediate veterinary care”

“A fifteen minute delay” – but the race(s) goes on. Vile. Horseracing.

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    • Same here. Can not, will not. Then again, I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing hundreds of these, and know the effects they have on me. Others not familiar with the wonderful world of racing were led to believe these horrors were exceedingly rare. Now the world knows they happen every day.

      Oh, and the main tracks have already accrued three breakdown/van-offs today. One each, so far, for Churchill, Belmont, and Golden Gate. So, hooray! Horse racing is almost back to their pre-pandemic normal.

      • Kelly, as a child (I’m55) I was banned from watching Lassie,by my family,because I would flip out in a crying fit.My Grandmom,who was smarter than my whole family combined,told my parents “Don’t allow her to watch,she’s too sensitive to handle it” Grandmom was always smarter than my parents. You get the picture. I’m a Virgo, and that’s how we are…too sensitive.

  1. If your heart breaks every time you see or hear about a breakdown..please let it suffice you heard about it and did not witness it.

    • Precisely, Nancy. Stomach-churning, horrifying, sickening, disgusting, beyond disturbing. And yet those in horse horse racing (and even those who watch it) are somehow able to justify this happening every single day.
      Soulless monsters.

  2. It was heartbreaking to watch this video and the only reason why I forced myself to watch it is to be better equipped to discuss it.
    This was so horrific, repulsive, vile and heartbreaking that even this 1 incident should be reason enough to shut this blood bath down.
    The horse snapped its leg(s)-off and crumpled to the ground while the other horse fell over it.
    SHARED SILENCE was struggling to get back up, but was literally stuck in a sitting position balancing on his back legs (the only legs without broken bones) while on top of the jockey.
    You can see the other jockey running towards them to move SS off the jockey at peril to the horse probably breaking some more bones in the process.
    This is revolting and this business has no place in this century or any for that matter.
    It’s equally disturbing that millions in taxpayers money and precious casino profits are going to support this when it’s supposed to be going to our communities.
    I despise this business and the people who support this public butcher show.
    I feel so sorry for the racehorses.
    If anything, this video gives me impetus to continue my uphill battle with an industry who is well-financed, has politicians in their back pockets it seems, and goes to no lengths to keep it going.
    We must continue our fight and be a voice for these voiceless victims as they crumble to the ground.
    You apologists sicken me.

    • Gina, thank you for your narrative of what happened in the video. After reading comments, I watched the video. It seems as though you were able to see more details of what happened than I did. It is too disturbing to see horses go down and have horrible catastrophic injuries.
      But, at the same time, more and more people that are not aware of what really happens in the real world of “organized” animal abuse, a.k.a. horseracing, need to SEE what really happens to real horses on and off the racetracks!
      I am hoping for CBS to send their team of journalists (or at least one journalist) and camera crew to many racetracks as well as Santa Anita Park and expose the widespread corruption and abuse, the everyday sadistic torture, whipping and doping of racehorses to “win” races and $2 bets. Some of these people that bet on racehorses can bet into the thousands of dollars. I heard one example of betting $50,000 on a horse to win. That is 25,000 tickets at $2 each, obviously. Can you imagine? You must have met people like that, who could bet thousands of dollars on one horse in one race, in your experience in horseracing.


      End the organized animal abuse of Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racehorses!!!!!
      Expose the widespread corruption and cheating “to win” horse races and gambling bets for the whole world to SEE!!!!! As horrible as it is, it happens and the taxpayers need to see it!!!!!!

      • Wanda, major news outlets like CBS or CNN should cover this, but they don’t or rarely do.
        It would get out to a wider audience and I agree with that.
        However, how many more deaths do the public need to know about or see?
        How many more?
        You would have to live in a cave with no modern communications to not know what horse racing is about, what happens to these horses and how they die.
        Sites like this, HRW, have been instrumental in getting out the facts and a wide audience reads it.
        A huge shout out to PETA for providing this video and for conducting the only undercover investigation into a top trainer, Steve Ass AKA Steve Asmussen’s racing stable.
        The video clearly shows an active torture chamber probably like most top trainer barns who conduct a “win at the racehorse’s cost” business many with an endless revolving door of maimed racehorses replaced with the next new victim.
        I think that most of the general public would like to see horse racing shut down, but don’t actively participate in the process of having it shut down.
        The politicians, attorneys, and horse racing are in the same bed together.
        Yes Wanda, over the years, I’ve seen the most horrible things and would often rationalize them until I could not rationalize them anymore.
        There were many episodes leading up to my current stance.
        It was a journey, but it was also the corruption and the lengths the “organizers” will go to to get rid of or silence people whom they deem a threat.
        These are organized people who have access to very personal information that they use as a weapon against you when you start to spill the beans.

      • Gina, I know it’s obvious to many people with firsthand experience in the horseracing industry/ business that these dreadful horrors of animal abuse to racehorses occur many more times and more often than many people are aware of. There are people who work and pay taxes and could not care less about horses or racing them; in other words, they have no interest in horses at all. I could name the name of one person in particular who didn’t want to watch horseracing on television because, in his words, it was boring. True story. My point is that a lot more people (who don’t live in a cave) do work, do pay taxes and possibly do watch the evening news than know about this HORSERACING WRONGS site or follow horseracing at all.
        There are lots of horrors happening in our world that are not about horses or horseracing. So the more ways that these atrocities in horseracing can be exposed to the public, the better.
        Sometimes, in the past few months since I discovered HORSERACING WRONGS, I had often thought, “Wow! The people that comment here are just preaching to the choir, more or less, but then there would be a few comments made by people who defend horseracing and that did give me a different perspective. Horseracing Wrongs is a valuable site. I simply think it will take other ways, in addition to this way, to get the problems with horseracing into more of the working class people’s eyes and minds that otherwise are not paying any attention to horses or horseracing; not even the Kentucky Derby.
        #Endhorseracing [Ban the Kentucky Derby]

  3. It is just heart-breaking that so many beautiful animals are dying & being abused daily. All just for the sake of humans where as our humanity gone why are humans so blinded by cash over lives of living feeling animals who share this planet. They are gentle and trusting and all we do is abuse there trust & hurt them, How evil are humans?????

  4. That spill was horrible to witness, it seemed like the horse that caused it wasn’t hurt. I feel so bad for Shared Silence, it happened so fast. Nothing stops the races, not even death, but as they say that’s horseracing. It’s very sad that it is the horse that always suffers.

  5. I hate this video of the poor, beautiful Shared Silence falling to her eventual death. So terrible.
    Also, the report from Los Al – “it” “itself” – NO! These are hers and hims and they do not deserve what is happening to them. Also, after the racing so many go to the horror of slaughter. This needs to stop.

  6. Again, this “business” of HORSE-RACING MUST COME TO AN END — PERMANENTLY — the sadistic, immoral, torturous abuse and deaths to these Animals must STOP.

  7. No horse deserves the HORRORS and PAIN of this cruelty. It’s outdated, and does not belong in civilized society. END it.

  8. If this video was showed on the evening news it would have to be prefaced with “Warning Graphic” disclosures prior – that’s how bad it is.
    What’s equally horrific is the fact that most racehorse breakdowns on the track are almost exactly the same as this one.
    Many catastrophic breakdowns/killings that I’ve directly witnessed happen in the morning, during training hours, when nobody from the public is there and they are just as bad as this one.
    Breakdowns during a race are edited out by the tracks to deliberately cover-up so to keep this freak show going.
    Thanks to whoever filmed this – thanks so much for exposing this daily blood bath.
    It’s heartbreaking what’s going on and the fact that this is called a “sport” is completely false.
    It’s a grotesque and sadistic display of racehorse cruelty and killing.

    • It took a video of a man (who happened to be black) being killed by a police officer (who happened to be white) in order for the change to occur. There are still horrible things going on, but, the peaceful protests did help to bring about the banning of no-knock warrants and the banning of choke holds and neck restraints. Those issues have been happening for a long, long time just as the absolute brutality and excessive force against racehorses has been going for a long, long time even before some of walked out of our proverbial caves.
      #Endhorseracing. [End the brutality and excessive force against horses.]

      • Wanda, I haven’t watched a breakdown since my Chestnut boy fell past the finish line in New York in early 2018!!! Seeing that happen to that gorgeous boy,who I loved so much, I’ll tell you that scarred me for life. I’ll never get the look in his eyes out of my mind…the sheer look of horror. It’s what made me hate these lowlifes.

      • Bonnie, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the horses! I’m sorry that what you just said proves my point. I’m sorry. I hate it that these filthy sons of sadistic barbarians have not been stopped from their everyday willful inhumane treatment of racehorses already!!!!!!!
        [Ban racing! End the brutality and the excessive force against horses!]

  9. Wanda, thank you. The truth is all that matters to these lowlifes is the all-mighty dollar, they could care less about these majestic horses. It doesn’t even affect them, they don’t care how much pain these innocent horses go through. Money, truly IS the root of all evil. These lowlifes have NO compassion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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