Yet Another Kill at Los Alamitos

The CHRB (yes, again) has disclosed yet another kill on a California track. Sunday, I Love Sorrento was felled while training at Los Alamitos. He was three and being prepped for his first race. Los Alamitos can now boast 22 dead horses this year; at all California tracks, 51. “Reform,” Golden State-style.


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  1. Creepier still: Los Al is predominantly a QUARTER HORSE TRACK. Thoroughbred owners just send their beloved family members there to die. And they’ve become super successful at it, too. They know, deep within their tiny little hearts(?) that Los Alamitos will keep all of their dirtiest, dirty little secrets well-hidden, under the blood-stained rug.
    Once again, Los Al proves (and re-proves, and re-proves again…) THEY WILL NOT RESPOND, EVER. No answers. No interviews. No statements. No apologies. Not ever. They simply carry on with their killing show.

  2. When are you gonna stop killing these race horses. You are a bunch of greedy motherfuckers I don’t care about the animals

  3. When ! When! When! Are you going to stop killing all these horses off? This makes me furious. Someone in higher anarchy must put a stop too the doping of these horse. There are no reason for this. STOP THE HORROR OF DEATH OF HORSES !

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