The Racing Industry Is Wholly Responsible for the Horrific Deaths of 10 Horses on the NJ Turnpike

Ten racehorses were killed Sunday when the trailer on which they were being transported (from one track to another) crashed and burst into flames on the New Jersey Turnpike. Imagine that scene. Now, know this: If not for horseracing, those ten horses would not have been on that truck, at that time; if not for horseracing, those ten horses would not now be dead. In other words, horseracing is wholly responsible for these horrific deaths; morally, they are no different than the ones that occur on track or at the abattoir. Yes, tragedies happen, but this one happened for $2 bets.

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  1. They were horses being used to fill out race cards for gamblers who place $2 bets or any other combination of betting on racehorses. They lived or existed and died as slaves to the racing and wagering trade. What is the likelihood of a trailer hauling horses bursting into flames???? Call me suspicious but did they leave a can of gas in some compartment so it would burst into flames in the event of an accident????

    • Bonnie, considering the fact that the “people” involved in horseracing are degenerate, vile beings not caring about the health, safety, well-being and happiness of their horses but rather only concerned about what devious things they can do their four-legged slaves to make them win a race or, in some cases, lose a race, it seems fitting to ask, “Was this horrific accident really an accident or was it accidentally on purpose a deviant scheme to “unload” some horses from the liability side of their ledgers?” I’m thinking most, if not all, of these ten horses were geldings and I say that without actually knowing the names of these ten horses or their “stats” yet; I may never know. However, it is a well known fact that the “people” involved in horseracing prioritize their money over their horses’ lives any day of the week and that is EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!

  2. The racing industry is wholly responsible for tens of thousands of horse deaths each and every year, so I find it unlikely they’ll have a sudden epiphany about what a bunch of abusive, barbaric savages they all are. After all, what’s another pile of charred horse remains to the folks who think nothing of celebrating a VOLCANO of equine suffering and death?

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure Jackie’s Dream is but another nightmare for those who truly love and care for horses (as in, those of us who despise this anti-sport.) Racing creeps, as always, are just sending out their “thoughts and prayers” while shrugging off the same daily horrors over and over again, then lining up to bet on the next breakdown. How dignified.

  3. Racing industry mourns the loss. People like you celebrate when this happens. Most horses get better care than humans get. There’s always exceptions. If you idiots spent one full day with most any barn you would how much these horses are loved.

    • Bill you’re an idiot. Many of us have spent whole days in the barns. I spent, unfortunately, years in the barns before I really came to accept that it was ALL bad. I couldn’t find one little redeeming gleam of anything good at the tracks. And what I saw for ALL of those “rats”, “donkeys”, and “pigs” as the horses were so “lovingly” called, was far from anything resembling love! That’s why I’m here now, NOT in the shithole track barns!

    • If they’re treated like family,why do so many of them die,snap limbs off,found dead in stall??? WTF. That’s not even taking into account the ones sold to SLAUGHTER.

    • Always nice to hear from racing insiders. The problem with your attack, Bill, is that you (and so many others of your ilk) like to think we’re not experienced with, nor knowledgeable about, racehorses. You’re mistaken. We’re pushing for a complete ban of racing BECAUSE our experience with these animals has shown us what horrors they’re forced to endure for your archaic gambling business.
      And NOBODY is celebrating this tragedy. Your suggestion otherwise — that we would wish such a horrific fate on the very beings we are working to SAVE — shows your animosity is grossly misdirected. We’re doing what everyone in racing only claims to be doing: what’s best for the horses.
      And what’s best for the horses is clearly getting them as far away from your entire anti-sport of drugs, whips, isolation, abuse, and your non-stop slaughterfest as possible.
      Sorry for your terrible loss.

    • I have seen (in person) injured horses being trained for racing as though the horses are going to be racehorses come hell or high water regardless of their injuries as long as they can still stand up and walk. The horses had to be locked up in a stall (with no access to pasture) for 23 hours a day. At some point, the horses’ hooves are not healthy from standing in a stall in urine and feces even though the stalls are cleaned once a day. It is NOT a healthy lifestyle for horses!!!! The unhealthy condition that horses get in their hooves is called “thrush” and that is bad. If you honestly believe racehorses are better off than we humans who have a choice in our lifestyles, you are delusional or an idiot.

    • Bill, your comment is so typical of horse racing apologists.
      Your comments really show how vile you all are.
      Many supporters of HRW are former racehorse insiders who have worked there and have come to the rightful conclusion that horse racing is wrong on all aspects.
      I’m not going to waste my precious time getting into details because I’m so busy trying to rescue racehorses in the kill pen right now as I write this.
      Indeed Bill, your claims that the industry cares is a dichotomy at best because as you were posting your comment there are at least another 20 racehorses standing in kill pens all over the U.S. right now like there is every single week.
      Since your multi-billion dollar industry gives little to nothing to these “family members” and even refuse to send one dime these former racehorses are steps away from boarding the slaughterhouse-bound truck.
      Furthermore, it seems rather delusional that people like you who support this mass carnage (not to mention the pain and suffering) only cry out when it’s convenient for you to falsely claim that you actually care about the burning racehorses plus the ones who burned to a crisp in their stalls in Bonsai, CA at The Stronach Group’s San Luis Rey Downs.
      Oh yes, you horse racing supporters usual anthem that you are so upset they died.
      Yet, you never mention all the racehorses dying on your tracks and in your stalls because as long as they die, while they are flipping a buck or have the potential to fatten your wallets, than that’s ok?
      Take your delusional crap and shove it in a manure pile where it belongs, where this business belongs.
      Then we can throw the entire manure pile at the local dump to cover up the dead racehorses dumped there like Bridget Moloney.
      Yes, this gal made over $380,000 mostly in her prime, but like most of your “family members” they get dumped when they can no longer flip a buck and/or require vet care that usually exceeds the money coming in.
      So they get dumped into the claiming ranks like Bridget where you parasites suck everything out of them until they can give no more and/or die like Bridget.
      That’s the thanks she gets for making over $380,000 for you parasites who have no intentions of taking care of her – none.
      She becomes another disposable gambling chip and it’s so obvious even before she was found laying on top of a trash heap in a dump.
      You and all of you sicken me.

    • Bill Clement, (if that is your name!) I take exception to your statement: “People like you celebrate when this happens”. Suffice to say that is just ugly.

      Here is a simple question for you: How can anyone who loves their horse risk his life every time he comes out of the gate, and if that were not enough, more often than not, he is “for sale” with the distinct possibility he could be claimed (bought) by one of the “exceptions” to all the horse loving people in the game ??

      That sure looks more like the horse as a commodity. Maybe you can define what “love” of the horse is in racing.

  4. This is as horrific as the story of the 8 thoroughbreds that died while on a ship being sent to Puerto Rico to race, in 2019. At least someone is being sued and held accountable for that. These are brutally awful examples of horses being commodities that are moved around for racing like pawns in a chess game.

    • Peggy – so someone is being sued? So some miserable bastard will still make money out of this disaster. Those horses still burned alive. Either way, ALL horses still lose.

      • Abs314- the shipping companies and some of the agents that arranged the transports are being sued in the case of the Puerto Rican bound horses. In the case of this truck fire- it’s too early to tell

  5. You stupid, stupid radical activists!

    These horses died in a fiery crash, an accident!

    They wintered in Florida and were coming back to NY to to race.
    They provably lived better
    than you did!!


    • Sue,there’s so much fucked up and morally depraved about horse racing, I don’t know where to even begin. I can’t imagine the sheer terror and unbearable pain those innocent horses went through, and for what?????? If your ok with this stupid rigged gambling sham, then shame on you. There are honest ways to EARN a living.

    • So it’s okay to exploit a non-consenting, voiceless racehorse to generate billions in profit while they snap their legs-off and/or die in a van on the way to generate more profit?
      Who are the extremists here?
      How about the incessant doping, whipping/beating, forced confinement, breaking their bones, spirits, colic, pulmonary hemorrage and then getting dumped into the claiming ranks for more abuse?
      Who are the extremists here?
      How about the breeder, previous owner/trainer refusing to send one dime when we inform them that their “family member” is about to board the slaughter-bound truck?
      Who are the extremists here?
      “They probably lived better than you did?”
      No, they didn’t Sue because they are mere profit slaves for people like you who exploit, dump and kill them by the thousands every single year and for what?
      So that you can watch them run in circles, place bets, and then say nothing when you know that they are suffering or about to die in a slaughterhouse?
      You are the extremist Sue and if you think that getting doped, whipped, and forced to run while suffering is living good?
      Think again.

    • Sure. Why not tell us that horses always burst into flames while running around the pasture?

    • Sue, they RACED In Florida during the winter – “WINTERED”, as you stated, has the connation of time off. Lets be very clear.
      Someone as knowledgeable as you knows horses rarely get time off.
      And now they were on the way to NY to race for the summer. Some may have raced last summer in NY and for some of the younger ones it may have been their first trip to NY – (making the circuit, FL. to NY for summer racing and back to Fl. to race for the winter months.)

      PS Your statement, “They probably lived lived better than you did!!” is a very tired and overused statement made by supporters of this gambling game. Apart from being overused, it is a silly thing to say.

  6. Um, yes Sue, coming back to race. Got it, thanks for proving what Patrick was saying, Another bright racing genius you are.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂-my ass off. Perfect retort Peggy 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. To the 2 apologists Bill and Sue…who decided to come out of the shadows and/or one of those barns where horses are treated with SOO MUCH LOVE AND CARE and calling people names because you know, they cannot do any better than that :” He who excuses himself accuses himself”!!! Enough said!

  8. Once again, innocent horses have died and for what….so their so-called owners, trainers, stable hands and even jockeys can profess how much they ‘love’ their horses, how much they ‘care for their horses’ and how sorry they are when one or even several die or get killed….Oh course that’s all BS as they’re quite HAPPY to race these horses even though they’re injured, sick or doped, and when the money stops rolling in, they’re equally HAPPY to send the horses off to slaughter, , where everyone knows they will be treated with the utmost cruelty, brutality and abuse before they are horrifically killed.

  9. 10 former racehorses forcibly impregnated, for the sole purpose of flipping a buck for the vile horse racing business, went to slaughter last week.
    Yep – that’s right.
    7/10 were about 8 months in foal – no kidding – 8 months in foal and the breeders would not send one dime to rescue them from their fate on the slaughterhouse floor. That shouldn’t surpise anybody because most were dumped by their breeders who couldn’t sell them. Now that the broodmare and foal couldn’t flip a buck for them they become a financial liability. Time to get rid of them.
    2/10 were actually “waxing,” and about to drop them on the kill pen floor and 1 did so both went to slaughter.
    The other one was about 4 months in foals, ribs showing, underfed for weeks looking for any droplet of food on the kill pen floor.
    They were at least 5 with foals that went to slaughter.
    The pics of these broodmare’s faces were in despair and obviously concerned for their foals.
    ALL, every single one of them victims of the horse racing business.
    This all going on while the business continues to boast about their “record-breaking” wagering profits to the tune of billions.
    Then you apologists have the audacity to claim that you “care” for them and that they have a “better life than us?”
    Incidentally, the industry-funded aftercare programs wanted no part of these horses, are full to the brim turning down racehorses every day and where do you expect them to go?
    There are no decent forever homes waiting for these racehorses – little to none and it’s getting so bad that there are hardly any with many racehorses being returned to the program because once people start to pay for their racehorses they don’t want to.
    I think it would be fair to estimate that about less than 1% of racehorses actually get decent homes that last for a lifetime with most getting dumped eventually.
    You are all parasites, every single one of you.

    • Notice you will never hear a word from racing apologists concerning the brutality of industrialized slaughter of the horses year after year.

      The racing industry and supporters are morally bankrupt.

      Sending these horses to slaughter along with pregnant mares and mares with foals at their sides is BARBARIC.
      The racing industry is responsible for this atrocity.

    • How, for the love of God, do these lowlifes sleep at night, knowing very well what is going on with these racehorses??????? When I was a young girl, my uncle had a horse that I used to call ‘mine’. I will probably never have a horse, retired, live on a monthly income. Thank God we have people like you, Gina, and Patrick, exposing what the public needs to know. That is how I found out, on this site. I used to watch TVG and the big races on sports, no more!!! These lowlifes like to call names and blame everyone else when things go wrong, but yet won’t help when these racehorses need help. Rips my heart out, as many as all here, to read every tragic, painful, horrific and untimely death these majestic racehorses have to endure. Stay strong, thru the tears and prayers, and keep the pressure on. You are welcome, Patrick. My writing these officials you post on here, I heard back from one. It’s a start…

  10. What a horrible death for those 10 horses, no where to go for safety! If it wasn’t for horse racing this would not have happened! There are no words to describe my feelings except I’m horrified and concerned!

  11. The original sin…using animals as gambling chips. Horses are beautiful LIVING sentient beings. Horses are Innocent Souls-unlike humans. Horses deserve a LIFE and to be taken care of with kindness. Shutdown horse racing,dog racing, dog fighting. ANIMALS are NOT gambling chips!

  12. How many reasons do we NEED to shut down this despicable pastime? — SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — Horses are innocent & vulnerable & at the mercy of Humans — this so-called sport of Horse-Racing is BEYOND WRONG & HATEFUL — we MUST SHUT DOWN the brutal, unconscionable, sadistic, vile, depraved industry of HORSE-RACING — FOREVER — The History of Mankind is Carried on THE BACK OF THE HORSE — ALL HORSES deserve RESPECT & PROTECTIONS — SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER.

    • Horses absolutely do need to be protected from the daily abuses of the horseracing industry and the greedy people that exploit these beautiful horses!!!

  13. While I am glad someone compiles the lists of horses who die at the track, something the racing industry refuses to do, the problem with the “end racing” kind of activism is it seems to completely overlook the fact that there is no reason to breed thoroughbreds unless the intent is to run them. The thoroughbreds who died on the Jersey Turnpike would not have been born in the first place if there was no racing. The same goes with every horse who is listed on this web site.
    If you want to help the animals, do so by getting involved in reforms to make racing safer. Help us fix the “breed for speed” ethos that has overtaken racing and led to brittle, unsound horses and help us get rid of all drugs, including Lasix. Also, work to end the slaughter of racehorses.
    You are not helping thoroughbreds by actively working against their existence. Done right, racing is a good gig for a horse. Many horses live better than many people, especially as stallions. Done wrong, which it so often is, especially in North America, racing is a dystopian nightmare. I have seen two breakdowns in person and I will never forget them (RIP Miss Pink Diva and Ten City).
    So help us do racing right. Help us help the horses. Quit advocating for their non-existence and advocate instead for massive reforms that will improve the breed and make racing safer.

    • I reject the premise of your comment. Subjecting an animal to a life of abject suffering – confinement, isolation, commodification, subjugation, drugging, doping, whipping (need I go on?) – and often gruesome death – if not on the track, at the slaughterhouse, and good luck stopping that – is evil. Never having created that life in the first place is nothing, neutral, victimless.

    • Good luck with that, Melissa. The industry itself does not want to clean itself up. Look at just the news this week. Ramon chapa – the jockey who was banned for 5 years for shocking horses multiple times while racing and USING NAILS on them, is ALLOWED to race ride again! And there is no such thing as safe racing. Anywhere. And no matter what- thoroughbreds would not dwindle into extinction. Those of us that love them for other sports would still utilize them- we just wouldn’t have to deal with the “track jewels” that almost every TB develops while being pounded on by racing.

    • You’re delusional. You seem to imply that somehow you are doing a horse a favor by breeding it.

    • Melissa, unless all of the horses can be treated the SAME…it’s a big time no. I don’t know if you read,but one of the horses escaped the van on fire, but was so gravely injured had to be put out of EXCRUCIATING PAIN,it would have been better if they died instantly. Who?, I ask you can cope with the HORRIFIC image of that. The poor horse must’ve had to wait for the police to arrive, can you imagine the unbearable torture? Those innocent souls did not deserve that,would have been better for them if they had never been born, rather than go through something so GRUESOME!!!!!

    • Ms. Weber, I rarely get an actual LOL out of this site, so thank you for that plea for our “help.” Why would we ever want to help animal abusers in furtherance of their crimes? Why would we choose to help your horrible, bloody industry to rid you of its huge proportion of sociopaths and reprobates? Racing welcomed each and every one of these dirtbags in, with open arms, and allowed them to prosper via animal cruelty. But you’re asking us to help rid you of them? Your whole business is begging for funding, begging for workers, begging for an audience, and begging for positive publicity (since lately there’s nothing but bad news for and about horse racing.) Now, you’re begging for help…from Horseracing Wrongs?
      There simply IS NO WAY to make racing safer for horses, and I suspect you know this. If such a magic solution existed to halt your myriad problems, why wouldn’t you all have tried it already? Hmmmm?

  14. To Melissa Weber:

    Your twisted, delusional, manipulative comment is enough to cause a person (who comprehends reality) to vomit!!!!!!


    Horseracing cannot be reformed which means the end of this vile, degenerate business is the only way to end the torture of racehorses. Horseracing must not be given government subsidies. The corporate welfare to horseracing must end!!!!!!!!!!! You are toxic and dysfunctional. You seriously need mental health counseling!!!!!


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